Day 7: 6:00 AM – 7:00 AM

Day 7: 6:00 AM – 7:00 AM
Original air dateMay 18, 2009
Written byDavid Fury and Alex Gansa
Directed byJon Cassar
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Day 7: 6:00 AM – 7:00 AM is episode 23 of Season 7.


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Olivia Taylor begins her meeting with the Deputy Attorney General, who informs Olivia that they must interview everyone who had knowledge of Jonas Hodges and his whereabouts. At this time, Tim Woods and President Taylor discuss the possibility that the leak on Hodges came from the inside. Following their conversation, the two sit down for a meeting with the Joint Chiefs of Staff. President Taylor tells them about Hodges working under a group of other military firms who remain a threat. Meanwhile, Tony Almeida is en route to FBI HQ as Cara Bowden tells Jack over his earpiece that he will be tasked with commandeering the transport van.

Jack orders for Renee and another agent to drop their weapons

At the airport, Kim remains seated near Bob and his wife, Sarah. As Bob reaches down to move some luggage, Kim notices a bloody cut on his neck. When she asks him about it, Bob tells Kim that he must have cut it after hitting the cab as he got out. Bob then excuses himself as he makes contact with Bowden. With Kim getting suspicious, Cara tells Bob that he will have to kill Kim if she finds out what is going on. Back in the transport vehicle, Jack asks Renee to see her communications unit, since his is not working. After grabbing it, Jack pulls out his gun and orders Renee and the other agent to drop their guns. Renee is hesitant to, so Jack shoots the agent near her in the foot. Jack orders the driver to pull the van off of the freeway and head into the nearby tunnel. Janis tries to relay information to Renee, but their communication is cut off. Renee asks Jack what is going on, so he tells her that Kim has been captured, and that he cannot risk her life. As the van pulls up behind Bowden and a waiting vehicle inside the tunnel, Jack pleads with Renee to save Kim. With Tony now free, he orders Jack to handcuff himself and hand over his weapon. The two then get out as Jack is forced into the nearby vehicle. Cara asks Tony why Jack is being taken as a hostage, and Tony reminds her about Jack being infected, and how they might be able to use the pathogen within his body. He then requests that bio-chemists be ready for them at the complex.

Olivia orders for Ethan Kanin to be detained

Ethan Kanin arrives at the White House and is greeted by Aaron Pierce. He tells Ethan that he believes Olivia was involved in the death of Hodges, and how she earlier conversed with Martin Collier, a man with a shady past. The two of them then head into Olivia’s office. Kanin heads over to a picture and moves it aside, revealing the recording device. He uses his thumbprint to unlock it, grabbing the tape with the recordings on it. Meanwhile, Olivia finishes up her meeting with the Deputy Attorney General and heads back to her office. Pierce attempts to divert her attention, but Olivia finds Ethan inside. Asked why he was there, Kanin tells Olivia that he came back to the office to retrieve some files he left. With Olivia still suspicious, Kanin excuses himself from the room. Olivia asks Pierce why Kanin was in her office unsupervised, but she then notices the picture ajar on the wall. She moves it aside the find the recording device, which she does not have access to. Olivia calls Secret Service and orders Kanin to be detained, which he is just before he can leave the premises.

Sarah holds Kim Bauer at knifepoint

Renee calls Janis and Chloe, telling them about Jack helping Tony escape since they have his daughter. Janis is tasked with informing the White House of the situation while Chloe attempts to call Kim at her gate. In the airport, Kim is summoned to the counter to retrieve her boarding pass. She is then informed by the attendant that she has a phone call. Kim is greeted by Renee, who tells her that she is in danger, and how Tony has betrayed them and now has taken Jack hostage. Renee asks if there is anyone who could have been video-taping and keeping tabs on Kim, and she tells them about Bob and Sarah. Suddenly, Bob appears behind Kim so she quickly hangs up. Kim tells him that it was just the security office telling her they had to search her luggage. Back in their seats, a nervous Kim asks Sarah if she’d like to see a photo of her daughter. Rummaging through her belongings to buy time, Kim pulls out a photo. Bob notices security rushing around nearby so he stands up and pulls out a gun, shooting a couple of men. Sarah then grabs Kim and holds her at knifepoint. In an effort to free herself, Kim grabs a pen and shoves it into Sarah’s leg. Police nearby then shoot Sarah, killing her. Bob continues his shootout from behind cover before taking off and heading through a terminal door. Unable to make contact with Renee, Kim decides to follow him.

Jack screams as he is inserted with a needle

Olivia enters the room where Ethan Kanin is being held. Olivia tells him that she found the recorder in the office, but Ethan claims he just grabbed a tape that covered his time as the Chief of Staff. Ethan suggests that they listen to the tape together, asking Olivia if she is worried about something she might hear. Olivia then orders Kanin to be searched, and eventually, the tape is found. As he is being escorted out, Ethan tells Olivia that she is overstepping her authority. Olivia then snaps the tape in two, destroying it. Outside of the White House, Kanin is stopped by Agent Pierce. Pierce hands him a recording tape from his jacket, and Ethan tells Pierce that the one Olivia took from him was blank. Meanwhile, at an unknown facility, a weakened Jack is led out of the car and is placed onto an operating table. One of the bio-chemists orders medication for Jack’s seizures. Nearby, Tony tells Cara that he wants a larger role within the organization, believing he has earned it. Cara tells him that you must be invited into the group, so Tony asks her to convince Alan Wilson to allow him in. Back on the table, a bio-chemist inserts a giant needle into Jack’s back as he begins extracting spinal fluid.

Kim tells Renee how to find Tony

In the White House, Olivia speaks with Martin Collier on the phone. She tells him that Ethan won’t let her off the hook easily, but Martin reminds her that he can’t do anything without hard evidence. Tim Woods then approaches Olivia and informs her she is needed by the President. At the airport, Renee arrives with a number of other FBI agents to find Kim missing from the area. Deeper inside the building, Bob continues to move along on an injured leg that got shot during the shootout. Kim follows at a distance as they make their way up a set of stairs. As Bob gets into his vehicle in the parking garage, Kim stops two policemen and tells them about Bob, and how they need to call Renee Walker. Making contact, Kim tells Renee that they are in the parking garage. Suddenly, Bob speeds towards them in his car as he shoots the two officers. One of them is able to get a shot off at Bob, injuring him. The car swerves and flips over onto its side. Kim approaches the vehicle and spots Bob’s computer in the backseat. She reaches inside and picks it up, but she is grabbed by a bloody Bob. However, Kim is able to free herself and get away just as the car bursts into flames. Kim hands the computer over to Renee and an FBI analyst, telling them they should be able to back trace the information on the computer to locate Tony and his men.

Jack escapes the building, finding sunlight

Getting into his vehicle, Kanin plugs in a media player and inserts the recording tape. He listens to the conversation between Olivia and Martin in which they discuss murdering Jonas Hodges. At Tony’s hideout, the chemist tells Tony that Jack only has a few hours to live, but that they can definitely use his blood and organs to create new pathogen. He only informs Tony that the pathogen can still be destroyed by exposure to high heat. At this time, Cara speaks with Alan Wilson on the phone and tells him about Tony’s request to have a larger role with them. Wilson tells her he wants to meet Tony in person and will be there in a half hour. As Tony thanks Cara for her help, Jack wakes up from his drug-induced state and grabs a scalpel from a nearby tray, stabbing two of the bio-chemists and killing them. He then grabs the last chemist by the neck and strangles him. Jack escapes through a side door, setting off an alarm. Tony and Cara hurry to find the dead bio-chemists as they split up to locate Jack.

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  • Series regular Colm Feore does not appear in this episode.
  • Crew members can be briefly seen in the shot where Bob's vehicle flips over.
  • In a continuity error, at 6:54 AM it is still very dark outside, but at 6:58 AM the sun has risen and is bright outside.
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