Day 7: 4:00 AM – 5:00 AM

Day 7: 4:00 AM – 5:00 AM
Original air dateMay 4, 2009
Written byManny Coto and Brannon Braga
Directed byBrad Turner
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Day 7: 4:00 AM – 5:00 AM is episode 21 of Season 7.


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Jibraan Al-Zarian is tied up and placed in a chair in the middle of the room, while his brother lies unconscious in his bed. As Tony looks on, his men plant sticks of dynamite and weapon caches all over the apartment, along with hanging a Muslim flag on the wall. Cara Bowden works on installing terrorist propaganda onto Jibraan’s computer, while also updating his financial records. Tony then approaches Jibraan, telling him that he must do as he says, or else Hamid will be killed. Tony instructs Jibraan to read over a document that he will shortly recite in front of a camera. Jibraan begins to cry over what he is being forced to do, wondering why he is being framed as a terrorist.

Chloe learns of Jack's fate

Meanwhile, at FBI HQ, Chloe O'Brian finishes the sweep on CTU servers, unable to find anything relevant in regards to their search. Jack tells her to check on Muslims living in the area, as well as political activists. Janis opposes the suggesting, believing it is racial profiling. However, she backs down after not having a better idea. Jack then begins to tell Chloe something, but forgets what he was going to say. After he steps away, Renee informs Chloe that Jack is sick. After hearing this, Chloe confronts Jack just as he is injecting himself with anti-seizure medication. Jack tells her that there is no treatment for his illness, and that he is dying. Chloe sheds a few tears, but Jack reminds her that he needs her help right now to find Tony. The two then head back to search for more information on the threat.

Jibraan practices his speech

Jibraan begins reciting the document giving to him by Tony, which speaks of striking back against America for the sins of the country. Spotting lights outside, Cara sees a police car pulling up to the residence. Tony tells his men to take everything down and hide in the back of the apartment. He then orders Jibraan to answer the door and get rid of the policemen. The cops tell Jibraan that a neighbor overheard some yelling from his apartment, as well as noticing strange men they had never seen before. Jibraan informs the police that they were just some drunken friends that came over whom he got into an argument with, but that they are gone now. Satisfied, the police leave and drive away. With them gone, Tony orders Jibraan to finish the speech as they continue filming him.

Olivia goes ahead with the plan to eliminate Hodges

Back at the FBI, Chloe tells Renee and Jack that she has found something on the Muslim Relief Organization recently transferring a large amount of money to a Washington bank account. She finds the holder of the account to be Jibraan Al-Zarian, who according to his files has accessed numerous terrorist-related sites. There is a contact for him on record with the name of Muhtadi Gohar. Jack and Renee head out to find him, hoping he can lead them to Jibraan. Meanwhile, at the White House, Martin Collier finally arrives and sits down with Olivia. He tells her that he knows why he is there, and then references the time when she had him dig up dirt on former President Noah Daniels. Olivia tells Martin that she wants Jonas Hodges to be taken care of, as he is responsible for all of the recent attacks on the country, as well as for Roger’s death. Martin reminds Olivia that this is a big decision she will have to live with forever, but Olivia insists Hodges must pay. Informing Martin that Hodges will be released within the hour, Olivia gives him Hodges’ itinerary that will be relayed to Martin’s contact.

Hodges receives the information on his new identity

Around this time, Hodges is met by US Marshall Sullivan, who has been put in charge of him. Sullivan tells Hodges that they will head to Colorado, where they will fabricate his new bio and ID, stating that his new name is Robert Tippet. Hodges is also offered counseling, but he refuses it. Hodges reminds Sullivan that he has lost everything, and the name he has worked so hard for is gone. Across town, Renee and Jack arrive at the address listed with Gohar’s name. Jack pulls out his gun, telling Renee that Gohar could be in on it. Renee buzzes Gohar through the intercom, telling him that they are FBI agents. Approaching them, Gohar tells Jack that he recognizes him from the Senate hearing earlier. After letting them inside the mosque that he is in charge of, Gohar is told about the search for Jibraan. He says that he knows him, but that Jibraan is not a terrorist. Jack becomes angry and demands more information, but Gohar reminds Jack that he knows what he has done in regards to interrogation, but that he is now in a house of worship. Suddenly, Renee gets a call from Janis on her phone. Janis tells her that they got an address on Jibraan from when the police checked on his residence earlier. Jack handcuffs Gohar and takes him with them, not wanting to let Gohar to alert Jibraan to their arrival.

Jibraan tells his brother that he's a "terrorist"

At Jibraan’s apartment, Cara finishes editing the video so they can upload it online. Tony tells Jibraan that he needs him to convince his brother that he is a terrorist, so that the police believe Jibraan is responsible when they question Hamid. Jibraan approaches his brother and tells him that Tony and the others are his friends. He then goes on about hating the United State, and wanting to strike back against them. Hamid doesn’t believe him, but Jibraan says that this country is responsible for their parent’s death. Jibraan tells his brother that he loves him, and he will eventually understand. Hamid spits in Jibraan’s face, ashamed to be his brother. Jibraan then leaves the apartment with Tony as they head put the next part of their plan into action.

In the White House, Olivia calls Martin’s contact on the phone. He tells her that he is all set to take out Hodges, but that she first must transfer the $250,000 he requested. He gives her the account information and then tells Olivia that they would not need to make contact again. Olivia tries to find out what he plans to do to Hodges, but the man has already hung on. Olivia contemplates whether to transfer the money or not, as she is having second thoughts. She eventually cancels the transfer. Afterwards, Olivia calls Martin and leaves a message on his phone, telling him she couldn’t go through with it.

Olivia visits with her father at the White House

While driving towards Jibraan’s apartment, Chloe calls Jack and tells him that the money transferred into Jibraan’s account, along with the rest of his files, are backdated to 30 minutes ago, suggesting that it was all created as a false identity. Jack realizes that Jibraan is being framed for the impending attack. He removes the handcuffs from Gohar, who tells Jack that he forgives him. Noticing the inner conflict within Jack, Gohar says that it is never too late to turn towards God for guidance. Meanwhile, Aaron Pierce tells Olivia that her father, Henry, has arrived at the White House from the hospital so he can recover at home. Olivia goes to see her father, giving him a big hug. President Taylor is also in the room with them. Henry tells Olivia that he is so happy that she and her mother are speaking again. He also says that he heard about the agreement given to Hodges, and that it must have been hard for her to deal with. Olivia admits it was a tough decision for her mother, and that she is sorry for complicating the matter.

The vehicle Hodges is in explodes into flames

As Hodges is being prepped for transfer, he pulls a photo of his wife and daughter from his wallet. US Marshall Sullivan approaches Hodges, telling him that he must take his wallet now. As he is being wheeled out, Hodges asks Sullivan if he is satisfied with his job, suggesting that they work together in the future as he doesn’t plan on being Robert Tippet forever. After being loaded into a van, Hodges pulls out the photo that he kept from being confiscated by Sullivan. As Sullivan signs off on transfer papers nearby, the van explodes in a burst of flames.

Tim Woods informs President Taylor that Hodges is dead

Tim Woods enters the Oval Office where President Taylor and Olivia are situated. He tells them that the FBI has identified the man possibly responsible for the next attack. Woods then receives a phone call, in which he finds out about the death of Jonas Hodges. He informs the President of the news, which also comes as a shock to Olivia. She excuses herself from the room to make a call. Woods tells the President that he believes it is an inside job, as the person responsible had to know the exact plans for Hodges. Aaron Pierce notices Olivia and asks if everything is alright, but she responds incoherently. Olivia then calls Martin, telling him about Hodges death and how she didn’t want it to happen. Very unnerved, Olivia is told by Martin to meet him at a nearby park when she is finished in her meeting. She then heads back to the office.

Jack and Renee rescue Hamid from Tony's men

Meanwhile, Renee and Jack arrive at Jibraan’s apartment. Jack says that he will take point on the operation. As Jack prepares the agents, Gohar tells Renee that Jack does not look well. She tells him about his infection, but that he is the best man for the job. Heading into the building, one of the agents uses a camera to spot a man holding Hamid at gunpoint. After ramming the door down, a flash grenade is tossed into the apartment. With Tony’s man stunned, Hamid gets up and breaks a nearby mirror. He grabs a piece of the glass and stabs the man in the neck. Jack orders Hamid to drop the glass and step away. Knowing that the injured man is their only lead to Tony, Jack orders a medic on the scene.

Tony orders Jibraan into a van, where a man is working on breaking into a security system. He says it will be completed in 10-15 minutes. It is then revealed to be security for the D.C. subway system.

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  • Series regular Bob Gunton does not appear in this episode.
  • Colm Feore returns as Henry Taylor after a five episode absence.
  • This episode has the the first-ever Previously on 24 segment to not feature Jack Bauer.
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