Day 7: 3:00 AM – 4:00 AM

Day 7: 3:00 AM – 4:00 AM
Original air dateApril 27, 2009
Teleplay byAlex Gansa and Chip Johannessen
Story byJuan Carlos Coto
Directed byMichael Klick
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Day 7: 3:00 AM – 4:00 AM is episode 20 of Season 7.


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Jack tells Renee that Tony is involved in the bioweapon threat

Jack is being treated by Dr. Macer as firemen and other emergency personnel work to put out the fire in the apartment building. Renee approaches Jack to check on his condition. Struggling to speak, Jack is able to tell Renee about Tony being the second man helping Galvez this entire time. Jack also says that Tony is the one that killed Larry, which upsets Renee. Dr. Macer then gives Jack another med pack to take with him. Renee puts out an APB on Tony to the other agents, alerting them to his betrayal. As the message is being delivered, Tony shoots two agents standing near their vehicle. He then gets into the car and rips out the tracking device, throwing it on the ground. Back at the apartment, Jack blames himself for how things have turned out, since he was the one vouching for Tony the entire time. He and Renee are then alerted to the presence of the dead agents, as well as the destroyed tracking system on the ground. Jack insists that Tony is already gone and that they won’t be able to track him.

Tony and Galvez fight over the canister

Tony soon arrives at a motel and meets Galvez inside one of the rooms. Tony insists on seeing the canister, but Galvez wants his money first. Tony gives him a piece of paper that has the account number where the money was transferred. After confirming the money is there on the phone, Galvez takes a duffel bag out of the closet. Tony opens it to find a phone book, but no canister. Galvez holds his gun up to Tony, demanding to know who the buyer for the weapon is. Tony throws the bag at Galvez, causing him to fire his gun off in the air. After a brief skirmish, Tony knocks Galvez to the floor of the bathroom and punches him in the face. He then begins suffocating Galvez with the shower curtain, insisting that he give him the canister.

Cara Bowden meets up with Tony

In the White House, President Taylor is told about Jonas Hodges going into cardiac arrest in the ambulance by Tim Woods. The two of them then receive a phone call from Jack and Renee. They inform the President about Tony’s terrorist involvement, and how he now possesses the weapon. He says that they have no leads on his location. Taylor updates Jack on the incident with Hodges, but also says that while he was at the White House, Hodges admitted to there being a larger group involved. Jack believes he can get information out of Hodges, but that they must fake his death so the group he works for truly believes Hodges is dead. At the motel, Cara Bowden arrives to find Galvez dead in the bathroom. Tony tells her it was necessary to get the canister, which Galvez had stored in a drawer. Cara reminds him that they have a delivery to make, but Tony tells her that her group will only use the canister to make more pathogen. He believes that they need to finish the job immediately. Tony knows that Hodges has given them an opportunity, but Cara knows it isn’t their decision to make. She says that they will call her group to decide their next step.

President Taylor discusses with Olivia that Hodges will be placed in Witness Protection

Aaron Pierce escorts Olivia Taylor to the Oval Office to meet with her mother and Tim Woods. Once there, she is updated on the recent developments with Tony and Jonas Hodges. After Woods is excused from the room, President Taylor tells Olivia to draft up a Witness Protection agreement for Hodges. Olivia is outraged by this, reminding the President how Hodges killed Roger and hundreds of other innocent civilians. Taylor reminds her daughter that she must protect the constitution, even if it results in her dealing with the consequences. Back at the motel, Cara and her group speak to each other anonymously through computer feeds. Cara proposes an immediate attack with the weapon, with them placing the blame on a man named Jibraan Al-Zarian. With him not being connected to any terrorist organizations, Cara believes Jibraan will be easier to control. His body would be placed at the scene as evidence, along with money transfers and terrorist links in his name. Other members in the group disagree with a quick response, believing that it is too risky and leaves them with a greater chance for exposure. After some urging via text messages from Cara, Alan Wilson chimes in, telling the group that Hodges pushed the country to the brink, and that they must finish it. The group then leaves it to a vote, which results in a unanimous “Yes” in favor of an attack now instead of later. Tony gets out of the shower and kisses Cara, pleased with the good news.

Jack interrogates Jonas Hodges at the FBI

At the FBI, Janis meets up with Renee and Jack and tells them that Hodges is being kept in one of the medical rooms. She also says that his death certificate has been created and is ready. Renee privately asks Renee if Jack is up for taking down his former friend, and Renee insists he is. From his room, Hodges screams over and over again that the FBI has killed his family by saving him. Jack then enters the room and offers Hodges protection for his family by faking his death, but only if he tells him information on the group he works for. Hodges claims that it was a coalition of companies working together, and that they planned to initiate simultaneous attacks on the country next year. They would then supply weapons to enemies of the country, shifting the blame to them. This would allow Starkwood and other organizations to swoop in and save the country. Hodges believes that he showed the nation how vulnerable they truly were, but Jack insists it was only a desperate grab for power.

Chloe agrees to help Jack at the FBI

Jack calls up a reporter at the Washington Post, ready to tell her the truth about Hodges. Jonas quickly reveals that no names were given during the meetings between the groups, but that a woman worked with them all as a mediator. After leaving the room, Jack is told by Renee that Hodges was telling the truth, which they found through different monitors hooked up to him. Jack believes their best bet would be to focus on terrorist activity, and that it would be best done using the CTU servers that were decommissioned. Renee says that she will get them out of storage. Jack then calls up Chloe, who is at a motel with Morris and their child. Jack tells her about Bill’s death and how he sacrificed himself to protect the President. He insists that they need her help with their current investigation using the old CTU servers. Chloe tells Jack to send a car over to pick her up. After hanging up, Chloe wakes up Morris and tells him that she needs to go help Jack, but wants him to take their son and get out of the city. Morris wants to stay with her, but Chloe won’t allow it. They kiss goodbye as Chloe heads out of the room.

Off in a room by himself, Jack injects himself with more anti-seizure medication. Afterwards, he makes his way into the FBI conference room where Renee is updating other agents on the current situation. Jack tells them that another strike is imminent, and that the two suspects are Tony Almeida and an unknown female who posed as Hodges’ lawyer. Jack also informs the room that the group currently in possession of the bio weapon will look to use the pathogen and then shift the blame onto others. Jack is then given a note and leaves the room. Outside, he meets up with Chloe, who’s presence seems to upset Janis. Jack reveals to Chloe that Tony is responsible for the current threat, and that she needs to be able to work to take him down without reservations. Chloe promises to do everything she can. Meanwhile, Tony and Cara sit in a car outside the apartment of Jibraan and his brother, Hamid. Cara tells Tony that Jibraan is a 27 year old construction worker with no terrorist ties at all. Inside the building, Jibraan is making breakfast for his brother. He tells Hamid to come home straight after work, as today is not a good day to be a Muslim with the terrorist threats. Just outside, Tony and Cara begin making their way inside the building after backup arrives to assist them.

Janis is scolded by Jack
Tony holds Jibraan at gunpoint

At the White House, Agent Pierce tells Olivia that the Attorney General has arrived to sign off on a document she is reviewing. Olivia tells Pierce about the witness protection agreement for Hodges. Olivia believes the President is making the incorrect decision and wants justice for all those killed by Hodges. Pierce asks if there is anything else he can do, and Olivia mentions killing Hodges. She immediately takes back the comment, insisting she was joking. After Pierce leaves, Olivia calls up Martin Collier, a political consultant. She tells him that she needs his help. Collier is hesitant to assist, but Olivia reminds him of when a reporter was going to go public with news of Vice President Mitchell Hayworth using illegal drugs, and how Collier said he would take care of it us any means necessary. Collier then agreed to meet Olivia at the White House in fifteen minutes. At the FBI, Janis admits to Chloe that she is not comfortable with using CTU servers. Jack notices the arguing and begins yelling at Janis, insisting that she take her whining elsewhere as President Palmer believed this was the best action to take. After Jack stepped away, Chloe knew something was wrong with Jack as he said Palmer twice instead of Taylor. Meanwhile, Jibraan and Hamid are still in their apartment when the lights go out. Jibraan heads down the hall to check on the circuit breaker. Suddenly, Hamid is grabbed from behind and nearly suffocated before escaping. He tries to get away out the back door, but he is knocked unconscious. Jibraan returns after hearing his brother’s screams and his held at gunpoint by Tony.

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[edit] Background Information and Notes

  • Series regulars Colm Feore and Bob Gunton do not appear in this episode.
  • Mary Lynn Rajskub returns as Chloe O'Brian after a five episode absence.
  • Will Patton receives the "and" guest starring credit.
  • Omid Abtahi who plays Jibraan Al-Zarian in this episode, previously played Safa in Day 4: 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM.
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