Day 7: 1:00 AM – 2:00 AM

Day 7: 1:00 AM – 2:00 AM
Original air dateApril 13, 2009
Teleplay byManny Coto and Brannon Braga
Story byHoward Gordon
Directed byBrad Turner
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Day 7: 1:00 AM – 2:00 AM is episode 18 of Season 7.


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Making his way towards the perimeter of the Starkwood facility, Tony Almeida spots a fuel truck arriving near an underground bunker. Meanwhile, Tim Woods confronts President Taylor about the aborted air strike. She insists that the Intel from Tony was not strong enough. Back at Starkwood, Tony makes contract with Jack at FBI and tells him that he believes Starkwood has surface to surface missiles underground because rocket fuel is being pumped below.

In the White House, President Taylor informs Woods about the impending arrival of Jonas Hodges. She then receives a phone call from Jack and Renee Walker. Taylor tells them that she still needs more proof of Starkwood possessing missiles, which leads to Jack revealing to her what Tony saw in regards to rocket fuel being pumped into a bunker. Wanting to know the truth, Jack is told by Taylor about Hodge’s wanting to negotiate with her. Jack insists that Tony can use C4 to blow up the underground bunker, destroying the missiles and bio weapon. Starting to become weak and shaky, Jack is asked by Taylor about is condition. Jack tells her that he is fine, and before ending their conversation, Taylor tells him to do what is right. After the call, Jack tells Renee that the President wants them to go ahead with the mission, but by not giving a verbal go-ahead, she wishes to be kept in the clear in case something goes wrong.

Hodges and Seaton prepare to meet the President

Hodges soon arrives at the White House with Greg Seaton. Making their way to the Oval Office, Hodges tells Seaton that he is thankful for the diversion he created back at Starkwood. At this time, Renee calls Larry Moss and tells him of Tony’s plan to infiltrate the missile bunker. Moss then prepares his team to move in once the mission is complete. Meanwhile, Jack gets assurance from Tony that he can get the job done. At the fueling truck, Stokes stands watch as the fueling is completed. Galvez, one of the Starkwood operatives, leaves to do a perimeter check. After he is gone, Tony emerges from behind the truck with a hostage. Tony has Stokes throw away his gun before knocking the man out. He ushers Stokes towards the underground opening, where Stokes uses his keycard to grant them access to the area below.

Tony begins setting the first of the C4 charges as Hodges and Seaton begin their sit down meeting with the President. Hodges tells her that it is nice to be back in the Oval Office, a place where he used to get together with former President Noah Daniels to discuss matters. Taylor reprimands Hodges for his involvement with Benjamin Juma in the killing of thousands of people. Hodges denies the alliance before informing Taylor about the world’s need for private armies, and how Starkwood should have a seat at the table, creating a partnership between them. Knowing this is blackmail, Taylor is told by Hodges to work with him. Seaton then gives her a document, outlining their plans and suggestions for the country.

Tony successfully detonates the C4

At Starkwood, Tony finishes planting the C4 and heads out of the bunker with Stokes. Once outside again, Tony is surprised from behind by one of Starkwood’s men. He is able to knock the gun and C4 trigger from Tony’s hand, causing it to fall beneath a grating. Stokes rushes and activates the alarm, alerting the bunker of a Government breach within the complex. The bio-weapon specialist follows protocol and initiates the launch sequence. Grabbing a hold of Stokes, Tony is able to knock him unconscious. Below, the target code is entered, with a city called Clarksville being the location. Struggling to stop the attack in time, Tony reaches down and is able to grab hold of the trigger, flipping the switch. He dives off to the side as the explosion from the bunker causes an eruption of flames above. Hearing the explosion, Moss and his men move in on the facility. Tony radios in to Jack that he destroyed the missiles and gas.

Jonas Hodges is arrested in the Oval Office

Meanwhile, at the White House, Hodges tells President Taylor that he wants access to classified Intel within the Government. Tim Woods then enters and requests to speak with Taylor privately. Outside the room, Woods updates her on the happenings at Starkwood. She tells him that she wants to speak with Jack once this is all over. Taylor then enters the Oval Office once more, this time with Secret Service. She has Hodges and Seaton taken into custody. Hodges claims he was just trying to protect the country, but warns Taylor that he is only a small part of what is happening. As he is being led off, Hodges insists that she will find out soon what he meant by that.

With the weapon destroyed, Jack receives a phone call at the FBI from President Taylor. Still showing visible signs of weakness, Jack is updated by Taylor on the arrest of Hodges and Seaton. She tells Jack how grateful she is for all that he has done. Jack then begins to tell her about Tony’s help with the mission, but before he can finish his thought, Jack forgets what he was saying. Knowing that something is wrong, Jack excuses himself and leaves to speak with Dr. Macer. President Taylor tells one of her assistants that she wishes to receives updates on Jack’s condition from Ben Landry.

Jack learns about his symptoms from Dr. Macer

At Starkwood, Moss and his fellow agents continue their sweep of the compound. They have encountered little resistance thus far. Speaking to Renee on the phone, Moss tells her that Tony was found and is being treated for minor cuts from the explosion. Renee is then informed that Kim Bauer has arrived at the building. She relays the message to Moss, who after hanging up, tells Tony about the possible treatment for Jack’s sickness. Afterwards, he informs Tony that he must be taken into custody due to his earlier crimes, even if he just saved thousands of lives.

Jack reunites with his daughter Kim

Sitting with Dr. Macer, Jack reveals to her that he feels like he is losing part of himself. Macer tells him that they are still learning more about the pathogen, but that memory loss and hallucinations are possible side-effects. Jack asks if there is any drugs he can take for these symptoms, but there is not. After leaving, Jack is stopped by Renee in the hallway. She tells him about Kim being there. Upset over this, Jack pulls her aside and tells Renee that it hasn’t been easy for him, and that he was okay with dying. However, with Kim there, it has become much more difficult. Renee reveals to Jack that Kim has been trying to make contact with him all day, as she was even at the Senate hearing earlier. After the conversation, Jack goes to speak with his daughter.

After entering the waiting room, Kim asks about his condition. Jack insists that he is doing okay. Kim then tells him that she has been doing everything in her power to track him down, but each new address would just lead to a dead end. Jack sadly says that he was trying to stay away, but Kim believes that it was her own fault for pushing him away all those years, which caused them to lose a lot of time. Kim knows that she might be able to help with the treatment, but Jack will not allow her to help, as the treatment puts her own life in danger. Kim cries in her father’s arms, telling Jack that she doesn’t want to lose him. Jack then feels intense pain in his abdomen and tells Kim that she must go. After Kim leaves, Jack breaks down and begins crying.

Larry tries to take down the Starkwood operative after being shot

Back at Starkwood, a FBI Agent standing watch at the front gate is killed as he sits in his car by Galvez. He is then held at gunpoint by Agent Davis, who stumbled upon them. He has Galvez place his hands on top of the car. Looking inside the bag he was carrying, Davis finds a canister of the bio-weapon. After calling Larry Moss, Davis is kicked to the ground by Galvez, who picks up his gun and shoots him. He then gets in the vehicle and drives away. Moss alerts Renee of what just happened and takes off in a helicopter with Tony to track Galvez down.

Larry is suffocated to death by Tony

Using a GPS locator system, Janis is able to track his location to an Industrial Corridor. Pulling off road, Galvez gets out of his vehicle and hides behind it. With backup on the way, Moss has the chopper land so they can pursue on foot. Galvez is able to shoot and kill the pilot as Tony and Moss get out and hide behind a dumpster. After a brief shootout, Galvez grabs a shotgun from his bag and gets the jump on Moss, shooting him twice with the weapon. Tony leans over his body as Galvez approaches with the shotgun raised. Tony raises his hand to stop him, and then apologizes to Larry as he holds his hand over his mouth, suffocating him. Once Larry is dead, Tony tells Galvez to take the weapon and get going. Knowing FBI backup is arriving, Tony promises to find a way to get them out of there.

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  • Series regulars Mary Lynn Rajskub, Colm Feore and Bob Gunton do not appear in this episode.
  • Although Glenn Morshower and Sprague Grayden are credited as guest stars, they do not appear in this episode.
  • This episode marks the first instance that "The FBI" gets a title in the Previously on 24 segment.

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