Day 7: 5:00 AM – 6:00 AM

Day 7: 5:00 AM – 6:00 AM
Original air dateMay 11, 2009
Written byEvan Katz
Directed byBrad Turner
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Day 7: 5:00 AM – 6:00 AM is episode 22 of Season 7.


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Cara Bowden and Alan Wilson speak on the phone as the final preparations are being completed on the canister. She tells him that the target is Washington Central Station, and that 8 to 10 thousand people will be targeted by the bio weapon. Wilson asks how much Jibraan knows regarding their plans, but Bowden insists that he is clueless about the canister. Nearby, Tony puts an earpiece into Jibraan’s ear, which will allow Tony and his men to track his location, as well as speak to each other. Tony then gives Jibraan his orders, which are to get on the red light train and head westbound to Washington Center. Jibraan gets out of the van and makes his way into the nearby subway station.

Jack gets the information about Tony's location

Back above ground, Bowden puts together a disguise by throwing on a dark wig and a pair of glasses. Afterwards, she loads the canister into a duffel bag. Around this time, Jack finishes questioning Hamid on what he knows about Tony’s plans. He tells Renee that Hamid has no information for them. Jack knows that Harbinson, the injured man working for Tony, is the only lead they have. One of them paramedics attending to Harbinson wants to administer some morphine, but Jack stops him. Jack asks Harbinson what Tony is planning, but he claims he doesn’t know. Jack then sticks his fingers into the wound on Harbinson’s neck, causing him to scream out. Eventually, Harbinson reveals that there is a phone number he is supposed to call in case of an emergency. Jack grabs Harbinson phone and gives Chloe the number so she can attempt to trace the call they will make to Tony. Janis wants to do the work herself, but Chloe insists on taking lead during this assignment. With the phone being monitored, Harbinson calls Tony. He tells him that the money they transferred into Jibraan’s account at a Switzerland bank has been rejected. Tony gives Harbinson the name of a contact of his that can resolve the issue and then hangs up. Afterwards, Chloe is only able to pinpoint Tony’s location to the Adams Morgan district. She says she will need more time to work on the decryption data Tony had on his phone.

Tony warns Jibraan to not try warning others again

In the subway station, Jibraan makes his way to the ticket counter. He speaks quietly to the lady working there, telling her that terrorists are making him board the train, and that they are listening in. After asking to speak to the police, an officer approaches from behind and pulls him aside. Jibraan attempts to tell him what is going on, but the officer orders Jibraan to put his earpiece back in, which he had covered up in his hand. The officer is working for Tony and was tasked with keeping an eye on Jibraan. With the earpiece back in, Jibraan is told by Tony to not try anything foolish again or Hamid will be killed. Afterwards, Jibraan continues on towards the train.

Olivia meets with Martin Collier about the death of Jonas Hodges

While waiting for Martin Collier at the park, Olivia Taylor receives a call from Aaron Pierce. He tells her that the Justice Department has begun an investigation into the death of Jonas Hodges. When asked where she is, Olivia tells Pierce that she had to leave the White House for a personal matter. She asks him to cover for her, which Pierce agrees to. After the call, Martin shows up for their meeting. Olivia wants to know why his contact still went through with the murder even though she didn’t transfer the funds, and Martin tells her that he told his contact to go through with the plan since Olivia was good for the money. Martin believed it was what she wanted. With Olivia clearly shaken over this news, Martin tells her to pull herself together if she doesn’t want to risk herself and President Taylor’s administration. Before leaving, Martin tells Olivia to transfer the funds to his contact so he doesn’t become an enemy.

Kim speaks with her husband while arriving at the airport

At the airport, Kim calls her husband, Stephen, and tells him that her flight has been delayed. Stephen believes that this could be a sign she is meant to stay there and spend more time with her father, but Kim reminds him that Jack wanted to be alone during his struggle. Kim then takes a seat as she waits for her plane to arrive. Meanwhile, Cara Bowden boards the train that Jibraan is on carrying the bag with the canister. She reaches inside and sets the timer on the device to fifteen minutes before sliding the bag under a nearby seat. At the next stop, she gets off and makes her way towards the escalator. Jibraan takes notice of the woman, but quickly looks away. While leaving, Cara calls Tony and tells him that the canister is ready. He says that he will be there shortly to pick her up.

Around this time, Chloe has finished getting past the decryption on Tony’s phone and is able to track his location. Jack and Renee get into their vehicle and make their way towards his whereabouts. Jack notices Tony’s van swerve out in front of them, so he quickly rams into the back of the van. Jack gets out and opens the van doors, finding Tony smashing a device into the ground. Jack grabs Tony and drags him outside, suffocating him until he passes out. Jack tells Renee to have Chloe work of finding out what was on the device Tony destroyed.

Tony is apprehended by the FBI

Chloe tells Jack that the device is too damaged to recover anything, but Janis insists that she can reconstruct the memory state of it at the time it got smashed. Back across town, Tony regains consciousness so Jack goes over to speak with him. Excusing the FBI agents on watch, Jack grabs Tony and punches him repeatedly, demanding to know why he betrayed him. Jack then pulls out his gun, but Tony tells him to do it, as he has nothing to lose anymore. At the FBI, Janis pulls up the tracking grid that Tony was using, showing the target location as Washington Center. Jack and Renee get into their car and make their way there. Jack has Janis patch him into the frequency that Tony was using to speak to Jibraan. Jack tells Jibraan he is with the FBI, and that his brother is safe. Jack then asks Jibraan if he got a package from Tony, which he didn’t. However, Jibraan tells Jack that he saw a woman on the train that resembled the one working with Tony. This leads Jack to instructing Jibraan to search the train after the passengers have gotten off.

Renee comforts Jack after recovering the bio-weapon

While stopped at Washington Center, Jibraan finds the duffel bag under one of the seats. After some urging from Jack, Jibraan opens the bag and finds the canister, with the timer set to just over one minute. Jack tells Jibraan to get outside, so he takes off up the escalator. One of the security guards stops him in his rush, but Jibraan tells him that he has a bomb and continues on as citizens flee all around him. After getting outside, Jibraan is stopped by Jack and Renee who just arrived. Jack grabs the canister from the bag and rushes into the back of a hazmat vehicle. He throws the canister in a safe-room of the vehicle as it goes off in the secured area. Jack exits the vehicle and tells Jibraan that before he can see his brother, FBI agents will need to take his statement. Renee then comes up and hugs Jack, telling him that it is finally over.

Bob kills the agent looking after Kim

While sitting at the airport, Kim notices a man seated at a table glancing over towards her. She gets up and makes her way towards a couple, asking if she can sit next to them. She asks the woman, Sarah, if the man near them is still staring at her. Sarah looks back and notices the man walking away, and she relays the information to Kim, who seems relieved. Agent Franks, the man who was looking towards Kim, speaks to Jack on the phone. Jack tells Franks to make sure Kim boards the plane and gets off okay. After hanging up, Jack tells an agent to have an interrogation package ready back at the FBI. Renee then approaches Jack and tells him about the Hodges murder. Jack knows that Tony might be next so he orders extra protection during transport. At this time, Cara calls Alan Wilson and tells him of Tony’s capture and the loss of the canister. Wilson orders Tony to be killed, but Cara insists that she has a backup plan and assures him that Tony won’t be in custody long. Back at the airport, Bob, Sarah’s husband, gets up and goes to get them some coffee. Kim heads off towards the bathroom, so Agent Franks uses this opportunity to use the men’s restroom. After going inside, Franks is strangled from behind by Bob who is using a piece of wire. He snaps Frank’s neck, killing him. Bob grabs the agent’s gun and heads out.

Jack is told his daughter will be killed unless he frees Tony

Olivia Taylor arrives back at the White House and is greeted by Agent Pierce. He asks why she left, and Olivia tells him that she felt overwhelmed from the day’s events and needed to clear her head. After Olivia heads into her office, Pierce takes out his phone and calls Ethan Kanin. Pierce tells him that he recalls a recording system that was implemented into the office of the Chief of Staff during his service under President Palmer, and wants to know if it is still activated. Kanin assures him it is, but access to the device is under a biometric lock, which only he can activate. Kanin tells Pierce that he can be at the White House in a half hour. Inside her office, Olivia accepts the transfer of the $250,000 to the contact’s account. Meanwhile, Jibraan identifies Cara Bowden to an FBI Agent as the woman on the train. Hamid then arrives on the scene, who embraces his brother in a hug. They are joined by Muhtadi Gohar as well. At the airport, the husband returns with coffee for he and his wife. He sits back down and picks up his computer, which has a camera that is recording Kim across the way. Cara calls Jack and tells him to look at the link she is sending to phone. It is the footage of Kim at the airport. She orders Jack to help free Tony from custody or Kim will be killed. Jack then puts their call on his earpiece so Cara can listen in to all conversation and give him instructions. Afterwards, Jack gets into the van with Tony, Renee, and other federal protection. Cara tells Jack that she will tell him what to do when the time comes.

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  • Series regulars Cherry Jones and Colm Feore do not appear in this episode. This is only episode of the season to not feature Cherry Jones as President Allison Taylor.
  • Bob Gunton returns as Ethan Kanin after a six episode absence.
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