Day 7: 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Day 7: 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Original air dateMarch 2, 2009
Written byAlex Gansa
Directed byBrad Turner
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Day 7: 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM is episode 11 of Season 7.


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Ike Dubaku is recovering in the ICU when an orderly named Udo enters the room. Dubaku's nurse is pulled away to answer a phone call, and while she is gone, Udo pulls out a syringe from his basket of dirty laundry he brought in and injects a substance into Dubaku's arm. The nurse soon comes back and says that nobody was on the other line. Just then, Dubaku begins seizing and coding as nurses and doctors rush to his side. Udo takes this time to make his way quietly out of the area. Meanwhile, President Taylor is watching a news report about how the US troops have encountered little resistance as they make their way deeper into Sangala, and then a recording by Benjamin Juma is shown in which he is declaring that he and his people will survive. Taylor demands from Admiral John Smith that Juma be found soon.

Chloe speaks with Jack about deleting Burnett's name

Benjamin Juma has arrived in Washington D.C. and he stands admiring the city with Dubaku's son, Laurent. The boy asks where his father is, and Juma tells Laurent that he will be arriving shortly. Juma then steps away as he receives a phone call from Udo, who informs him that Dubaku is dead. At the hospital, Renee Walker rushes to the bedside of Dubaku, but it is too late. His death is called at 6:06 PM. Meanwhile, Larry Moss is outlining a plan to his fellow agents at the FBI. While there, Chloe receives a call from Jack. He asks her to delete Ryan Burnett's name from the list of conspirators. He wishes to take Burnett down, but doesn't want any outside interference. Janis enters the conference room in which Chloe is located to see if she needs any help, but she insists she is okay. Across town, Tony drives Jack to the White House. Tony tells him that he is worried about what will happen in there, but Jack insists he can take care of himself.

While inside the White House with Senator Mayer, Burnett calls Juma on his phone to see if he can delay the attack, but that is impossible. Afterwards, Burnett takes Ethan Kanin to Mayer’s location. Kanin updates him on the situation and insists that Jack saved many American lives. Kanin tells Mayor that the President is willing to show support for his amendment on the War Crimes Act in exchange for Jack’s Senate hearing to end. If Mayor refuses, Taylor might just issue a pardon instead. Across the building, Jack arrives at the office where Bill is situated. Once inside, he knocks out the guard that accompanied him and holds Bill at gunpoint, demanding to know Burnett’s location. Buchanan refuses, so Jack handcuffs him to the chair. Jack tells him he must do this on his own, so he chokes Bill until he passes out and then grabs a taser gun from the downed guard.

Janis tells Larry about Chloe breaking protocol

At the hospital, Renee calls Larry to update him on Dubaku’s death. She tells him that there was a man unaccounted for on the floor just before he started coding, and she believes he is the one that killed Dubaku. Larry believes that this is Jack’s idea, but Renee insists that she is in charge of this operation. A hospital attendant then tells Renee that security cameras spotted the orderly leaving the building and that they got his license plate number. Renee then calls a contact she has inside the DMV. At the FBI, Janis inserts a flash drive into Chloe’s computer so she can help sort through the list. Janis then realizes a name was deleted, but Chloe says she will take care of it. Back at the White House, Senator Mayor believes Allison Taylor’s judgment is impaired following the days events. After leaving for his meeting with her, Burnett calls Juma once more, informing him that he will be finishing up shortly. After hanging up, Jack uses the taser gun to capture Burnett.

Jack uses a taser gun on Burnett

Janis approaches Larry Moss at the FBI and tells him that she was able to find some dirty information on Chloe using the flash drive. She plays a recording of a conversation Chloe had with Jack, where they discuss Burnett and the list. Moss then orders his security to detain Chloe and remove her from her duties. Back at the White House, Senator Mayor and President Taylor have their meeting. Mayer insists that Taylor needs to send the right message, and by freeing Bauer, its showing that it is open season for interrogators. Taylor then receives a call from Moss, who informs her about Jack’s plan to interrogate Burnett for information. In another part of the White House, Jack uses the taser gun on Burnett multiple times, demanding to know what the target is. After threatening to use the gun on Burnett’s neck, he finally gives in, uttering the words “Soldiers” and “It’s already started”. Before Jack can find out anymore, Taylor has Secret Service agents blow up the locked door to the room and arrest Jack. Taylor demands to know Jack’s source on Burnett being dirty, and Jack says it was Tony. Ethan privately tells Taylor that he believes Jack is telling the truth about an impending attack, but the President decides to have Jack placed in a holding cell and to raise the threat level. Taylor then tells Senator Mayer that he doesn’t know Burnett as well as he thought.

President Taylor tries to get information from Burnett

As paramedics rush to the aid of Ryan Burnett, Tim Woods tells the President that air space has been restricted and there has been an increase in anti-American chatter online. Taylor then demands a moment with Burnett, and she insists that he will be charged with treason and will seek the death penalty for his involvement with Juma. She offers him a full pardon for the information he knows, but Burnett is unwillingly to assist. Meanwhile, Renee is able to track the car of Udo to an Import/Export Firm. Inside, she finds many soldiers, along with General Juma himself. Renee calls Larry and tells him of the situation, who says he will arrange a helicopter to arrive shortly with agents. Laurent Dubaku once again asks Juma of his father, and he is told that Ike got held up and cannot make it. Juma then tells Laurent that they are ready. The men head out the rear of the building onto a ship they had readied. Renee sneaks underneath the pier and jumps onto the back of the ship, dropping her gun and phone in the process.

Agent Walker discovers the target is the White House
After being let go by the secret service, Bill calls Tony to see if he can get more information on what is happening. Tony assures Bill that the threat is very real, but that his contact inside Emerson’s crew is dead, so he doesn’t know all the details. At the FBI, Janis informs Larry that there is something wrong with Renee’s phone, so they can no longer track her. On Juma’s ship, Renee sneaks closer and hears him say “radio silence until the target is secured”. After putting on scuba gear, Juma and is men jump off into the water, with Laurent staying behind on the ship. Renee sneaks inside the hold and discovers maps and schematics of the White House. After being spotted by Laurent, Renee runs and jumps off the ship, swimming towards the ship. Laurent gets into a life boat and gives chase. Underneath the water, Juma and his men arrive at a spot where they begin drilling into the earth above them.

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  • Series regular Colm Feore does not appear in the episode.
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