Day 7: 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Day 7: 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Original air dateFebruary 16, 2009
Written byDavid Fury
Directed byMilan Cheylov
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Day 7: 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM is episode 9 of Season 7.


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The paramedics arrive at the grocery store to transport Henry Taylor to a hospital. Jack tells them not to release his injury to the public. Afterwards, Jack calls President Taylor at the White House and informs her of Henry’s injury. He then tells her that since his only leverage is now gone, Ike Dubaku will be looking for an exit strategy in getting out of the country. Jack promises to do everything he can to stop him. After the conversation, President Taylor insists on going to the hospital. Ethan Kanin tries to stop her, but to no avail. Bill Buchanan insists on being her escort since nobody else in her office can be fully trusted. Bill then recommends that Chloe O'Brian be brought into the FBI to assist with finding Dubaku, which Taylor agrees to.

Dubaku shows up at Marika's work and tells her that he must leave the country because his visa has expired. He wishes for her to accompany him. Marika eventually agrees, but Dubaku says that she cannot tell her sister, Rosa, about their leaving. He promises that Rosa will join them in a few days. Afterwards, Dubaku calls a man named Ryan Burnett and speaks to him on the phone. He wishes to get flight clearance out of the country, and Burnett tells Dubaku that Juma will not be pleased about his failures. However, the two men agree to meet in a hotel lobby. Meanwhile, Larry Moss calls Renee and tells her about the police report filed by Carol Vossler. Larry believes Renee is becoming more and more like Jack and is worried about her. Once they finish talking, Jack and Renee continue to investigate laptops left at the hideout of Dubaku and his men. One of them contains banking transactions that all lead back to a common address. Renee and Jack decide it could be a safe house and they take off.

President Taylor tends to her husband at the hospital

Chloe is driven to FBI HQ by her husband, Morris. Her son, Prescott, is also in the car with them. After saying their farewells, Chloe is greeted by Moss inside the FBI. He tells her that she is there to give satellite support for Jack and Renee. Moss then inquires about Chloe’s history with Jack, and she insists that he worry about the mole in his office instead. Meanwhile, in the hotel lobby, Dubaku meets with Burnett and receives passports to get him to the Cayman Islands and eventually Belize. Dubaku notices that Burnett was accompanied by a large group of men, and he believes they are there to kill him since he is of no use anymore. Dubaku tells Burnett that he has files on all the individuals involved in the operation, and that if his life is threatened, the information will be released. After Dubaku leaves, Burnett calls one of his men and tells him that getting Dubaku out of the country is priority.

Marika arrives back at her apartment and begins packing some bags. While trying to sneak out, Rosa finds and confronts her. Marika tells her about Samuel and Immigration Services, and how she wants to be with him since it makes her happy. Just as she begins to leave, Jack and Renee bust down the door. Meanwhile, Allison Taylor arrives at the hospital with Bill and Ethan. The surgeon tells her that Henry will most likely be in surgery for at least five hours, and that his chances aren’t good. As Henry is being wheeled by on a gurney, Allison apologizes to her husband about not believing him regarding their son, Roger. Afterwards, Taylor asks Bill if he knows someone he can trust to find and bring in her daughter, Olivia. She works at a big-time law firm. Bill nods in acceptance.

Aaron Pierce tells Olivia that her father has been shot
Chloe working with Agent Moss at the FBI headquarters

The truth about Dubaku is revealed to Marika, bringing her to tears. Shortly afterwards, Dubaku calls Marika on her phone. At Jack’s requests, she answers and after some loving words from Dubaku, is told that a car will pick her up at the front of her building. Jack asks her to go along with it, and that he and Renee will track her using her phone. Jack then calls Chloe at FBI and tells her about the plan. Janis Gold, looking in on the conference room, attempts to hack into the computer but with no luck.

While in a meeting with a possible client, Olivia Taylor is approached by Aaron Pierce, who was sent at Bill’s request. Hesitant at first because of not having spoken to her mother in years, Olivia follows Pierce after hearing of her father’s condition. Back at FBI HQ, Janis asks for help from Sean because she feels that Chloe is there to replace her. Blackmailing him with the affair within the office, Chloe gets top level information from Sean. She then heads to the server room and hacks into Chloe’s computer. At this time, Marika is getting into the car sent by Dubaku. Renee worries about her safety, and Jack tells Renee to not get involved emotionally.

As Janis is spying on Chloe and their operation, an agent enters the room. She quickly aborts the program, causing it to crash briefly on Chloe’s end. It comes back up shortly, but Chloe is able to figure out that a breach occurred from inside the office. Meanwhile, while following Marika, Jack and Renee are boxed in by a group of police cars. The two are ordered out of their vehicle and are searched and handcuffed. Chloe finds that a warrant had been issued for the vehicle Jack was driving, and the order came from the FBI. Janis thanks Sean for his help, and after she leaves, Sean calls and speak to Burnett. Revealing himself to be the mole, Sean tells him that his efforts in halting Jack and Renee were successful, and that they are tracking Marika through her phone. Burnett warns him about Dubaku having files implicating them. After hanging up, Burnett calls Dubaku and tells him of his girlfriend’s betrayal. Dubaku insists that he will take care of her himself.

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[edit] Background Information and Notes

  • This was the first episode written after the writer's strike, and began filming five months after the previous episode.
    • 24: Redemption was written concurrently with this episode's production. Jack makes the first reference to the events in Sangala and the death of Carl Benton in the season thus far.
    • Because of the time gap between filming due to the writer's strike, beginning with this episode methods are taken to hide Mary Lynn Rajskub's real life pregnancy.
    • Most of the main actors' hairstyles have small changes. Cherry Jones's hairstyle changes; Mary Lynn Rajskub hides her haircut with darker extensions; Rhys Coiro's hair is longer and more slicked back; Jeffrey Nordling's hair is shorter; and Annie Wersching's hair is darker.
  • Series regular Carlos Bernard does not appear in this episode. In his absence, Janeane Garofalo receives the "and" credit with no "with" credit appearing.
  • Writer David Fury has a cameo as Arthur Carr.
  • Carlo Rota and Glenn Morshower return as Morris O'Brian and Aaron Pierce. With this appearance, Morshower joins Kiefer Sutherland as the only actors to appear in every season to date.
  • Prescott O'Brian is played by showrunner Howard Gordon's son, Cap Gordon.
  • While talking to Chloe about people around Jack dying, Larry Moss mentions Curtis Manning, Ryan Chappelle, and Teri Bauer.
  • Factual error: While Jack and Renee are searching for clues on a laptop, Renee says "I can't get it to boot. Hard drive must be fried." Yet the computer was already booted up to the Desktop.
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