Gabriel Schector

Gabriel Schector
Gabriel Schector on Day 7
Portrayed byTommy Flanagan
Appeared inDay 7: 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM

Gabriel Schector was an illegal arms dealer that helped Tony Almeida set off the early events of Day 7.

[edit] Day 7

Schector's name comes up after Jack Bauer was reminded of him while searching through files of the technology thefts with Sean Hillinger. Jack and Tony captured him a while back while still working at CTU. Instead of turning Schector into the authorities, they had him secretly work for them without CTU knowing. After finding out his current location, Larry Moss wants to raid the premises with a squad to take him into custody. Jack insists this would be foolish as Schector would just bring in his lawyer to complicate matters further. They needed information from him immediately, and after a brief conversation with Renee Walker, it is decided that she and Jack will go to his suite alone.

After arriving at the location, Jack and Renee are greeted at the door by Ari, Schector's bodyguard. After Walker shows her FBI ID, Schector comes to the door and lets them in after making sure that Jack would not attempt to harm him in any way. Questioned on the location of Tony Almeida, Schector denied any involvement with him, saying that Tony was most likely still buried underground. Schector soon asks the two to leave after getting upset with the constant questions being thrown at him. As Ari grabs Renee's arm to escort her out of the suite, she turns the tables and knocks the man down to the ground. Pulling their guns on Schector, Jack and Renee demand to know where Tony is right away. Renee tells Jack to do whatever it takes to get the information, so Jack grabs a pencil and threatens to stab Schector in the eye. Giving in, Schector is about to tell them about his last meeting with Tony when he is shot twice in the chest by Alan Tanner, a sniper from across the street.

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