Day 7: 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM

Day 7: 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM
Original air dateMay 18, 2009
Teleplay byHoward Gordon
Story byManny Coto and Brannon Braga
Directed byJon Cassar
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Day 7: 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM is episode 24 of Season 7.


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Tony is able to recapture Jack

Janis continues searching through Bob’s computer as Kim asks Renee Walker if there is any other leads on her father, which there is none. Meanwhile, a handcuffed Jack slips into a taxi garage as he tries to escape from Tony and Cara Bowden. Jack grabs a crowbar and breaks the passenger window of a taxi. Tony arrives and attempts to get into the garage, but Jack closes the gate on him. Gas begins leaking from one of the taxis as a fuel tank was hit as Tony fired off some shots. Tony gets into a forklift and uses it to open the gate from the ground. Realizing he doesn’t have much time, Jack grabs a flare and tries to light it, hoping to burn himself using the fuel so the pathogen inside him is destroyed. However, Tony gets to him in time and kicks the flare away before knocking Jack unconscious.

Tony reveals his true motives

In the White House, Ethan Kanin and Agent Pierce approach Olivia Taylor. Kanin plays the recording of the conversation between Olivia and Martin Collier. Olivia asks Aaron how long he has known about this, and he tells her that he has had his suspicions for a while now. Kanin advises Olivia to tell President Taylor the truth about Hodges and his death. Back at the warehouse, a handcuffed Jack wakes up and pleads with Tony that what he’s doing is wrong, and to let him die in peace. Tony then reveals to Jack that he never intended to use the pathogen within his body. It was all just a play to get to Alan Wilson, who was the man behind Charles Logan during his presidency and was the one responsible for Michelle’s death. Tony tells Jack that it isn’t about personal revenge, but justice. Knowing that he cannot get close enough to Wilson himself, Tony straps a bomb onto Jack and tells him that he will be the one to kill Wilson. Jack tells Tony that Michelle would despise him for what he is doing.

Tony is taken into custody
As Wilson arrives at the building, Cara reminds Tony that he does not know about them being involved together. As the two of them head outside, a number of armed men get out of the vehicles surrounding Wilson’s car. After guns are taken from Tony and Cara, Wilson emerges from the vehicle. Tony promises Wilson he could bring more to the table, but Wilson instead turns his attention to the pathology report on Jack, who is now being led from the building. Tony holds onto his phone which acts as the triggering device for the bomb. However, before Jack can get close enough, an FBI helicopter appears from above, along with other agents arriving by car. A shootout ensues between both sides. Tony fires at a row of fuel canisters to provide cover before heading into the building. Renee gets out of the helicopter and approaches Jack, who is in obvious pain. She is able to disarm the bomb and get him out of the handcuffs.
Jack sits down and is finally able to rest
While Bowden and Wilson await an extraction team, Tony approaches them from behind. With Wilson now in his sights, Tony shoots Cara in the stomach, killing her. He then grabs onto Wilson and holds him at gunpoint. Tony tells him that he has been waiting for this moment, ever since Michelle’s death. After hitting Wilson in the face with his gun, Tony reveals that Michelle was pregnant with his son when she was murdered. Wilson took everything from him, and now Tony was going to get payback. However, before he could kill Wilson, Tony gets shot in the shoulder from behind by Jack. On the ground, Tony starts crawling towards his gun, even with Jack pleading against it. Jack then shoots Tony in the hand, stopping him. As Tony gets handcuffed and led away, he shouts at Jack for being a coward and running away from what he needed to do. With Jack’s condition deteriorating, he sits down as Wilson is also handcuffed and taken outside.
Jack gives Renee advice

As Wilson is being stitched up by a paramedic, Renee approaches him and says he will be tried for treason following the death of many American lives. Renee then asks Wilson who else is involved in the conspiracy. Wilson tells her that he innocent and doesn’t know what she is talking about. Afterwards, Renee goes to see Jack as they prepare to load him from transport to the hospital. She informs Jack of Wilson’s denial, and Jack mentions how they might not have any evidence to put him behind bars. Renee knows that she must get him to talk, so Jack advises her to do whatever it takes, but to make the choices she is capable of living with. Jack tells Renee that he believed by saving other people, he could save himself. Renee begins to cry as Jack holds her hand briefly before being wheeled off to the ambulance.

Olivia confesses her involvement in Hodges' death to her parents

In the Oval Office, Olivia gets her father, Henry, and the President together. She reveals to them her involvement in Hodges’ death, and how she couldn’t stand that he was going to live after he had Roger killed. Olivia then told them about Ethan having a recording of her conversation with Martin. While the President was appalled by this news, Henry believed Hodges deserved it, and that Allison needed to protect their daughter by destroying the recording. Henry believes that her job cost Roger his life. During their conversation, Tim Woods enters and informs the President that they have good news from the FBI. The President leaves the room as Henry embraces Olivia, promising her they will figure something out.

Gohar helps Jack in seeking for forgiveness

At the FBI HQ, Janis prepares transfer papers for Alan Wilson as she thanks Chloe for her help during the day. Chloe also commends Janis on doing a good job. As President Taylor looks at a family photo in her office, Dr. Macer tells Jack that his disease is in an advanced stage. Jack refuses morphine for the pain. Muhtadi Gohar then enters the room, who Jack requested as a visitor at the hospital. Knowing that his time is running short, Jack admits to Gohar that he is dying, and throughout his life, has made many mistakes that he can’t correct. Gohar tells Jack that he sees a man in front of him with both flaws and goodness. The two then pray together, forgiving the lord for all the sins they have committed. Jack thanks Gohar for coming to see him.

President Taylor returns to her daughter and husband in the Oval Office. She hugs them, and admits that her job has been extremely tough on their family. However, she tells Olivia that she must uphold the constitution, and not doing so would be the worst sin she could commit to the country. President Taylor informs Olivia she will be sent into Federal Custody for what she has done. Agent Pierce arrives to escort Olivia to the Justice Department. Henry Taylor, upset over what Allison has done, refuses to look at his wife. Leaving the room, President Taylor runs into Ethan Kanin. She tells him that she doesn’t think Henry will ever understand, and how she has lost her family. Ethan promises to still be her ally, and at the President’s request, Ethan agrees to take back his letter of resignation.

Renee prepares to interrogate Alan Wilson
Kim sits by her father
Alan Wilson sits in the interrogation room as Janis and Renee look on. Suddenly, Renee orders Janis out of the room. A startled Janis refuses, so Renee breaks the keypad to the room and holds Janis at gunpoint. Renee has her handcuff herself to the railing as Janis pleads with her to stop. Renee pulls out her FBI badge and sets it down on the counter before entering the room with Wilson. At the hospital, Kim arrives and meets Gohar outside of the room. He says that he is a friend of Jack’s. Asking about her father, Kim finds out from Dr. Macer that Jack has accepted is death and has been induced into a coma. Kim refuses to accept her father’s death and tells Dr. Macer she wants to do the stem cell procedure. As Macer heads off to ready the procedure, Kim enters her father’s room and holds his hand, unwilling to let him go.

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[edit] Background Information and Notes

  • The broadcast version of this episode has no Previously on 24 segment.
  • This season was dedicated to the memory of Larry Davenport, an editor on 24 who passed away on January 19, 2009.
  • This is the final episode to be directed by Jon Cassar.
  • Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer and Annie Wersching as Renee Walker are the only two actors to appear in all 24 episodes of Season 7.
  • There was no split screen at the end of this episode. The only other season finale to not feature the final split screen is the Day 5 finale.
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