Erika on Day 7
Portrayed byEver Carradine
First appearanceDay 7: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Last appearanceDay 7: 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Erika was an FBI analyst active in Washington, DC during Day 7.

[edit] Day 7

Erika was informed by Janis Gold about Sean Hillinger's wife being aboard one of the planes in the air that had not yet received clearance to land, indicating that it could be in danger. Sean was not happy with Janis telling Erika that information, and when she tried to console Sean and see if there was anything she could do, Sean told Erika he was fine.

Later in the day, Sean apologized to Erika for his earlier rudeness. She then told him how much she enjoyed their next together the evening before. Sean said how much he enjoyed the night as well. Erika wanted to know if they could get together again later tonight, but Sean said he needed to spend time with his wife. Janis, noticing how close the pair were acting during this tough day, asked Sean about what was going on. He admitted to Janis that he was having an affair, but that he would try to end it shortly.

Erika and Sean after they crash the FBI servers

Erika would approach Sean about him being the one responsible for issuing the warrant on Jack and Renee's vehicle. Sean then told her he needed to do it to keep their involvement with Dubaku under wraps. After finding out that the list containing the conspirators names was on it's way to FBI HQ, Sean and Erika devised a plan to crash the servers from the mainframe room as Chloe O'Brian uploaded the data. After successfully crashing the systems, Erika and Sean embraced in a passionate kiss. It was all a rouse though as Sean then pulled out a gun, shooting Erika in the stomach. She would fall to the floor and die shortly after. Sean then shot himself in the arm, then placing the gun near Erika. He blamed her for the warrant and said that she was the one who crashed the servers, with him stumbling upon her actions.

However, Chloe was able to retrieve the information from the crashed data. After finding Sean's name on the list, Larry Moss had him arrested and placed in a holding cell after he tried to escape from the building.

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