Day 7: 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Day 7: 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Original air dateFebruary 23, 2009
Written byManny Coto and Brannon Braga
Directed byMilan Cheylov
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Day 7: 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM is episode 10 of Season 7.


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Erika approaches Sean Hillinger at FBI HQ and tells him that she knows he’s the one that issued the warrant on Jack and Renee’s car. Pulling her aside, Sean says that he had to if he wanted to keep their involvement in the conspiracy hidden. He tells Erika to keep it together as he goes back to his desk to listen in on the conference room where Chloe and Larry Moss are stationed. As Jack and Renee are handcuffed and placed into police custody, Marika arrives at Dubaku’s meeting point. After getting out of the car, Marika is grabbed by Dubaku and he reveals he knows about her being followed, smashing her phone into the ground. Insisting that he was only bringing peace to Sangala, Dubaku convinces Marika to continue on with him out of the country.

Renee chases after Dubaku

Jack and Renee are eventually cleared of the warrant by Moss, but they have lost the signal from Marika’s phone. Using satellite imaging to find the signals last location, Chloe is able to spot the car Dubaku and Marika are traveling in. At this time, Dubaku speaks to Ryan Burnett, the contact he has within the government, about making sure his plane is ready. Jack races through the streets after spotting their vehicle, but Dubaku’s driver notices the tail. A car chase ensues, with both drivers weaving in and out of traffic. It looks as if Dubaku is going to escape after a taxi swerves out in front of Jack, causing them to crash. Up ahead, realizing that she must stop Dubaku herself, Marika reaches forward and grabs a hold of the driver, causing their car to spin out of control and flip over.

Jack and Renee run up to the wreckage. The driver gets out and pulls a gun, but he is killed by Jack. Afterwards, Dubaku tries to stumble away but he is forced to the gun by Jack. Renee attempts to pull Marika out as the car is caught on fire. Jack tries to force her away, but Renee pulls her gun on Jack, saying she promised to help Marika. Jack then assists getting Marika out of the car, and they are successful just as it explodes into flames. Dubaku has been seriously injured while Renee checks for a pulse on Marika, not finding one. She is dead.

Ethan Kanin updates President Taylor regarding the Sangala situation

President Taylor is at the hospital while her husband, Henry, is in surgery. Ethan Kanin tells her that US troops are close to security the capital of Sangala. Taylor then tells Ethan that she believes it is all her fault. If she had only listened to her husband, as a wife should do, he might not be in this condition. Bill Buchanan then comes in and tells of Dubaku’s capture. He insists that President Taylor return to the White House, since that is where she is safest. Meanwhile, at the crash location, Dubaku is stabilized by paramedics and Jack orders them to wake him up. After doing so, Jack screams for the list of conspirators involved in his plans. Jack threatens to harm Dubaku’s son, and he tells Jack that the list is on him. After flat-lining again, the paramedics realize there is electronic interference from a plate inside Dubaku. Jack tells them to open Dubaku up. After doing so, Jack digs around inside his body and pulls out a storage device. He calls Agent Moss and informs him of the find, handing off the device to an officer to take to FBI HQ. Listening in on Moss, Sean begins to worry that they will be exposed. He tells Erika of what’s happened, and after some panic and brief arguing, Sean says that they will have to crash the systems after they upload the device from the mainframe room.

Erika and Sean after they crash the FBI servers

Dubaku arrives at the hospital and is attended to while Jack and Renee wait nearby. Jack tells Renee that the FBI got the device. Renee is still visibly upset over the death of Marika. Meanwhile, Chloe begins working to decrypt the storage device found on Dubaku. In the mainframe room, Sean checks surveillance to make sure they are safe as Erika works on crashing all of the systems in the building. Ryan Burnett calls Sean, who is informed of Dubaku’s capture. The systems soon crash as the two moles were successful in thwarting plans. Sean kisses Erika, but then shoots her in the stomach. Pointing the gun at himself, Sean shoots his own arm. As Moss and other agents rush in, Sean lays on the ground as Erika is dead with the gun next to her. Sean explains how he found about about Erika issuing the warrant on Jack and Renee, and then how he found her in this room. He tried to stop Erika and accidentally killed her in the process.

Chloe tries to recover the lost files

Chloe calls Larry and tells him that she was able to recover the files. He then informs Sean of the news and advises him to go see the FBI doctor. Leaving, Sean grabs his jacket and is asked by Janis what happened to the systems. Ignoring her, Sean tries to sneak out of the building but he is stopped by a number of agents. Moss approaches after finding out of Sean’s involvement from the files. Sean is then placed in a holding cell. Rosa, Marika’s sister, arrives at the hospital wanting to know where her sister is. Renee tells her of Marika’s death, and Rosa blames her for it. Being pulled away by Jack, Renee is told about the FBI decrypting the information. As she cries of Marika, Jack insists that she made a choice and that everything that happened was necessary. Upset over his lack of emotion, Renee slaps Jack twice, wanting him to feel the pain that she is.

Renee dealing with the guilt of Marika's death

President Taylor arrives at the White House and meets with her daughter, Olivia. They argue a bit, with Olivia insisting that it takes her father getting shot for her mother to want to speak to her. After leaving, Taylor is informed by Bill that they found the list of men involved with Dubaku, with close to 100 names on it. Bill says that they can put an end to it all and arrests can be made within the hour. He then asks Taylor to help Jack for all he has done and have a conversation with Senator Blaine Mayer about stopping the hearing. Taylor says she will have to think about it.

Jack sits on the steps outside of the Lincoln Memorial as Tony approaches from behind. Jack asks Tony what he’s doing here, and he says that they need to talk about a possible attack coming again in Washington DC. Benjamin Juma will be involved, and he found this out through a source. The window of opportunity opens up at 1900 hours. The target will be of “high-value”, and that Ryan Burnett, the Chief of Staff for Senator Mayer, is involved. Tony places his hand on Jack’s shoulder, saying he needs his help. Meanwhile, as Larry Moss speaks to his fellow agents about their successful work, Ryan Burnett is told by Senator Mayer that he is needed at the White House to speak to President Taylor. Going to accompany him, Ryan gets a text message on his phone saying “Units in place. Operation on schedule”.

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[edit] Background Information and Notes

  • When Ryan Burnett checks his phone in the last couple of seconds of the episode, his phone reads 3:53 PM rather than 5:59 PM
  • Series regular Colm Feore does not appear in this episode.
  • This is the final appearance of series regular Rhys Coiro.
  • Dubaku hiding evidence inside his body is reminiscent of what Jonathan Wallace did in Day 2.
  • Throughout this episode, Chloe O'Brian is either seated behind a desk or deceptively portrayed by a body double to hide Mary Lynn Rajskub's pregnancy.
  • Geoff Stevenson makes an uncredited cameo as a doctor, operating on Dubaku. Stevenson is best known for his role as Dr. Beardface on Scrubs.
  • Sean Hillinger working for Dubaku and then running away from Larry Moss and being caught mirrors Gael Ortega in Day 3 running away from Michelle Dessler after being on the phone with Hector Salazar.
  • Tony Almeida returns in this episode, after leaving at the end of Day 7: 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM to follow a lead in Emerson's crew; Senator Blaine Mayer also returns, having been absent since Day 7: 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM.
  • The list of names on Dubaku's recovered file were the names of 24 crew members including Scott Powell, Olivier Benamou, Mike Posey, John Poladian, Alexandra Gaines, Kim Reynolds, Shauna McGarry, Geoff Aull, and Jim Sharp.
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