Hamid Al-Zarian

Hamid Al-Zarian
Hamid Al-Zarian on Day 7
Portrayed byRafi Gavron
First appearanceDay 7: 3:00 AM – 4:00 AM
Last appearanceDay 7: 5:00 AM – 6:00 AM

Hamid Al-Zarian was a Muslim living in Washington D.C. during the events of Day 7. He has an older brother named Jibraan Al-Zarian.

[edit] Day 7

Hamid woke up very early in the morning to find his older brother, Jibraan, preparing breakfast for him. After watching a news report, Jibraan advised Hamid to head straight home after work. He didn’t believe it was a good day to be Muslim following the many terrorist threats on the country throughout the day. Hamid believed that he would be okay as many of the co-workers at his job believed he was Puerto Rican anyways.

While Hamid and Jibraan prepared to head out, the lights in their apartment went out. After Jibraan went to check the circuit breaker, Hamid spotted an unknown man inside. He tried to escape, but Hamid was captured and held at gunpoint. Tony Almeida appeared and told Jibraan that if he didn’t do as he said, Hamid would be killed.

Hamid was knocked unconscious and tied up on his bed. He would soon be awoken by one of Tony’s men. Jibraan then approached his brother and told him that he was a terrorists working with the men in their apartment. He went on about how the United States was responsible for their parent’s death, and he wanted revenge against the country. Hamid was very upset over this, accusing Tony of brainwashing his brother. As Jibraan prepared to leave with Tony and the others, Hamid spat in his face, disgusted over his brother’s revelation.

Later on, while being held captive in the apartment by Harbinson, the FBI would break into the building and use a flash grenade to stun Harbinson. This allowed Hamid to break a nearby mirror and grab a sharp piece of glass. He shoved it into the neck of Harbinson, nearly killing him. Jack Bauer told Hamid to drop the glass and step away, as Harbinson was their best lead to Tony. When questioned on whether he had any information on an impending attack, Hamid admitted he knew nothing.

Following Jibraan’s rescue and the successful recapture of the bio weapon canister, Hamid was reunited with his brother, along with Muhtadi Gohar.

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