Edgar Stiles

Edgar Stiles
Edgar Stiles on Day 5
Portrayed byLouis Lombardi
Seasons4, 5
First appearanceDay 4: 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM
Last appearanceDay 5: 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM (as corpse)

Edgar Stiles was an intelligence analyst for CTU: Los Angeles during Day 4 and Day 5. He was killed on Day 5 when Sentox nerve gas was released in CTU.


[edit] Background

Edgar graduated from the University of New York with a B.S. in Computer and Applications.

[edit] Day 4

In the words of fellow analyst Chloe O'Brian, Edgar was, "a geek, but a cool guy." We meet Edgar at the beginning of Day 4. He was working as an Internet protocol manager and analyst for CTU: Los Angeles.

During Day 4, Chloe O'Brian is fired from CTU by Erin Driscoll. Edgar becomes head analyst. He successfully helps stop several nuclear power plants from melting down. Later, he'll help stop a nuclear warhead.

One nuclear power plant, however, was not stopped from melting down. Edgar's mother, Lucy, lived near the San Grabiel Island nuclear reactor. Edgar tried to get help for his disabled mother. However, time was running out and she opted to take her own life before she began to suffer the effects of radiation.

Chloe and Edgar had a unique relationship. Chloe's temper sometimes got the best of her when she is dealing with Edgar. However, Edgar genuinely cared about Chloe. When Chloe was in the field, Edgar was very worried about her.

[edit] Day 5

At the beginning of Day 5, we learn that Edgar might have wanted to be more than friends with Chloe because of his reaction to her sleeping with Spencer Wolff. Throughout Day 5, Edgar help to circumvent orders from Lynn McGill and get him back in command.

Later, Edgar realizes that a fellow analyst is missing from her workstation. He goes to search for her. At this same moment, Sentox nerve gas was released into CTU. The building goes into a lock down. Edgar is unable to make it back to the sealed room. He succumbs to the nerve gas after calling out Chloe's name. She looked on as he slowly died.

[edit] Appearances

Louis Lombardi was a recurring guest star in Season 4, and appeared in every episode of that season. He was promoted a main cast member in Season 5.

[edit] Trivia

  • Edgar was the seventh main character to be killed in the series.
  • Edgar was honored with the silent clock after his death.
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