Day 7: 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM

Day 7: 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM
Original air dateJanuary 11, 2009
Written byHoward Gordon, Joel Surnow and Michael Loceff
Directed byJon Cassar
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Day 7: 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM is episode 1 of Season 7.


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Michael Latham is driving down the street with his daughter when his phone rings. Nobody answers on the other end, and then suddenly, Latham's vehicle is hit on the drivers side by a speeding van. Spinning out of control before coming to a stop, his car is hit again from behind by a second van, sending his vehicle crashing on top of another car. Masked men grab Latham out of his car, leaving his daughter behind. Tossing him into the van, a masked Tony Almeida says that they need him to fix something for them. Meanwhile, Jack Bauer is in a Senate hearing for human rights violations committed by CTU and himself. Jack is questioned about the "extreme interrogation" methods used against Ibrahim Haddad, a known terrorist. He defends himself by saying that Haddad had a plan to kill 45 people on a bus, and that he doesn't regret any of the decisions he has made when attempting to complete objectives. Just then, Renee Walker from the FBI brings forth a subpoena to the senate members requesting transfer of Jack back to their HQ. As they leave the courthouse, Renee calls Agent Gold and is informed about Latham's kidnapping earlier.

Tony Almeida working with the CIP device

At FBI HQ, Janis has Sean Hillinger clear Jack through security. Special Agent Moss is briefing a number of his fellow agents on the recent technology thefts that have taken place recently, and how it is possibly connected to the Latham kidnapping. It is believed the men responsible are using Latham to bypass the CIP Firewall. Meanwhile, at an unknown location, Latham is being forced to create a device to breach the firewall. Once completed, Tony and his men use the device in an attempt to hijack communications with flight GSA 117. At this time, Jack arrives at the HQ and is placed in a debriefing room. Larry Moss warns Renee to be careful with Jack, and she insists she can handle him. She then tells Jack about the CIP Firewall that protects infrastructures within the country, such as power and water. Renee then shows Jack an image captured by a security camera of Tony, one of the men involved.

President Taylor speaks with her Chief of Staff

With Jack in disbelief over the news, Renee tells him that she had Tony's grave site examined. The DNA of the body buried did not match that of Tony. Jack insists that there must be a reason for him being involved in this operation. Meanwhile, Tony gets into the systems of Air Traffic Control, but the CIP device suddenly fails. Tony takes it back to Latham and demands he fix it, otherwise Latham becomes expendable. At the White House, President Taylor and her Chief of Staff Ethan Kanin are watching a news report about a recent slaughter of over 300,000 individuals in Sangala by General Benjamin Juma. The newscaster mentions how the United States must intervene in the affair. Kanin suggests that the President involve the UN, but Taylor believes that only the US can sort this mess and stop Juma. Then, Taylor's husband, Henry, enters the Oval Office. He tells her about a reporter named Kevin Aldridge who plans to write a piece against an invasion of Sangala. Knowing this would be bad for their image, President Taylor suggests that Henry speak with Aldridge directly. After they leave to meet with the Joint Chiefs, Ethan suggests to Allison that Henry isn't in the proper state of mind ever since Roger's suicide a couple of months ago. President Taylor insists it has been tough on everyone.

Michael Latham finishes fixing the CIP device, and after reinstalling it, the ATC lose sync on their monitors for a brief second. Tony and his crew have successfully hacked into the system. Meanwhile, back at the FBI HQ, Renee tells Jack that she believes Tony is out for revenge against the Government since they were responsible for his wife's death. They are then informed of the possible breach at ATC. Jack is then paired up with Sean Hillinger as he works to find out where Tony is. In the White House Situation Room, an attack plan is devised, showing how an air strike would wipe out Juma's forces completely. Secretary of Defense Joe Stevens works on his post-invasion plan, but he is adamant about his objection to an invasion. President Taylor tells him to get on the same page. They are then interrupted by Tim Woods, a Homeland Security officer. He informs Taylor about the CIP device and suggests slowly decreasing traffic in the air.

Jack works with Agent Hillinger
Agent Walker in Schetor's apartment

Henry Taylor meets with Kevin Aldridge and insists that an invasion is necessary due to the genocide being caused by Juma. Promising to give him an exclusive preview of the post invasion report once it is complete, Taylor gets Aldridge to delay his story for 24 hours. Brian Gedge interrupts Taylor with a phone call. It is Chuck Toland, a private investigator who Henry hired to look into his son's suicide which he believes to have been murder. Toland tells him that Samantha Roth, Roger's girlfriend, came into a sum of $400,000 three days after Roger's death. Henry tells Toland that he will go and meet with Samantha personally. Agent Gedge believes Toland is using him, but Taylor tells Gedge to keep this issue off of the manifest. Meanwhile, at FBI HQ, Jack discovers the name of Gabriel Schector while investigating the technology thefts. He acquired illegal technology and sold it to buyers. Schector was turned by Jack and Tony after being captured while they were at CTU. After finding out his address, Agent Walker convinces Larry Moss to let her go there along with Jack as it will take longer to get information using a warrant. Moss worries about Renee but eventually agrees.

In the Situation Room, Stevens finishes his post-invasion plan and presents it to Taylor. He tells her that order must be kept in Sangala after the attack, and she promises that a meeting with take place soon with the countries former Prime Minister, Ule Matobo. They will discuss the need to give Juma a fair trial to determine punishment. Around this time, Jack and Renee finally arrive at Schector's suite. Once inside, Renee asks where Tony is, but Schector denies involvement. After being threatened with being a co-conspirator in possible terrorist activity, Schector asks them to leave. When his bodyguard Harry grabs Renee by her arm to escort her out, she knocks him to the ground. Holding Schector at gunpoint along with Jack, she tells him to do whatever it takes to get information. Jack then grabs a pen and holds it above Schector's eye, threatening to stab him. Giving in, Schector is about to say when he last met with Tony when he is shot twice by a sniper, as is the bodyguard. Renee and Jack take cover as the news of a sniper on top of the Columbia Building across the street is relayed to FBI Agents on the ground below. Schector's phone then rings and Jack picks it up. It is Tony, and he warns his former friend to stay out of this. After the brief conversation, ATC loses communications with flight GSA 117. Tony and crew now have complete control of contact with the plane as they issue a change of course on it's arrival.

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  • This episode is the first season premiere since Day 3: 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM to use the "Events occur in real time" title card during the opening narration.
  • This episode was originally supposed to air in January 2008, but due to the 2007-08 Writer's Guild of America Strike, FOX decided to delay the airing until January 2009 so that the whole season could air together.
  • The first seventeen minutes of this episode were included as a special feature on the 24: Redemption DVD.
  • Beginning with this episode, Bob Gunton is promoted to a main cast member after having a recurring role in Season 6. Carlos Bernard rejoins the main cast after being absent in Season 6. While Cherry Jones, Annie Wersching, Colm Feore, Jeffrey Nordling, Rhys Coiro and Janeane Garofalo join the main cast.
  • Series regulars Mary Lynn Rajskub and James Morrison do not appear in this episode.
  • Despite the surprise of return Tony Almeida, Carlos Bernard is credited, likely due to the fact that his character's reappearance was spoiled in a press release issued by the show in the summer of 2007, over a year prior to the actual airing of this episode.
  • Tony Todd appears, uncredited, as Benjamin Juma in news footage at the White House.
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