Erin Driscoll

Erin Driscoll
Erin Driscoll on Day 4
Portrayed byAlberta Watson
First appearanceDay 4 Prequel
Last appearanceDay 4: 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Erin Driscoll was the Special Agent in Charge of CTU: Los Angeles for the first half of Day 4.


[edit] Background

Erin Driscoll received her Bachelor of Arts from Bryn Mawr College before becoming employed by CTU. She started off working in the Financial Department and worked her way up to Deputy Director of Division. After Tony Almeida was arrested for aiding terrorists, Driscoll took over as Director of the Los Angeles CTU Domestic Unit.

[edit] Day 4 Prequel

One of Erin Driscoll's first decisions was to fire Jack Bauer because of his heroin addiction. Jack was formerly addicted to heroin so he could maintain his cover while dealing with the Salazar's.

[edit] Day 4

On the day of a train bombing near Los Angeles, Jack Bauer happens to be at CTU: Los Angeles to have a meeting with Driscoll regarding his new employer, Secretary of Defense James Heller. After Jack helps Erin make significant headway in the case, she allowed him to work for her on a temporary basis. Jack becomes deeply involved. Erin reinstates Jack as Head of Field Ops after the previous one was killed in the field.

While trying to handle multiple threats at a time, Erin's daughter Maya (who suffers from schizophrenia), is brought into CTU. Erin has to keep telling her daughter that she needs to stay at work even though Maya begs her to take her away from CTU. Maya eventually kills herself. Erin is determined to remain director of CTU but breaks down. James Heller sends her home.

[edit] Appearances

Alberta Watson was a main cast member for Season 4 only, and just appeared in the first 12 episodes of that season.

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