Edward Vossler

Edward Vossler
Edward Vossler on Day 7
Portrayed byMark Kiely
First appearanceRedemption
Last appearanceDay 7: 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Edward Vossler is a Secret Service Agent that was formerly tasked with being the driver and bodyguard of Roger Taylor.

[edit] Redemption

Agent Vossler is seen frisking Chris Whitley when he goes to Roger Taylor's home to speak with him. Vossler is worried because Chris has information that could be damaging to his employer, Jonas Hodges. The Agent tells Roger that he believes Chris is under the influence of drugs and to not trust him fully. Afterwards, Vossler drives Taylor and his girlfriend Samantha Roth to the Presidential Inauguration ceremony of Allison Taylor, Roger's mother.

After alerting Hodges of the discussion between Roger and his friend, Vossler heads over to Chris' apartment. Two of his men are already there and have tied up and briefly tortured Chris. Vossler tells the young man of the trouble he has caused himself, and after getting the word from Hodges, Vossler has his men kill Chris. Afterwards, the body is buried underground so he cannot be found.

[edit] Day 7

Vossler is told by Agent Gedge to track Samantha Roth and bring her back to her apartment. Gedge plans to kill her and then frame Henry Taylor for the murder after she divulged information to the First Gentleman about Roger's death not being a suicide. Vossler approaches Samantha at a cafe and tells her that her life is in danger and they need to take her into protective custody. He drives Samantha to her place and tells her to go upstairs to collect anything she might need.

In her apartment, Samantha finds Henry Taylor motionless on her couch. She is then stabbed in the back by Gedge. After putting Henry's fingerprints on the knife, Gedge sets up a rope to hang him but Taylor instead grabs Gedge and they fall over the railing to the floor below. Gedge dies, and Henry is knocked out from the fall. Not too soon afterwards, Chief of Staff Ethan Kanin sends out an alert to the Secret Service to find Henry Taylor and Agent Gedge. Alerted by this, Vossler heads up to Samantha's apartment. Taylor sees him coming and attempts to grab Gedge's gun, but Vossler stops him and holds Taylor at gunpoint.

Vossler then receives a phone call from Colonel Dubaku. He tells Vossler that he has been trying to reach Gedge but with no luck. Dubaku is then informed about Gedge's death and how Henry Taylor is still alive. Dubaku orders Vossler to bring Taylor to the basement of a grocery store across the street from the apartment he is currently located. Once dropping Taylor off at the location, Dubaku thanks Vossler for a job well done and says that the money will be wired to his account. Vossler then leaves because his Secret Service shift is starting soon.

Agent Vossler stabbed by Jack Bauer

FBI Agent Larry Moss is able to find out that Vossler spoke with Brian Gedge many times over the phone. He relays the information to Renee Walker and Jack Bauer, whom are attempting to find and rescue Henry Taylor. Jack orders Renee to go to Vossler's home, while he will try to track him down himself. Renee arrives and holds the wife at gunpoint, ordering her to put the child in his crib and then to handcuff herself to the table. Meanwhile, Jack tracks down Vossler's car with the help of Agent Moss and rams into it with his own car, sending them smashing into parked vehicles. Jack gets out and leads Vossler into an empty corridor.

Threatening the life of his wife and kid, Jack orders Vossler to tell him the location of Taylor. Fearing for his family's safety, Vossler gives up the information. Jack is then distracted by an innocent civilian, and Vossler takes the opportunity to kick the gun out of Jack's hands. He then pulls out a knife and the two men engage in CQC (Close-Quarters-Combat). Vossler nearly runs the knife down into his throat, but Jack is able to push Vossler off of him and stab him in the stomach with his own knife.

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