Day 7: 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Day 7: 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Original air dateMarch 16, 2009
Written byEvan Katz and Juan Carlos Coto
Directed byBrad Turner
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Day 7: 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM is episode 14 of Season 7.


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Jack runs into a nearby parking garage, where he is forced to hide behind a vehicle as cop cars storm by outside. Looking into the nearby vehicle, Jack spots a laptop on the passenger seat. He then breaks the drivers side window and gets into the vehicle. Hot-wiring the car, Jack takes off down the road. Meanwhile, Morris O'Brian arrives at FBI HQ and questions Janis about the location of his wife, Chloe. Janis tells him that Chloe is in a holding area, and that he needs to go wait in the situation room until Larry Moss arrives to speak with him. Just then, Larry calls Renee and informs her about the situation with Jack at the hospital. He says he is on his way back to the office.

Morris arrives at the FBI to look for Chloe

While driving, Jack uses the laptop in the car to look through the security footage he stole from the hospital. After locating Quinn on one of the stills, Jack calls Renee, who was just briefed on her suspension. Jack tells her that he was framed for the murder of Ryan Burnett, and that he is sending her an email containing Quinn’s image, needing an ID on him. Meanwhile, Quinn is shown driving down the street as he hears of Jack’s escape from the hospital over FBI communications. He calls Jonas Hodges and tells him that Jack got away. After ending the discussion, Hodges is told by Greg Seaton that the shipment will arrive within the hour. Sensing doubt in Seaton, Hodges assures him that human casualties are necessary in times of war. He then tells Seaton to get their colleagues ready for what is to come.

Back at the FBI, Renee is able to ID Quinn and she calls Jack with the new information. Renee also tells him that Quinn works for Starkwood, who served as defense consultants until they began to get hired out as mercenaries by branches of the government. Renee insists Blaine Mayer would know more about them, as he was investigating the group for a time. After sending Jack the address of Mayer, Larry arrives at the office and enters Renee’s office. Making sure she is okay, Larry tells her to go home and rest. After exiting the room, Larry has Janis tap into Renee’s phone records because he believes she talked to Jack recently.

In the White House, Allison and Olivia Taylor are discussing the speech the President is soon to give. Olivia believes that she should claim victory during the speech, as a way to show that those who died are heroes following the struggle. The President agrees and tells Olivia to include that in her speech. Ethan Kanin then enters the Oval Office and informs the President about Jack and his apparent murder of Ryan Burnett, and how he granted permission for the operation to take place. He says that Jack is still at large, and realizing how upset the President is, Kanin apologizes for his actions and leaves.

Renee is escorted to FBI holding

Meanwhile, Renee turns in her badge and gun as she heads out of the office. She is then stopped by Larry and a number of guards. Larry demands to know where Jack is, but Renee refuses to help. Renee tells Larry that Jack cannot trust them, and she is immediately taken away to a holding cell. Across town, Senator Mayer is dropped off at his house by his driver. After entering, Mayer notices that his office door is open. He enters it and picks up the phone, finding it’s power out. Jack then reveals himself from behind, ordering Mayer to sit down. Claiming innocence in the Burnett murder, Jack pushes Mayer for information on Starkwood. Mayer admits that Starkwood has run amuck, but that they are not involved with terrorists in any way. Jack then demands to see the files from the investigation.

Ethan questions Olivia about the leak of information

As the President arrives at the podium and begins giving her speech, Ethan Kanin is approached by a reporter named Ken Dellao. He tells Kanin that he is close going public with a story about Jack murdering Burnett, and how he was the one responsible for authorizing it. Ethan pushes him for his source on the story, but Dellao does not tell him. Ethan then leaves and approaches Olivia, who denies releasing the information to the reporter. He insists it will be a political disaster if this gets out, and Olivia tells him that its his fault his mistake has come back to hurt him. Meanwhile, back at the FBI, Janis tells Larry that she can't decrypt the files Renee sent to Jack. Janis mentions that Chloe would be able to, and this causes Larry to enter the conference room where Morris is located. Pulling Chloe up on the monitor, Larry tells Morris to help them find Jack or else Chloe could face a number of years in prison for helping Jack. After being granted immunity for his wife, Morris bypasses the files using override codes and reveals Blaine Mayer’s information.

Morris assists Janis in locating Jack

Larry tells Janis that he believes Jack is out for revenge against Mayer. After prepping his agents, they head out to the address found in Renee’s email. Chloe is also released from custody, and she is upset at Morris for helping the FBI find Jack. Morris insists that caring for his wife and child comes first. At the Mayer residence, the Senator inquires about the hearing earlier between the two. Jack tells him that he regrets losing his family, and regrets so many lives being expendable over the years. Jack also wishes that the world didn’t need people like him, while Mayer responds with the notion that Jack’s vision had become clouded, and that he needs to uphold the nation’s ideals.

While searching through the investigation files, Jack happens upon a record of a car accident. Mayer tells him that it involved the death of an informant working within Starkwood, and he was killed while driving drunk. Jack notices that the police officer at the scene in the photo is actually Quinn, revealing it to be no accident. Mayer tells Jack that the informant believed Starkwood was involved in government blackmail and that they were in possession of WMDs. Further searching into the article reveals the development of a bio-weapon at Starkwood, which was being built for Juma. A knock then comes at the door from Metro Police. Believing Jack is on to something, Mayer insists that he will talk to the officer so he can help them. After opening the door, Mayer is shot and killed by Quinn, who was posing as an officer. Jack then takes off out the back of the house as Quinn gives chase.

At the White House, Olivia is requested into a meeting with Ethan and the President. Being pressed by her mother, Olivia denies releasing the information to the press, and then tells them that she recently spoke to the head of the station who claims that the leak came from the Federal Marshall's Office. Olivia then says that she offered Dellao a sit-down interview with the President if he killed the story, and he agreed. Finding the issue resolved, President Taylor tells Ethan to get an update on the situation with Jack. Across town, Jack climbs over a fence as he attempts to escape from Quinn. Following a trail of blood from the hand of Jack that was shot as he was running away, Quinn shoots open the fence gate and makes his way into the construction site. Going into a nearby trailer that has Jack’s blood on the doorknob, Quinn shoots up the room with his machine gun. Searching around for Jack’s body, the trailer is flipped on his side as Jack operates a bulldozer outside.

Quinn tells Jack that the weapons have already arrived
Larry finds Senator Mayer dead

Quinn is able to escape out the top of the trailer, but he is knocked down by Jack. The two then engage each other in hand-to-hand combat, which results in Jack flipping Quinn over the side onto a car below. Quinn grabs a crowbar and swings it wildly at Jack, who falls back to the ground. Grabbing a screwdriver, Jack throws it into Quinn’s chest. He then picks up a block of wood and knocks Quinn to the ground. Jack demands to know when the weapons are arriving, and Quinn tells him they are already there as he dies from the blood loss. Jack then pulls a phone out of Quinn’s pocket and opens it up, revealing the message “Port of Alexandria Yard 22:30". Meanwhile, Larry calls Janis and tells her that Jack has murdered Mayer, and that agents now have permission to shoot Jack on sight.

Jack calls Tony and tells him to meet him at the Port, but to bring weapons and surveillance gear. Not having time to explain, Jack hangs up and uses the screwdriver from Quinn’s chest to jump start a nearby pickup truck, using the vehicle as he escapes out of the area.

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  • Series regular Colm Feore does not appear in this episode.
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