Day 7: 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Day 7: 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM
Original air dateJanuary 11, 2009
Teleplay byJoel Surnow and Michael Loceff
Story byHoward Gordon and Evan Katz
Directed byJon Cassar
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Day 7: 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM is episode 2 of Season 7.


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ATC attempts to figure out a way to contact flight GSA 117 after they lost communications with the plane. They attempt to get men on the ground to signal them and to try and contact passengers, but both come with no luck. One of the employees at ATC named Gus discovers a recording of Tony Almeida speaking to the pilots of the flight. He calls Larry Moss at the FBI and tells them of Tony having control over contact with the plane. Meanwhile, Tony tells the pilot to change it's course upon arrival.

Outside of the Columbia Building, Renee Walker calls Moss and informs him about the Schector murder. After making sure Renee is okay, Moss tells her that he will send SWAT to the location. Jack insists that there is a mole within the FBI because there is no way that the sniper could have gotten into position so quickly without prior knowledge of the meeting. Renee denies such as accusation, and afterwards, Jack has his gun taken away from him and he is put in the back of an FBI vehicle. Renee then makes sure that agents have all of the exits covered to the building.

Back at ATC, all of their screens monitoring flights in the air lock up, causing them to lose the ability to track airplanes. After successfully freezing their screens, Tony begins communicating with flight SRI 035, setting them on an intersecting course with fight GSA 117. Tony then calls Gus at ATC and tells him that he wants them to see what they can do. As ATC watches the runways at the local airport via a security feed, the two plans are about to crash into each other when Tony tells the pilot of GSA 117 to pull up at the last second. Afterwards, ATC gets their screens back and communications is restored to the planes. Tony tells Gus that what he just witnessed was a warning shot, and that next time will be the real thing.

President Taylor speaks with Ule Matobo

Alan Tanner, the sniper, moves about inside the building as the FBI prepare a search of the premises. Meanwhile, David Emerson arrives at the docks to meet with Tony aboard the ship he is stationed. After inside, Tony tells him about finding out Schector was going to leak info to Jack, but he had Tanner take him out first. Emerson asks if Jack will be a problem, but Tony says he'll take care of it. Tony then asks what the next assignment will be, but Emerson informs him that Tanner will have the information when he arrives. Emerson then leaves with Michael Latham and the CIP Device.

Inside the White House, the Press Secretary gives a speech to the media about President Taylor standing by her decision to intervene in the conflict in Sangala in an effort to stop Benjamin Juma. During this time, Ethan Kanin receives a call about the near plane crash. In the Oval Office, President Taylor is having a sit-down meeting with former Prime Minister Ule Matobo about Sangala. Dubaku thanks her for taking a risk by sending in troops to his country. Taylor insists that upon capturing Juma, he must be dealt with in a court of law to make sure the cycle of violence stops. After the meeting, Kanin tells the President about the incident at the airport. Taylor then tells him to ground all non-essential aircrafts.

Jack convinces Agent Walker to help him with a lead

Tanner calls Tony as he is trapped in the basement of the Columbia Building with FBI performing a sweep of the building. Meanwhile, while Jack is sitting in the back of the truck, the FBI agent in the drivers seat tells him that he believes what the Senate is putting him through is wrong, and that he doesn't deserve it. Jack tells the agent that the American people have a right to know what happened and to decide for themselves if a punishment is warranted. Back inside the building, an FBI agent by the name of Leonard encounters Tanner in the basement. Leonard tells him that he was sent by Tony, handing over an FBI jacket and a set of car keys to a vehicle outside. Leonard then reports via radio that the area is clear. As Tanner makes his way outside, Jack asks the agent if he can excuse himself for some air. Once out of the vehicle, Jack notices Tanner wearing brown boots when the rest of the agents are wearing black shoes. He tells Renee that he's the sniper and how the FBI got compromised. Renee says that she'll order a team to follow him, but Jack insists it will take too long. Instead, the two hop into a nearby vehicle and follow after Tanner.

Nichols and Ike Dubaku are standing together in an unknown location when Emerson arrives. He has his men place Latham in a holding cell while he hands over the CIP Device to Dubaku. He says that General Juma will be pleased and that the United States will pay for intervening in the affairs of Sangala. At the White House, President Taylor has a meeting about the current terrorist situation. The CIP Device is discussed, mainly about how it can shut down power grids and water treatment plants, resulting in deaths and civil uprising. During the meeting, Ethan Kanin receives a call from Agent Gedge, who is riding along with Henry Taylor. He tells Kanin about Taylor's meeting with Samantha Roth, and how he had a private investigator look into the death of his son, Roger. Meanwhile, back at FBI HQ, Agent Moss finds out from Janis Gold that Renee isn't at the Columbia Building anymore. Renee receives a call from Moss and tells him that Jack and her are following up on a lead from a serial number found on a gun at Schector's place. With Larry not believing her, Renee tells him to trust her. After hanging up, Moss asks Janis to trace the location of Renee for him.

Henry Taylor meets with Samantha Roth
Agent Walker reaches the docks

Henry Taylor arrives at the workplace of Samantha Roth and meets with her up on the roof of the building. He tells her that he knows about the $400k she received and insists that she tell him who wired the money to the account. Samantha claims that the money is for her who was suffering from financial troubles. Taylor grabs her by the arm, demanding to know the truth. Agent Gedge tells him it is time to leave, but Taylor promises that he will find out what is going on. Across town, Tanner arrives at the docks where Tony is located. Parking their car away from the location, Jack and Renee get out of the car. Renee gives Jack a gun as they move in. Distracted by a noise behind him, Tanner searches a row of crates. Pulling his gun on Renee, Tanner is taken by surprise as Jack sneaks up behind. Knocking Tanner to the ground, Jack begins strangling him, demanding to know where Tony is. Jack eventually knocks Tanner out.

After muzzling his gun with a piece of cloth to take out a security camera, Jack picks up Tanner and uses him as a human shield. Tony sends one of his men outside after losing video on the camera, and he is gunned down by Renee as Tanner takes two bullets to the chest, sending him to the ground. After the last of Tony's men is killed, Jack and Renee enter the ship. Renee comes upon the computer used by Tony, but the files on it have been deleted. In another part of the ship, Jack quietly moves about the ship until he finds Tony in the pilot room. Using the door to knock Jack back, Tony takes off out the door to the front of the ship. As Tony runs off down the dock, Jack jumps off the ship onto a pile of crates, rolling off onto Tony. After some hand-to-hand fighting, Jack is able to subdue Tony as Renee arrives as backup. With Moss aboard an FBI helicopter just arriving on the scene, Jack sadly asks Tony "What happened to you?" as he is taken into custody.

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  • During the "Previously on 24" segment, a shot is inserted of a photograph of Roger Taylor with his parents that was not included in the previous episode. This is probably because Eric Lively was cast as Roger, originally an unseen character, only during the making of 24: Redemption, after the first eight episodes were filmed.
  • Series regulars Mary Lynn Rajskub and James Morrison do not appear in this episode.
  • There was no split screen at the end of this episode.
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