Day 7: 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Day 7: 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM
Original air dateJanuary 26, 2009
Written byManny Coto and Brannon Braga
Directed byJon Cassar
Previous episodeDay 7: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Next episodeDay 7: 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Day 7: 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM is episode 6 of Season 7.


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Bill and Chloe dig up Agent Walker

After arriving in a empty hanger at a private airport, Emerson pulls a gun on Jack after finding out about him and Almeida deceiving him. Tony guns down Litvak before shooting Emerson in the neck, seriously injuring him. Emerson would later die from excessive blood loss. Their bodies are then hidden as Chloe O'Brian and Bill Buchanan arrive to assist Jack and Tony. Renee Walker is also with them as she was revived by Bill using an adrenaline shit after being told of her location by Jack. The group then goes to the back of the warehouse as Nichols and his men arrive to exchange diamonds for Prime Minister Matobo and his wife. Jack kills one of the men after he pulls a gun on Tony and then Nichols leaves with Matobo. Chloe had put a tracking device on Matobo so they could track him to the CIP device.

Henry Taylor collapses after Agent Gedge drugs his coffee

At the White House, President Taylor receives a call from Colonel Dubaku, who tells her that they will now pay for not withdrawing US troops from Sangala. Taylor then looks out her window as Dubaku crashes two commercial airplanes into each other, killing over 200 people. Taylor then has a meeting with her staff and tells them that she intends to keep troops in Sangala and that she will not give into demands from terrorists. Ethan Kanin attempts to persuade her otherwise but is unsuccessful. Secretary of State Joe Stevens steps down from his position after being unable to agree with her decision.

Samantha Roth arrives at her apartment to find Henry Taylor on her couch. Before she can find out what he is doing there, Agent Gedge stabs Samantha in the back, killing her. After placing the knife in Taylor’s hand to get his fingerprints, Gedge sets up a noose to make it look like he killed himself. Taylor is able to shake off the drugs in his system and grab Gedge, tossing them both over the balcony onto a table. Gedge is killed after the fall.

At an undisclosed location, Dubaku is preparing another strike against the United States, this time with a plan to kill thousands of people.

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  • This is the series' 150th episode.
  • There is no explanation of how Jack was able to contact Bill and Chloe and tell them about Renee.

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