Henry Taylor

Henry Taylor
Henry Taylor on Day 7
Portrayed byColm Feore
First appearanceRedemption
Last appearanceDay 7: 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM

Henry Taylor is the husband and First Gentlemen of President Allison Taylor.

[edit] Redemption

Henry accompanied his wife at the White House while she was completing her transition as President. When Allison told Henry of President Daniels' stance on the situation in Sangala, she believed he had different motives to do so. Henry promised to have Ethan Kanin investigate it.

Later, he greeted his son Roger and his son's girlfriend Samantha Roth when they arrived for the inauguration.

[edit] Day 7

Following the death of his son, Roger, Henry Taylor hired a private investigator by the name of Chuck Toland because he felt that Roger did not commit suicide, and was instead murdered. After some digging, Toland revealed to Taylor that Roger's girlfriend Samantha Roth recently received a sum of $400,000 shortly after Roger's death. Against the wishes of his personal bodyguard Brian Gedge, Henry went to speak with Samantha at her workplace. He insisted to know if she had any information on Roger's death, but Samantha denied knowing anything and told Henry that she loved Roger very much. After some urging from Agent Gedge, Taylor left her alone.

Henry Taylor speaks with Samantha

White House Chief of Staff Ethan Kanin found out about Henry's obsession over Roger's death and revealed to Henry that his son had been under investigation for insider trading, and that it may have been the reason for committing suicide. Soon after this discussion, Henry received a call from Samantha Roth. She tells him that she wasn't being completely honest when they met, and that she does have information on Roger's murder. Taylor has Agent Gedge drive him to a park so he can meet with Samantha.

Once there, Samantha tells Henry that Roger was killed by someone working under General Juma. Apparently, Roger had discovered information on someone working within the White House attempting to sabotage the President and her foreign policy. This led to his death. After giving Henry a flash drive containing the information, Samantha leaves, claiming that she fears for her safety and no longer wants to be involved.

Henry Taylor after being drugged by Brian Gedge

After watching the meeting from a distance, Agent Gedge meets up with Henry and tells him that he has a friend that might be able to help them decipher the information on the drive. Once arriving at the apartment of Gedge's friend, Henry realizes that they are in Samantha's apartment. Moments later, he collapses to the ground. Gedge reveals that he drugged Taylor's coffee with a paralysis and how he was the one that killed his son, Roger. Gedge then tells Henry that he plans on killing Samantha as well and framing him for the murder. Soon afterwards, Gedge calls Agent Vossler and tells him to bring Samantha up to the building. Once there, Gedge sneaks up behind Samantha and stabs her in the back while Taylor watched from the couch, unable to move.

Agent Gedge then places the knife in Henry's hand to get his fingerprints on it, and afterwards begins setting up a noose as he plans to hang Taylor, making it look like he committed suicide after murdering Samantha. Before he can complete his mission however, Henry gets feeling back into his body and grabs a hold of Gedge. After some tugging back and forth, they both fall over the railing through a table, with Henry landing on top of Gedge. Bleeding internally, Gedge dies shortly afterwards as Henry is knocked unconscious. After waking up, Taylor attempts to leave the apartment but is greeted by Agent Vossler. Henry unsuccessfully tries to get Gedge's gun, and he is then at the mercy of Vossler as he holds Taylor at gunpoint.

Jack attending to the wounded Henry Taylor

Vossler drives Taylor to a location given to him by Colonel Dubaku. Once there, Henry is tied up and gagged as Dubaku enters the room. Dubaku calls Henry's wife, President Taylor, insisting that she remove troops from Sangala if she cares about her husband's life. Dubaku then orders one of his men to cut off one of Henry's fingers as a threat to the President. Later, after realizing that President Taylor isn't going to give into his demands, Dubaku orders Henry to be killed. However, Jack Bauer and Renee Walker make their way into the basement and start a shootout with Dubaku's men. All of them are killed except for one that makes his way to the back room and shoots Henry once in the stomach before himself getting killed by Jack. Rushing over to his side, Jack yells at Renee to call for an ambulance.

Henry is rushed to the hospital by paramedics. Allison Taylor arrives shortly after, along with Ethan Kanin and Bill Buchanan. The surgeon who will operate on Henry tells her that he will be in surgery for at least five hours, and right now, his chances aren't good. She then gets a chance to speak with Henry briefly, and Allison apologizes to her husband for not believing him about Roger. Henry is then taken into the operating room.

Henry reunites with Allison at the White House

A little after 10:00 PM, Henry would once again speak to his wife, but this time over the phone as he rested in his room recovering from the surgery. Allison told him about their success against Benjamin Juma, and that Olivia had joined her staff as a Special Advisor. The news made Henry very happy.

Around 4:00 AM, Henry is moved to the White House for his safety, as the canister of the bio-weapon is still missing. While recovering, he is joined by his wife and daughter to reunite. They discuss the matter of Jonas Hodges' immunity, and that he agrees with his wife's decision for Hodges to receive immunity, even though he was involved in the death of their son, Roger.

When Olivia is discovered to be involved with the assassination of Jonas Hodges by Ethan Kanin and Aaron Pierce, she is forced to confess to her parents. Henry demands that they should bury the evidence to protect their daughter, and to preserve what is left of their family. Allison disagreed and chose she deserved punishment for her crime. Henry is angry at the decision and refuses to speak with her after her decision.

[edit] Appearances

Colm Feore was a series regular for Season 7, appearing in 12 episodes. He also appeared in 24: Redemption as apart of the starring cast.

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