Day 7: 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Day 7: 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Original air dateMarch 2, 2009
Teleplay byEvan Katz
Story byManny Coto and Brannon Braga
Directed byBrad Turner
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Day 7: 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM is episode 12 of Season 7.


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General Juma and his men finish their drilling into an underground cavern. Once situated inside, Juma tells the group its time to move. Meanwhile, inside the White House, Olivia Taylor wishes to leave so she can go see her father, Henry, at the hospital. Aaron Pierce tells her she needs to stay since it is safer here. Ethan Kanin then enters the room and updates Olivia on the situation, stating that another attack is expected. In the Oval Office, President Taylor is speaking with her Press Secretary when Larry Moss calls her to inform her about the base that Renee found. Moss also reveals to her that Juma was spotted there as well, and Taylor is surprised to hear he is in the country. Across the city, Renee continues running from Laurent Dubaku until she runs into a police officer that was out searching for her. However, before he can radio in his location, Laurent shoots him dead. Renee then takes off again with Laurent in pursuit.

Jack insists Bill to interrogate Burnett

At the White House, Bill Buchanan goes to see Jack in his holding cell. Bill informs him about Renee’s situation, and Jack then asks if they were able to get any information out of Burnett, which they were unable to. Jack then tells Bill that he needs to be the one to interrogate him, but Bill insists he cannot do it. Underneath the city, Juma and his men use a torch to open up a metal grating. In another part of the White House, one of Juma’s henchmen is messing around with some wiring in a power room. Another electrician comes in to see what he is up to, as they are apparently working together. When his back is turned, Juma’s man kills him using one of his tools. After removing the grate, Juma notices a laser field blocking their path. However, his man upstairs rewired the system to disable the field for two minutes. With the lasers deactivated, Juma and his men sneak through and up into the power room where they prepare their assault.

Renee tells Laurent Dubaku that his father is dead

Gaining access to the secret service locator system, Juma is able to track all of their movement, along with other high-ranking officials in the building. Making their way around, Juma and his men shoot a number of agents. Juma tells them that they need to hurry as they only have nine minutes until roll call for the agents. The group continues on, killing more secret service and even the Press Secretary. Meanwhile, Larry Moss locates the cop that was killed by Laurent Dubaku. Renee, who was running from him, is eventually caught by Dubaku. She tells him the truth about his father, how he was killed on orders from Juma. Not believing her, Laurent becomes frustrated and angry. Renee uses this opportunity to grab a shovel nearby and hit him with it. After a brief hand to hand fight, Laurent grabs Renee and begins choking her. She is eventually saved when Larry shows up and shoots Laurent twice, killing him.

As Jack is being prepped for transfer out of the White House, Bill receives a call from Agent Moss. He informs Bill about the White House being the target of Juma. Realizing the danger of the situation, Bill has Jack freed so he can help them. After finding President Taylor, Bill takes the locator off of her arm so he can lead Juma away from her. He then asks Jack to escort her to the lockdown, a secure room where the President will be safe. As Bill makes his way through the many halls of the White House, Juma and his men split up as they track him through the locator, eventually catching Bill. Realizing they have been deceived, Juma smacks Buchanan with his gun and orders his men to take him as a hostage. Not too far away, Aaron Pierce is with Olivia Taylor as they attempt to make it to lockdown. With some of Juma’s men shooting at them from behind, Jack and President Taylor make it into the room safely, locking themselves inside as agents are shot protecting them.

Bill and White House staff held hostage by Juma

Jack tries to update Pierce on their situation but Juma is able to cut off communication in the building. As some of his men are being overwhelmed by Secret Service reinforcements, Juma hijacks their communications, ordering the agents to retreat from the building or else he will kill the President. Realizing that the agents have no idea whether or not he has the President in custody, Juma is successful in driving them away as his men now have control over the White House. Juma then orders all of the hostages, including Bill Buchanan, Tim Woods, and Blaine Mayer, to be brought to him while also locking down the exits. A man working on over-riding the lockdown door tells Juma it will take 15 minutes using the specifications given to them by Jonas Hodges.

Along with police backup, Renee and Larry arrive at the White House. They are updated on the situation, while being told there is around 53 civilians inside. They are also told that the Vice President Mitchell Hayworth, is en route to a secure location. Renee then finds out about Jack’s arrest, and she seems upset by it. Meanwhile, inside the White House, President Taylor is furious over this takeover, and Jack insists that someone inside her inner circle must have helped Juma since they were able to get access codes. Realizing Juma’s man nearly had the over-ride complete, Jack is able to short-circuit the wiring, buying them more time. Realizing that even C4 won’t get them inside the room, Juma promises to find another way.

Jonas Hodges speaks with Greg Seaton

Juma calls Hodges, asking him for more help. Hodges tells him that his role in this is over, but Juma tells Hodges that he won’t get his shipment unless he can help get them inside the lockdown. Hodges uses his resources to figure out that Olivia Taylor is still in the White House, and he relays this information to Juma. Still in hiding, Pierce tells Olivia that they need to get a signal outside to warn authorities of the situation. Meanwhile, Larry and Renee set up a teleconference between themselves and the Vice President. Moss tells him that they cannot be completely sure on the President’s location, but he believes she made it to lockdown and would like Hayworth to authorize a rescue attempt. Since they cannot be sure whether or not Juma has Taylor, Hayworth cannot do that.

President Taylor gives herself up to Juma

Inside the White House, Aaron Pierce kills one of Juma’s men, but he is able hit in the shoulder by a shot. Pierce tells Olivia to go into a nearby room and find a flashlight in a rescue kit. He writes on her hand the Morse code signal that she will use to alert officials outside. After making her way into the room and grabbing the flashlight, Olivia is only able to get a few signals outside before she is captured and taken back to Juma, along with Pierce. Back in the main lobby, Juma spots the camera up in the lights that Taylor and Jack have been using to keep watch on them. Juma then sits a seat down in front of the camera, placing Olivia in the chair. He threatens to cut her up using a knife unless Taylor opens the door. Jack tells her that he cannot open the door, but Taylor asks if Jack could sit by while someone did this to his daughter. Jack tells her no, but reminds Taylor that he is not the President. Just as Juma is about to harm Olivia, Taylor and Jack emerge from the door. Jack is thrown in with the other hostages as Juma orders one of his men to set up a camera. He then backhands the President after she talked back to him, telling her that she doesn’t give him orders. Juma then tells Taylor that she will be giving a statement to the country, the last one of her life.

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  • Series regulars Mary Lynn Rajskub, Colm Feore, Janeane Garofalo, and Carlos Bernard do not appear in this episode. Rajskub's absence in this episode is the beginning of her short maternity break from filming 24.
  • Michael Bryan French who plays Secret Service Agent Ted Hovis played a different character named Frank Simes in Season 1.
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