Day 7: 12:00 AM – 1:00 AM

Day 7: 12:00 AM – 1:00 AM
Original air dateApril 6, 2009
Written byChip Johannessen
Directed byBrad Turner
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Day 7: 12:00 AM – 1:00 AM is episode 17 of Season 7.


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With his men surrounded, Larry Moss knows that the entire operation was one giant trap. With Janis and Renee watching the FBI Agents through satellite coverage, they spot more men approaching. Jonas Hodges gets out of one of the vehicles and confronts Moss, ordering the release of Greg Seaton and for them to leave the premises. Hodges tells him that there are no weapons on the base, and that it was a false accusation drawn up by the Government. Back at FBI HQ, Jack shifts through the Senator Mayer’s old files and finds the name Douglas Knowles, an executive board member at Starkwood. Jack believes that he can be of some assistance since he was helping Mayer bring down the organization.

Larry confronts Seaton to cause a distraction

Jack calls Knowles, who was watching the standoff between Starkwood and the FBI from a video feed in his office in the facility. Jack insists that the bio weapon is still in the complex, so Knowles agrees to help them. With Stokes and his armed men stepping towards them, Larry and Tony are told about Knowles and his connection to Starkwood. She believes that a diversion is necessary so Tony can stay behind at the facility. As he is walking away with Seaton in his custody, Moss punches him in the face, which causes everyone to ready their weapons. Tony then sneaks back into the empty warehouse just as Moss and his men are loading themselves into the helicopters to take off. With the FBI now gone, Tony sneaks in between a couple of buildings and runs into Knowles, who tells him he was sent to help. He believes the weapon is in a restricted area on another side of the complex. Meanwhile, while providing communications from the FBI office, Jack steps away as he becomes very weak and shaky. Renee asks him if he is alright, and Jack insists he is.

Jack and Renee help Tony infiltrate Starkwood

Tim Woods is in a meeting with President Taylor and Olivia at the White House when they get a call from Jack. He asks the President to approve a surgical air strike on Starkwood, but she tells Jack that they first must get visual verification that the weapon is there. She then asks Jack about his condition following his exposure and thanks him for his service to their country. Leaving the room to answer her phone, Olivia begins a conversation with Ken Dellao. He tells her that he has heard rumors of a meeting between the Joint Chiefs, as well a WMD being in the country. Olivia says she cannot speak on the matter, but Ken threatens to run a story about her involvement in Kanin’s firing unless she talks. Olivia agrees to meet him at his hotel.

Jack starts to show symptoms

With Tony and Knowles still making their way around Starkwood, Janis spots the building the weapon is in using an infrared scanner. Knowles attempts to use his keycard on the door, but it doesn’t work. Tony then inserts a device into the keypad so Janis can hack into it. While she deciphers the numbers, Tony and Knowles are forced to hide as a vehicle approaches their location. Wanting to buy them some time, Knowles sneaks out and stops in front of the vehicle. The soldier tells him that the base has been ordered clear for the night, but Knowles insists he is there because of a late-night board meeting. The keypad is finally hacked as Tony makes his way into the warehouse. Outside, Knowles is led into the vehicle. Back at the FBI, Jack collapses to the floor and begins seizing as Renee calls out for help.

Jack receives a shot from Dr. Macer

Hodges is called and told about Knowles being found in the compound. Hodges orders his man to take Knowles back to his office and stand guard there until he arrives. In the warehouse, Hodges is told that the weapons will be ready in a half hour. Meanwhile, Olivia arrives at the hotel with Aaron Pierce, who she tells to wait outside the room. After entering Ken’s room, she tells him that she does not appreciate being threatened. Ken informs her that his source on the rumors was a contact of his at the Port Authority. When asked about a WMD being hijacked, Olivia admits it is true, but that she can’t go into detail. Giving in, she reveals it all, including the potential air strike on Starkwood. Olivia demands that Ken not go public with this story since lives are at stake, so he promises to keep quiet if she sleeps with him. Meanwhile, Jack is with Dr. Macer in a medical room where he receives syringes and an antibiotic so he can hold back the infection’s effects. Dr. Macer recommends a possible treatment that involves stem cells, but that a family member is the best donor. Kim is brought up, but Jack insists on not telling her of his condition. After leaving the room, Renee pleads with Jack to change his mind, but he tells her that since he is the one dying, it’s his choice.

Jonas Hodges confronts Doug Knowles
Tony discovers the bio-weapon

Communicating with Tony once again, Jack alerts him on the arrival of two vehicles at his location. Tony makes his way into a nearby room as a number of armed men enter the warehouse. Spreading out to search the area, two soldiers make their way into the room Tony entered. Catching them by surprise, Tony snaps the neck of one of the men while knocking the other out. Taking their weapons, Tony heads into a nearby elevator. About to head down, the man Hodge’s has working on the bio weapon gets in as well. He believes that Tony is a new soldier at the facility. Looking over, Tony notices him looking at photos showing cellular degeneration. Once the elevator stops, Tony radios in that they are four stories beneath the ground, and Janis tells him that they have no record of that area existing. Once spotting the weapons, Tony takes a photo of it using a camera and sends it back to FBI, where it is verified by Jack. Tony then tells them that it looks as if Hodges’ men are prepping the pathogens for transfer.

Meanwhile, Knowles demands to know why he is being restricted to his office after Hodges arrives there. Hodges tells Knowles that he should be at home right now since the meeting ended a long time ago. Wanting to know if there are weapons in the facility, Knowles is told by Hodges that the two of them built Starkwood together. Hodges then goes on about the Government attempting to bring them down, and that he will not be persecuted. Telling Knowles that he deserved loyalty for his friendship, Hodges grabs a glass pitcher and smashes it against Knowles head multiple times, sending him reeling. Hodges throws him over the railing, sending Knowles to his death on the ground floor below. Making his way back into the warehouse, Hodges tries to clean the blood from Knowles off of his shirt as he is informed about F-18’s being 10 minutes out from their location.

Hodges tells President Taylor to abort the air strike

At the hotel, Olivia gets dressed and tells Ken that he hopes he is pleased with himself. Ken then tells her that he is still going to run the story, since it would further his career so much. Telling him that this will damage the country, Olivia walks over to her belongings on the counter and picks up her phone, revealing that she recorded their intimate moments. Olivia tells him that she will release the footage if he goes through with the story, showing the public just how far he goes to get stories. Leaving the room, Olivia is called by her mother and is told of the photo confirmation of the weapons. Back in the White House, President Taylor enters the meeting room with the Joint Chiefs. She is told by Admiral Smith that the pathogen will be completely destroyed by the weapon. At Starkwood, Hodges is told that the weapons are ready as the canisters are loaded into warheads. He then calls Taylor at the White House, who is led to a private office by Tim Woods so she can take the call. Hodges insists that she turn the planes around, but Taylor refuses. Hodges then brings up how Starkwood mercenaries were sent into Pakistan a number of years ago, and while there, they discovered a new missile system. Showing an image of the missiles in his possession, Hodges insists that they meet in the Oval Office within the hour. Afterwards, he tells Taylor that she has 30 seconds to trun the planes around. Hurrying back to the meeting room, Taylor orders Admiral Smith to abort the air strike. He tries to reason with the President, but Taylor reinforces he request. After the air strike is called off, the President slowly walks out of the room as all eyes are upon here.

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