Greg Seaton

Greg Seaton
Greg Seaton on Day 7
Portrayed byRory Cochrane
First appearanceDay 7: 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Last appearanceDay 7: 1:00 AM – 2:00 AM

Greg Seaton is the man working under Jonas Hodges at Starkwood during the events of Day 7.

[edit] Day 7

Seaton is with Jonas Hodges in his office when he receives a call from Benjamin Juma at the White House. He demands assistance from Hodges in getting President Taylor out of the lockdown room. When Hodges hesitates to help, Juma threatens to destroy the shipment being sent over for Hodges. Seaton reminds Hodges that Juma is still capable of doing so since the package has yet to arrive, so Hodges agrees to assist Juma.

After finding out that Jack Bauer was being sent to the hospital to interrogate Ryan Burnett, Seaton sent Quinn to kill Burnett and frame Bauer for the murder. Later on, Seaton would be ordered by Hodges to round up their colleagues for a Starkwood Board of Directors meeting.

Following the recover of the biological weapon, Seaton is present alongside Hodges as the helicopter arrives to deliver the canisters at the Starkwood military facility. As Tony Almeida was being led out of the helicopter as their prisoner, the two would make eye contact with each other. Then, with Tony being interrogated by Stokes in an effort to find out what the FBI knows, Seaton would pull Hodges aside to speak with him. He tells Hodges that he believes they have gone too far, and that they should destroy the evidence (bio weapon) while they still have the chance. Hodges dismisses Seaton immediately and then orders Tony to be taken away.

Tony is about to be shot by Stokes when Seaton appears from behind and shoots Stokes in the back, sending him to the ground. Seaton then releases Tony and tells him that he will give up the location of the bio weapon in exchange for full immunity. Tony insists that they regain communication with the FBI so they can issue the request. The two would make their way to a nearby office, where Seaton would be called by Hodges. He wanted to know what had happened with Stokes and Tony, and Seaton insisted Stokes was still working on him. After setting up a communications link with the FBI, Larry Moss relayed the immunity demand to President Taylor. She would sign off on the pardon, and Seaton would then give the FBI the location of the warehouse.

Seaton drove up the fenced off warehouse in his car, distracting the guard with his identification badge. This allowed Tony to sneak up from behind and knock the man unconscious. Following the arrival of the FBI at the facility, they would blow open the door to the warehouse, only to find the building empty. Seaton insisted that he had no idea why they weren't there, but then revealed that Tony was threatening to kill him so he lied to keep safe. Tony told Moss that they had been played by Seaton the entire time. Making their way back outside, the FBI would be surrounded by armed Starkwood forces. One of them was Stokes, who was presumed dead earlier. He had been wearing a bulletproof vest when Seaton had shot him earlier.

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