Day 8: 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Day 8: 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Original air dateJanuary 17, 2010
Written byHoward Gordon and Evan Katz
Directed byBrad Turner
Previous episodeDay 7: 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM
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Day 8: 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM is episode 1 of Season 8.


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On a busy New York street, Victor Aruz gets out of a taxi cab and walks towards an apartment building. Across the way, a man recognizes Aruz and radios to a sniper who is positioned behind him. He is about to take the shot, but traffic gets in his way. Once inside the building, Aruz enters a room and calls out for his friend, Manny. Aruz eventually finds him dead in a bathtub. Pulling out a gun, Aruz dials a number on his phone in hopes of finding another friend. However, he is told by someone at his workplace that the man has been killed as well. Panicked, Aruz heads downstairs. A man wearing Aruz’s clothes then leaves the building, but just as the sniper gets ready to fire, the spotter realizes it is someone else dressed in his sweatshirt. Suddenly, Aruz speeds around the corner in a stolen vehicle. The sniper fires a shot through the windshield, hitting Aruz in the shoulder. After swerving for a moment, Aruz is able to escape from the two men. The spotter calls 911 to report the stolen vehicle Aruz was in.

In a hotel room, Jack Bauer is woken up by his granddaughter, Teri. She tells him to find a cartoon on television for her. As he flips through the channels, Jack comes to a news report discussing the possible Peace Treaty signing between President Taylor and Omar Hassan. After finding a suitable program for Teri, Jack receives a call from his daughter, Kim. She tells him that they will meet them in front of the hotel. After hanging up, Stephen asks Kim why she looks so worried. She tells him that Jack hasn’t mentioned anything about moving to LA to be closer to them in quite a while.

At the United Nations, Presidents Taylor and Hassan continue discussions regarding the dismantling of nuclear weapons in the Republic of Kamistan. Taylor insists on having US inspectors, but Omar’s brother, Farhad Hassan, opposes the idea, wondering why only the US can be trusted. Ethan Kanin believes that their country can’t give up too much power. Shortly after, the meeting is adjourned. Taylor tells Kanin to give Hassan what he wants since he has risked a lot in order to sign the treaty.

Jack and Teri stand waiting in the hotel lobby just as Stephen and Kim arrive. Jack tells Kim that he has decided to move to LA with them and will fly back later in the evening. He informs her that a friend of his got him a job as a consultant at a private security firm. After getting Teri situated in the car and seeing them off, Jack walks back in the hotel. Across the street, Victor Aruz watches Jack from his car as he grabs a gun and follows him inside.

Rob Weiss, the White House Chief of Staff, addresses the media outside the council chamber. He outlines the statements that will be given by Presidents Taylor and Hassan. At a security checkpoint, reporter Meredith Reed is informed by one of the security officers that her credentials have been revoked. She insists there must be an error, but the officer orders her to leave. Meanwhile, Farhad insists to his brother that they have surrendered too much to the United States. Omar reminds him that Taylor has already lifted sanctions against the IRK and is offering a substantial aid package. After their conversation, Omar receives a call from Reed, who informs him about her problems at security. He tells her that he will take care of it, and hopes their one-on-one interview later will still take place. Farhad does not approve of his brother’s relationship with the reporter, but Omar promises him that she means no harm and is not a threat.

While in his hotel room, Jack hears a knock at the door. Answering it, he finds an injured Victor asking for help. Pulling him inside, Jack tells him that the needs to call an ambulance. Victor warns Jack that his enemies are monitoring emergency channels. Victor comes forth with information regarding a possible hit on Omar Hassan, but he wants to cut a deal with CTU before revealing any more details. Frustrated by his involvement in this, Jack warns Victor not to screw with him.

Arriving at CTU New York, Cole Ortiz is greeted by data analyst Dana Walsh. They briefly discuss expanding patrols around the United Nations. Cole then tells her about his sister calling her regarding brides maid dresses. Dana apologizes and says her work schedule has been very hectic. In another area of CTU, Chloe O'Brian becomes frustrated over her difficulties getting the facial recognition software to work. Dana comes over and helps Chloe fix the problem. Dana lets Chloe know that it is okay to ask for help, but Chloe is not amused.

Not too much later, Chloe receives a phone call from Jack. He tells her about the information Victor possesses, so she puts him on the line with Brian Hastings, director of CTU. Hastings is suspect of this Intel, but Jack knows the information is good from his dealings with Victor in the Salazar Op. Jack warns Hastings that the backlash will fall on him if he doesn’t follow this lead. Hastings tells Jack that he will send a helicopter to the 12th Precinct, the closest landing spot.

Arlo Glass, another data analyst at CTU, sits at his desk monitoring the feed from one of the unmanned aerial drones in New York. He uses it to spy on a girl sunbathing on her rooftop. Cole approaches and warns him about that before alerting him to an emergency meeting with Hastings. Cole is given the assignment of leading the pickup of Jack and Victor. He requests more men, but Hastings insists the drone will be enough to give them security coverage in the area. As Jack and Victor make their way down one of the nearby streets, a police officer spots their abandoned stolen car and radios it in. Davros, the individual whom the spotter and sniper are working for, monitors intercepts the call and orders the two men to find and kill Aruz.

Back at the United Nations, Ethan Kanin informs President Taylor of Hassan’s agreement to their proposal. Taylor is excited, but reminisces about her ex-husband, Henry, who talked with her about Islamic Republic peace on many occasions. Kanin reminds Taylor about how poorly Henry treated her, but she believes he had the right to considering she sent their daughter, Olivia, to prison. Suddenly, Rob Weiss enters the room and reveals the information about an assassination plot against Hassan, and how the informant is requesting an immunity deal. Rob believes they should tell Hassan immediately, but Kanin doesn’t believe it is the time for Hassan to fear for his safety. The trust he felt with the United States would be thrown right out the window. President Taylor excuses them both, and outside of the office, Rob apologizes to Ethan, insisting he was only making a point. Ethan takes a pill from a bottle in his pocket and tells Rob he isn’t dead yet and can handle himself.

Jack calls Kim and tells her that he will be unable to meet up with them at their hotel, but promises to meet them at the airport. Jack lets her know that something came up. At CTU, Chloe admits to Hastings that she has had some trouble due to all of the changes at CTU. She only took the job there because of Morris being downsized. Hastings warns Chloe that her performance must improve. Agents Ortiz and Torres make their way out to the helicopter. Torres makes a remark about whether Dana is getting cold feet about their wedding, but Ortiz brushes it aside.

In an alleyway, Jack stops Victor so he can repack the bandage on his shoulder. A man parking his car nearby notices Victor who is covered in blood and uses his phone to call 911. Meanwhile, Kayla Hassan arrives at the room of her mother, Dalia, to see if she is ready. Dalia comments on how her husband doesn’t trust her to be on time, but Kayla dismisses the notion. Dalia tells her daughter that she has become quite a good liar. Omar enters the room and approaches his wife, taking hold of her hand. She quickly pulls away, telling her husband they no longer need to pretend. Omar apologizes to his daughter before the three of them make their way to the elevator.

On the main floor, Farhad grants Meredith Reed access to the building. However, he warns her to stay away from Omar. In the President’s office, Rob Weiss informs her off Hassan’s impending arrival. He asks her whether she’s decided on telling him about the recent threat against his life, and Taylor lets Rob know that she will be keeping it a secret for now. Rob feels this is a dangerous move, but her mind is made up. Back on the streets of New York, Jack and Victor are stopped by two police officers who responded to the call earlier. Jack tells them that he is working alongside CTU transporting an important resource. As one of the cops makes the call back to verify Jack’s identity, the sniper and spotter from earlier arrive and shoot the cops down. Jack shoots the lock off of a nearby door and rushes inside with Victor.

Out of bullets, Jack is told by Chloe that the helicopter is still two minutes out. Now talking to Agent Ortiz, Jack tells him that they need a new landing spot due to the shooters outside. Ortiz locates an area on the building adjacent to them. Jack helps Victor up the stairs as the men pursue behind them. At CTU, Arlo moves the drone to the new location. When the two shooters reach the top of the stairs, they notice blood on the door and an axe missing from its case on the wall. Suddenly, Jack emerges from his hiding spot and swings the axe into one of the men’s chest, while kicking the other off of the staircase. With both of them dead, Jack helps Victor outside as the helicopter lands on the roof.

Agent Torres grabs Victor and leads him towards the helicopter. Ortiz tells Jack he must go back to CTU to debrief with Hastings, but Jack begins walking away, saying he has a flight to catch. In the distance, Jack notices a fired RPG headed their way. He dives towards Ortiz and pulls him towards the ground as the rocket blows up the helicopter, sending Torres and Victor flying. Jack gets up and makes his way to a dying Victor, demanding to get the information regarding the attack out of him. Victor tells him that the hitter has someone close to Hassan. Before he can say more, Victor dies. As Ortiz checks on the status of Torres, Meredith Reed is seen walking through the halls of the United Nations. She tells someone on the phone that she is behind schedule, but that it will get done.

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[edit] Background Information and Notes

  • The "Events occur in real time" title card is used during the opening narration. It was last used in the season 7 premiere, Day 7: 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM.
  • This is the first season premiere episode, excluding the pilot episode, to not be directed by Jon Cassar, who left at the end of Season 7.
  • Beginning with this episode, Anil Kapoor, Mykelti Williamson, Katee Sackhoff, Chris Diamantopoulos, John Boyd and Freddie Prinze Jr. join the main cast. Freddie Prinze Jr. receives the "with" credit, while Cherry Jones receives the "and" credit.
  • Series regular Annie Wersching does not appear in this episode.
  • There was no split screen at the end of this episode.
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