Gary Matheson

Gary Matheson
Gary Matheson on Day 2
Portrayed byBilly Burke
First appearanceDay 2: 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM
Last appearanceDay 2: 5:00 AM – 6:00 AM

Gary Matheson was the abusive father of Megan Matheson and husband of Carla Matheson. He was the employer of Kim Bauer who looked after their daughter.

[edit] Day 2

At the beginning of Day 2, Kim overhears a fight between Gary and his wife Carla. When Gary comes upstairs to check on Megan, Kim pretends to have not heard anything and he explains that Carla just hurt herself. When he begins to start yelling at Megan, Kim is worried and tries to take Megan, but Gary strikes Kim. Gary then throws Megan to the ground, resulting in her hitting her head. When Gary gets a call and is distracted, Kim and Megan are able to escape in his car. Gary reports that his car has been stolen, and the police begin looking for Kim.

Gary threatens Kim

Gary is eventually able to find Kim and Megan, but Kim is able to fend him off and knock him out. Kim and Megan then go to CTU. After the attack on CTU, Megan has a seizure and goes to the hospital. Gary follows them to the hospital and tries to take Megan, but Kim and with the help of her boyfriend Miguel take Megan first. Gary catches up with them in the parking lot, but Miguel knocks him out.

When Kim and Miguel, with Megan are driving out of LA, they are pulled over. When the cop sees blood dripping from the trunk. He opens it and it's the body of Carla Matheson. Gary fatally beat her earlier in the day and put her body in the trunk. Kim and Miguel are brought in for the murder of Carla. They're eventually let go, as everything is explained. Gary is now wanted for the murder of Carla.

At the end of the day, when Kim is grabbing her things from the Matheson house, Gary shows up and kills the cop that was accompanying Kim. He goes inside to grab money and hears someone in the house and discovers Kim. He grabs a gun and starts to go after her. Kim hides in the attic. He follows her up, but Kim is able to strike him and they both fall to the ground. With Gary unconscious, she grabs his gun and calls her father. He instructs her to shoot Gary. Kim shoots Gary twice, killing him.

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