Day 7: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

Day 7: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Original air dateJanuary 19, 2009
Written byHoward Gordon and Evan Katz
Directed byJon Cassar
Previous episodeDay 7: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM
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Day 7: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM is episode 5 of Season 7.


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Agent Walker reaches Matobo's house

Emerson threatens to kill one of Prime Minister Matobo's bodyguards in hope of drawing him out of the saferoom but with no success. Jack and Tony then combine some household substances to create a gas, with hope of flushing them out of the room. It works as Matobo's wife Alama releases the lock on the door. As the two are escorted from the premises, Agent Walker arrives on the scene but is captured by Emerson's man Litvak. Walker is thrown into the back of the van with Matobo and his wife and the crew drive off.

At FBI Headquarters, the Attorney General has sent some of his men over to investigate the claims that Renee Walker interrogated Alan Tanner, which would have broken federal laws. They hope to speak with Janis Gold about her involvement but Agent Moss tells them he needs her to assist with the operation. Meanwhile, at the White House, President Taylor tells Ethan Kanin that she intends to use troops to stop the conflict in Sangala. She then finds out about Matobo's abduction, which halts her decision.

Henry Taylor gets evidence from Samantha Roth

Brian Gedge, the Secret Service Agent accompanying Henry Taylor tells him that he has a friend who would be able to decrypt the information on the flash drive about the mole within the White House. Gedge ends up leading Taylor to Samantha Roth's apartment, and after spiking Taylor's coffee with a numbing antidote, tells him that he was the one who killed his son Roger for finding out too much information. Agent Gedge then calls a man of his to bring Samantha Roth to the apartment as he intends to kill them both, framing Taylor for homicide.

Nichols is informed by Emerson about their success in capturing Matobo, but also about the FBI involvement. Colonel Dubaku, situated with Nichols, begins to worry that President Taylor might not withdraw the troops. Nichols then tells Emerson to kill Renee Walker after it is found out through the FBI mole that she does not know anything of importance to their mission. Stopping near a ditch, Emerson orders Jack to kill her. Jack fires a shot to the right of her head as Walker feigns death. Emerson then has Tony and Jack bury her body so she is unable to be found. Jack begins to place plastic over her body, and then him and Tony start shoveling dirt over her body.

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  • Series regulars Mary Lynn Rajskub and James Morrison do not appear in this episode
  • This episode ends with the eighth instance of the silent clock.
  • The end of this episode is similar to the end of Day 1: 6:00 AM – 7:00 AM, when Jack is forced to kill Nina Myers and apparently is confident that she will survive, much like he was with Renee.
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