Evelyn Martin

Evelyn Martin
Evelyn Martin on Day 5
Portrayed bySandrine Holt
First appearanceDay 5: 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM
Last appearanceDay 5: 11:00 PM – 12:00 AM

[edit] Day 5

Evelyn was a big supporter of Martha Logan, and cared deeply for her well being. She assisted the First Lady in trying to uncover David Palmer's death, but was kept quiet by Walt Cummings.

Unknown to nearly everyone, Evelyn Martin had discovered information regarding the Sentox nerve gas and President Logan's involvement prior to Day 5, and leaked this knowledge to David Palmer, which led to his death. Christopher Henderson learned of this and kidnapped Evelyn's daughter, Amy. She was soon rescued by Jack Bauer and Wayne Palmer, and in return, Evelyn gave the two men a recording implicating Charles Logan in the terrorist attack.

However, Evelyn was wounded in the rescue. Jack didn't want Evelyn's injury reported at a hospital, so he placed Evelyn and Amy in a hotel for their safety. While at the hotel, Evelyn heard Amy crying in the bathroom and tried to come to her aid. Because of her injuries, she fainted. A terrified Amy grabbed the phone and called the ambulance. The call is intercepted by a man working for Christopher Henderson.

Henderson storms the hotel room and kills the EMT who revived Evelyn. Henderson demands Evelyn tell her the location of Jack Bauer. Amy screams. Later, Henderson reveals that Evelyn gave him the information he needed.

While their status is unknown, it can be assumed that Henderson killed both Evelyn and Amy in an attempt to protect the conspiracy.

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