Day 7: 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Day 7: 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Original air dateMarch 9, 2009
Written byManny Coto and Brannon Braga
Directed byBrad Turner
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Day 7: 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM is episode 13 of Season 7.


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Vice President Mitchell Hayworth is watching a news report about the threat inside of the White House. He then receives a call from Larry Moss, who insists on putting into action the rescue operation. Hayworth tells Moss once again that they do not know exactly what is going on inside, so they cannot risk President Taylor’s life. Meanwhile, inside the White House, Olivia Taylor sheds some tears as she apologizes to her mother for all the years they didn’t speak to each other. Benjamin Juma then tells Taylor it is time for her speech, but she first pleads with Juma to let the hostages go. In response, Juma grabs one of the hostages and shoots him in the head.

Bill sacrifices himself to save the President

As Taylor is reciting the speech she is soon to give, Jack tells Bill Buchanan that when he was in the lockdown room, he leaked explosive gas canisters, and that a single, stray bullet would set off an explosion. Jack believed they could use this as an opportunity to create a diversion. Outside, Larry Moss calls Hayworth once more. He tells him that Juma is out for revenge, and that he has no plans of escaping the White House alive. Hayworth still insists that they cannot act given the circumstances. At this time, Bill lets Jack know that he overheard Juma speaking with another man over a phone, believing he isn’t working alone. Bill tells Jack to find the other man involved before suddenly springing to his feet and engaging one of Juma’s men, knocking him out and stealing his gun. Bill then heads into the lockdown and fires off a shot, causing a giant explosion that rocks the building.

Larry and Renee argue over a new lead

Upon hearing the explosion, Moss orders all of the authorities into the building, fearing the President may be in danger. Amid the chaos, Jack shoots one of the accomplices before telling Aaron Pierce to go protect President Taylor. Juma, staggered from the explosion, tells his men that he will deal with the President. Jack soon runs into Juma, who reaches for his gun. Jack then fires five shots, killing Juma. All of the hostiles are soon taken care off as the plan works to save the President and hostages. Jack then looks over and sees Bill’s dead body, going down to sit next to him as he sheds some tears.

President Taylor reconnects with her daughter Olivia

President Taylor tells the Secret Service that she plans on staying in the White House to show the country she isn’t afraid. She also insists on speaking to the Vice President, and also wants an update on her husband, Henry. Olivia enters the Oval Office and tells her mother how afraid she just was, but Taylor reassures her daughter that it’s over. She also tells Olivia that she doesn’t want to lose her again. In the main hall, Renee approaches Jack and says she is sorry for his loss. Jack is gutted because he believes it should have been him that set off the explosion. Moss then shows up, who is informed by Jack that Juma was working with another man, and that their only lead is Ryan Burnett. Jack says that he owes it to Bill to finish this himself, but promises to not harm Burnett. Moss wants nothing of it though and orders Jack’s arrest. Renee argues with Moss over his actions, but to no avail.

In another hallway of the White House, Renee finds Ethan Kanin and pulls him aside. She tells him about the new information concerning another individual assisting Juma during the operation. Meanwhile, Jonas Hodges watches a news report about the successful rescue attempt at the White House. He tells Greg Seaton that everything is still on track, and that the weapons shipment should be arriving on time. He then has Greg set up a meeting with Chapman. Back outside at the White House, Moss ushers Jack into a chopper so he can be taken to the FBI. Moss then receives a phone call from Kanin, who gives him an order to let Jack speak to Burnett. Kanin insists it will be a controlled interrogation, and that Moss will supervise it. Kanin also tells him that the President will not know about this. After finishing the conversation, Kanin speaks with President Taylor. She tells him that she wants to bring Olivia on as a special advisor. Kanin reminds Taylor that her daughter was the one who nearly derailed her campaign after releasing damaging information regarding her opponent, believing Olivia is a liability. Taylor disagrees, sending Kanin to offer her the position.

Larry and Renee get into an argument near the helicopter. Renee reminds Larry that even though she hasn’t agreed with Jack’s actions, he has been right about everything. Larry then tells Renee to head back to FBI and turn in her badge as she is suspended indefinitely. Once he is inside the helicopter, Larry is told by Jack to leave Renee out of it, but Moss says she isn’t the same person anymore. At Hodge’s hideout, Chapman tells Hodges that there are 12 targets available, all containing 10-15 thousand people. The kill ratio would be around 80%. Hodges hopes it doesn’t have to come to that. After receiving a memo about Jack’s meeting with Burnett, Greg informs Hodges that he has already sent Quinn to take care of things.

Olivia checks up on Aaron Pierce and thanks him

Jack soon arrives at the hospital with Larry and other FBI Agents. The doctor is worried about his patient, but Jack reminds him that Burnett is affiliated with men who kidnapped the President. The doctor tells them that Burnett is being awoken after being heavily sedated. Meanwhile, Quinn walks through the hospital dressed in scrubs and carrying a bag. He goes into a nearby room of an elderly patient. Quinn suffocates the man using a pillow before leaving quickly. After nurses rush into the room after seeing him coding, Quinn hooks up a device into their computer to download the location of Burnett into his PDA. He then heads into a supply room and removes a panel from the ceiling, making his way inside.

Back at the White House, Olivia thanks Aaron Pierce for protecting her throughout the ordeal. Afterwards, she is pulled aside by Kanin and is told that he wants to put the past behind him, but also that they want to bring her on as a special advisor. Olivia is first very grateful, but she then tells Kanin that it was partially is fault for not realizing how corrupt the Government was. Kanin insists she has no right to make such claims, but Olivia promises she will find out what happened inside her mother’s cabinet. Meanwhile, Larry Moss warns Jack about not doing anything stupid with Burnett. Jack then makes his way into his room and closes the door, all while Quinn moves about in the ceiling.

Jack questions Ryan Burnett in the hospital

Burnett awakes from his drug-induced sleep, frightened to see Jack. He screams for help, saying he will talk as long as Jack is taken away. Jack informs Burnett about Juma’s death at the White House, and how he lost a good friend. Suddenly, the camera feed that Moss and the other agents are watching losses sound as Quinn cuts a cable from above. Just then, a silver device is dropped into Burnett’s room that contains a nerve gas agent. It causes Jack to become paralyzed as he collapses to the floor. Quinn then drops down into the room, wearing a gas mask. He destroys the code panel for the door and then heads over to Burnett. Quinn uses a broken piece of glass to cut his throat before jamming the object into Burnett’s stomach. In the triage area, Moss is getting recycled video footage before regaining a live feed, showing a dead Burnett.

Inside the room, Quinn escapes back through the ceiling as Jack regains himself and realizes what just happened. He takes off through the ceiling after Quinn. Moss kicks down to the door to find that Jack has vanished. He orders a lockdown of the building, believing Jack killed Burnett. Jack soon drops down and knocks out a nearby guard, stealing a disc containing footage from security cameras. Outside, Quinn calls Seaton and tells him that Burnett is dead. Jack then calls Larry and tells him of his innocence, but that the threat isn’t over. Jack runs away down the street as police arrive at the hospital.

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  • Series regulars Mary Lynn Rajskub, Colm Feore, Janeane Garofalo, and Carlos Bernard do not appear in this episode.
  • This is the final appearance of series regular James Morrison.
  • Martha Logan is referenced in a conversation between Aaron Pierce and Olivia Taylor. Olivia mentions something sad happened to her, but the exact details are unknown.
  • Frank John Hughes as Tim Woods is credited but has no lines in the episode and is only seen in the background during the opening scene.
  • This episode features the ninth silent clock in the series. It's the second time it's not been used at the end of an episode.
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