Day 7: 2:00 AM – 3:00 AM

Day 7: 2:00 AM – 3:00 AM
Original air dateApril 20, 2009
Written byDavid Fury
Directed byMichael Klick
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Day 7: 2:00 AM – 3:00 AM is episode 19 of Season 7.


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Patricia Eames, the attorney for Jonas Hodges, is called and is informed about gaining clearance into the White House to meet with her client. After gathering her belongings and opening the front door, Eames is greeted by a masked man that sprays a paralyzing substance into her face, causing Eames to collapse to the floor. Cara Bowden, a woman who looks a lot like Eames, enters and removes the jewelry from Eames’ body, placing it on herself. The man then uses a device to copy the thumbprint of Eames onto the thumb of Bowden. Meanwhile, at FBI HQ, Galvez is finally identified, with his image being distributed out to all agents. Janis tells Renee that Larry has not been answering his phone.

Tony shoots himself to cover up his involvement in Larry's death

Across town, Tony picks up Larry’s gun off the ground and shoots himself in the left side of the stomach, making sure to create only a flesh wound. Galvez then calls him on the phone, telling Tony he has reached a storage yard. Tony advises Galvez to stay put, and that the canister is very valuable to the people he is working for. Shortly afterwards, Tony hangs up as backup arrives on the scene.

Renee informs Janis that Larry has been killed

Back at the FBI, Kim approaches Renee and tells her that she is leaving. Renee wonders why she isn’t staying longer, but Kim insists that he isn’t going to be able to change her father’s mind. After Kim departs, Renee receives a call from Agent Park. He informs her that Larry has been killed, and that Tony is being treated for a gunshot. Knowing that she is now in charge with Larry gone, Renee quickly gathers herself and tells Park she will be on the scene shortly.

In another section of the office, Jack is doing his debriefing with Agent Mizelli. They are discussing Tony’s source within Emerson’s crew, Vincent Cardiff. Jack begins to repeat the same words over and over again, which is when Mizelli suggest they take a break. Outside the room, Jack notices Renee advising a team of agents, so he heads out to see what is going on. Jack is updated on the situation, including Larry’s death. At this time, Tony is finished being medically treated for his injuries as FBI teams continue to sweep the surrounding area. Tony calls Galvez and tells him that he has a clear path to hide in an unchecked section of the region. Tony advises Galvez to use the C4 in his bag and plant it in a nearby building, drawing the FBI into it and then detonating the explosives. The plan is to weaken the perimeter coverage so Galvez can escape. At FBI HQ, Renee gets into an awaiting chopper as she prepares to depart. Before the helicopter can take off, Jack gets in and insists he is accompanying her to the scene.

President Taylor and Olivia discuss the recent developments

Cara Bowden arrives at the White House and presents her identification badge, which she took from Eames, to security. After scanning her thumbprint, Bowden gains access to the White House. Inside, President Taylor and Olivia are discussing the recent developments involving Galvez and his escape with the canister. Olivia believes Hodges is behind it, but Taylor informs her that Hodges alluded to other men being involved in the conspiracy. The President then orders Hodges to be taken to the FBI for interrogation.

Meanwhile, Bowden arrives at the holding cell for Hodges, who is able to realize that his lawyer is a fake. Hodges tells her to help him escape, but Bowden reminds him that his recent actions have hurt everyone. Hodges is upset that he had no help in protecting Starkwood. Bowden believes he misused the bio weapon and is suffering from a psychotic break. Threatening his family’s well-being unless he cooperates, Bowden hands Hodges a pill that would place him in cardiac arrest. His death would clear Starkwood’s name and keep his family safe. Secret Service then enters the holding are and begins prepping Hodges for transport. Making her way out of the building, Bowden calls Alan Wilson, a man that was a silent partner of Hodges in the development of the bio weapon. He is updated on Hodges’ situation, and informs Bowden that Hodges is a serious liability. He then tells her that Tony Almeida better come through for them, and Bowden reminds him that Tony has been a bright spot for their group.

Tony updates Galvez

Galvez makes his way into an apartment building of the unchecked sector. Tony calls and tells him that he has twenty minutes before the FBI makes their way to the area. Galvez begins taking the C4 out of his bag. In the helicopter, Jack tells Renee that he has lost partners in the past, and it resulted in him wanting to work alone. He reminds Renee that it is okay to feel hurt over what happened. Renee insists that he stay out of it, and that she is okay. The helicopter then lands as Tony and Renee exit and meet up with Tony. Renee makes her way over to identify Larry’s body, which causes her a moment of sadness. Tony explains that they were ambushed as they landed to pursue Galvez. He heard auto-fire during the shootout, and after Larry told him to hide as he provided cover-fire, Tony claims he blacked out. Jack inspects the gunshot wounds on Larry and realizes that they were caused by a more powerful weapon. Tony says that Galvez might have had access to more weapons, but Jack believes Galvez had help from someone else.

While driving in her car, Kim calls her husband, Stephen. She tells him about Jack’s condition, and how he would not let her help him. Kim believes that staying there will only make things worse for her father. Stephen asks her if she told him about their child, Teri, but Kim says that it wasn’t the right time to mention to her father that he had a grandchild. Meanwhile, the FBI team prepares to search the area that Galvez is located. While looking on, Jack begins to start shaking. He heads over to a corner and injects himself with anti-seizure medication. Tony tells Jack that he is sorry, but that he should probably head back to the FBI Office under his condition. Jack insists that he owes it to Agent Walker to help out on the case.

Tony listens in on Renee's conversation

The FBI units receive a call from one of their men, who is revealed to be Galvez impersonating himself as the agent after he killed him. He says that there is a code yellow, and he spotted Galvez heading into an apartment building across the way with the canister. When asked if he was alone, Galvez confirmed it. Agent Walker begins organizing a team to head into the building, which is the same one that is rigged with C4. Jack tells her that he will stay behind, since his condition might put them in jeopardy.

Hodges takes the pill

As Hodges is being loaded into the back of a transportation vehicle, he notices a tattoo on one of the soldiers indicating he fought in Iraq. Hodges asks the man if he fought with any Starkwood mercenaries, and the man said he fought alongside some of them. He tells Hodges that they were very capable and reliable soldiers. Hodges tells the soldier that he just made his day with that comment. On his way to the FBI HQ, Hodges reaches into his pocket and pulls out the pill, slipping it into his mouth. He then slips into cardiac arrest as the driver diverts course to the nearest hospital.

Jack and Renee discover they have been set up

Renee and her team arrive at the apartment building. Galvez tells them over the radio that the suspect is on the top floor. During the sweep, Jack receives a phone call from Agent Rozelli, who wishes to speak with him about Tony’s source, Vincent Cardiff. Jack then hangs up after noticing the transponder system. He tells one of the agents to get a location on Stoller, the man Galvez is impersonating. It is revealed Stoller is outside the apartments, so Jack orders everyone out of the building as he realizes it is a trap since Stoller was supposed to be in pursuit. Just as Walker is ordering the evacuation, Galvez detonates the C4, setting the building up in flames.

Jack realizes Tony is involvement in the threat

Galvez puts on an FBI jacket and makes his way into the nearly destroyed apartment building. Jack also enters, concerned about Renee. Tony meets up with Galvez inside the building, making sure he still has the canister. Galvez then wipes some blood from a dead agent onto his body as he feigns injury, with Tony leading him outside. Jack soon finds Renee and leads her out of the building. Renee believes that there is no way someone could have arranged C4 like that so quickly, believing Galvez knew their sweep patterns. Jack calls Rozelli back, who tells Jack that Tony’s source, Cardiff, is still alive and well after being picked up at customs, and that he was not killed as Tony claimed. After putting Galvez into an ambulance, Tony is confronted by Jack. Held at gunpoint, Tony is questioned about Cardiff. He tells Jack that he cut a deal with Cardiff, promising to tell federal agencies he was dead. Jack doesn’t believe him, but Tony insists he is paranoid. Jack then collapses to the group and begins having a seizure. He searches for his medication, but Tony has it in his possession. Tony tells Jack that he never wanted to hurt him. He then summons some medics over to attend to Jack as he takes off. In the ambulance, the paramedic doesn’t notice any wounds on Galvez. Seconds later, Galvez shoves a knife into the man before threatening to kill the driver unless he kept on driving.

[edit] Cast

[edit] Stars

[edit] Special Guest Star

[edit] Guest Stars

  • Will Patton as Alan Wilson
  • Sprague Grayden as Olivia Taylor
  • Amy Price-Francis as Cara Bowden
  • Paul Wesley as Stephen
  • Gabriel Casseus as Robert Galvez
  • Kathryn Gordon as Patricia Eames
  • Diego Klattenhoff as Sergeant Cadden
  • Rey Gallegos as FBI Agent Mizelli
  • Tom Choi as FBI Agent Park
  • Romeo Brown as White House Police Officer
  • Troy Mittleider as FBI Agent

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[edit] Background Information and Notes

  • Series regulars Mary Lynn Rajskub, Colm Feore and Bob Gunton do not appear in this episode.
  • This is the final appearance of series regular Jeffrey Nordling. He has no lines, and only appears as a corpse.
  • Jon Cassar makes a cameo appearance as the mugshot of Vincent Cardiff.
  • This is the first episode to be directed by producer Michael Klick.
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