Gael Ortega

Gael Ortega
Gael Ortega on Day 3
Portrayed byJesse Borrego
First appearanceDay 3: 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM
Last appearanceDay 3: 5:00 AM – 6:00 AM

Gael Ortega was a CTU agent during Day 3. He was part of an undercover sting operation with Tony Almeida and Jack Bauer in order to recover the Cordilla virus. He was later killed by the virus when trying to stop the virus from being spread in a hotel.

[edit] Day 3

When we first see Gael at the beginning of Day 3, we are led to believe that he is working as a mole within CTU. When Kim Bauer discovers that he is working behind CTU's back, he keeps her prisoner. He is later discovered and tries to escape. He is captured by Michelle Dessler, who was running CTU at the time because her husband and CTU head, Tony Almeida was injured. While visiting Tony at the hospital, Michelle reveals to him that Gael is a mole and is being held by CTU. Tony convinces her to release Gael. Gael is revealed to be working with Tony Almeida and Jack Bauer in a plot to buy the Cordilla virus and get it out of enemy hands.

The plot fails, however, and CTU learns that the Cordilla virus is about to be released in a hotel. A team from CTU is sent to try and stop the detonation. Gael fails in stopping the detonation and the virus is released directly in his face. Gael begins suffering the side effects and is doomed. Michelle Dessler offers to help him commit suicide in order to stop the pain, but Gael refuses because it's against his religion. Gael dies a long and painful death.

Gael's wife is brought back into CTU to collect his belongings. While she is there, she sees Stephen Saunders, the man responsible for the hotel virus attack and Gael's death. She shoots and kills Stephen with Gael's gun.

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