Day 7: 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Day 7: 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Original air dateFebruary 2, 2009
Teleplay byManny Coto and Brannon Braga
Story byMichael Loceff
Directed byMilan Cheylov
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Day 7: 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM is episode 7 of Season 7.


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Janis Gold speaks with the plant manager
Bill and Tony enter the law firm

Ike Dubaku reveals that his plan is to shut off the safety valves at Boyd Chemical Plant, a facility located in Ohio. This would causes toxic gases to leak out into the atmosphere, killing over half of the 30,000 people situated around the plant. At FBI HQ, Janis Gold is able to read through some strange coding over her system to figure out Dubaku's plan. She calls John Brunner, the Plant Manager at the location, to warn him of this terrorist attack and to start evacuating people.

Ethan Kanin continues to call Brian Gedge but with no luck. Kanin hopes that Henry Taylor will be able to talk President Taylor out of keeping troops stationed near Sangala. Meanwhile, Jack, Bill, Tony, Chloe, and Agent Walker track Ule Matobo's signal to a law firm. He is situated on the third floor, and after Walker gets into the facility using her FBI status, she lets the rest of the group in through a locked door.

Jack and Walker travel through the crawlspace until they are above the room Dubaku is in. Through video surveillance, Dubaku finds a feed of Jack breaking inside. He orders his men to disengage the CIP device so they can transfer it. Bill and Tony cause a diversion at the front of the room by shooting and killing one of the men inside. Jack then sets off C4 in the room, causing a massive explosion. A giant fire-fight breaks out and during the commotion, the CIP device is destroyed. Dubaku and one of his men escape through a back hallway. Nichols goes to usher Matobo and his wife out of the building but he is shot in the back by Renee Walker. During this time, Dubaku has gone and found Michael Latham. Dubaku threatens to kill his family unless Latham does what he is told. Jack and Tony then enter the room to find Latham standing in the middle of it, apologizing to them. He has explosives strapped to him and the two men dive back out of the way just as Latham blows up. Dubaku is able to use this diversion perfectly as he escapes the building. Jack and crew then leave and get back to their hideout before police arrive to find them.

Tony decides to stay at the safehouse

At Boyd Chemical Plant, John Bruner is killed from inhaling the toxic gas after he attempted to slow down the process by releasing the gas into the room he was in. President Taylor finds out about the CIP device being deactivated but is stumped as to why. She then receives a call from Prime Minister Matobo, who is with Jack at the hideout. He calls from a secure line and asks to meet with Taylor privately at the White House. Tony stays at the location with Chloe because he would be arrested if he were to enter the White House, while the rest leave to escort Matobo. Meanwhile, Ethan Kanin tells President Taylor about her husband prodding into their sons death and his belief that Samantha Roth was involved in a cover-up. Taylor orders Secret Service Agents to her apartment to find Henry.

Edward Vossler hears of this on his radio and immediately heads up to Roth's apartment. Henry Taylor has awoken and before he can leave, Taylor spots Vossler coming. He attempts to retrieve Gedge's gun but is stopped by Vossler. At this time, Dubaku retreats to a apartment of his and he is visited by a guest. It is a young woman who appears to have a relationship with Dubaku, but she calls him a different name. After she leaves, Dubaku calls Vossler and tells him to bring Taylor to a building across the street from him.

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[edit] Background Information and Notes

  • The names on the Boyd Chemical contact list include several 24 crew members such as Paul Gadd, David Latham, and Scott Powell.
  • The 24 fan phone appears on the missed calls list of Brian Gedge's cell phone
  • Samantha Roth appears briefly as a corpse, but is not played by Carly Pope, but a different actress.
  • The Boyd Chemical Plant is the same set as Wilshire Gas Company in Day 5: 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM and also is featured in Day 1: 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM.
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