Day 7: 11:00 PM – 12:00 AM

Day 7: 11:00 PM – 12:00 AM
Original air dateMarch 30, 2009
Written byManny Coto and Brannon Braga
Directed byJon Cassar
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Day 7: 11:00 PM – 12:00 AM is episode 16 of Season 7.


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The CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) team arrives at Jack’s location. He tells them that the weapon was developed in Sangala. After drawing some of his blood to run tests, Jack is told to get out of his clothes, which reveals the many scars on his body. Dr. Sunny Macer notices them, but Jack insists they aren’t due to the weapon. He is then sprayed down and cleaned by the team. Meanwhile, Larry Moss returns to the FBI and updates Janis on recent developments. He tells her to collect information on Starkwood for him. During this time, the helicopter carrying the weapon lands at the Starkwood military complex. As Tony is taken into the facility, he makes eye contact with Greg Seaton. Jonas Hodges tells Greg that Tony will not talk, and that they need to prepare the weapon. One of Hodges’ men insists it will take a couple of hours until it is ready to use. The weapon canister is then moved across the complex on a truck.

Tony is questioned by Starkwood operatives
President Taylor asks her daughter to be her interim Chief of Staff

Inside one of the buildings, Tony is punched repeatedly by Stokes, demanding to know how much the FBI is aware of. Hodges shows up, but Tony still refuses to talk. Seaton then suggests to Hodges that they destroy the weapon, believing that they are risking too much, and that the FBI has caught on to them. Hodges dismisses Seaton and orders Tony to be taken away. Meanwhile, Dr. Macer continues running tests on Jack as they prepare to take him back to FBI. One of the team members says there are still traces of the airborne pathogen, but that it is not a danger. At the White House, President Taylor and Olivia are discussing possible candidates to replace Ethan Kanin as the Chief of Staff. Olivia suggests Rick Berman, a member of the President’s staff. Taylor then decides to make Olivia the temporary Chief of Staff until a decision is made. Afterwards, Tim Woods alerts the President to a call from Larry Moss. He updates her on Jack’s innocence in the murders of Senator Mayer and Ryan Burnett, and reveals the truth on Starkwood. Taylor then orders a meeting with her cabinet and the Joint Chiefs.

At FBI, Larry informs Renee that Jack may be infected. She begins to cry, feeling guilty and saddened over it all. Larry tells Renee that she should have trusted him more. Back at the White House, Olivia stops Aaron Pierce in the hallway as he is about to depart. She tells him of her recent promotion and how she wants him to handle her security detail. Pierce is hesitant to accept, but Olivia reveals that the threat isn’t over and she needs people around that she can trust. Soon afterwards, the meeting between the President and the Joint Chiefs begins. Tim Woods updates the room on the Starkwood military facility. Ben Landry, Director of CDC, then gives information on the biological weapon. He tells them that it is able to kill it’s victims in one or two days. Admiral John Smith says that the complex has around 1,500 trained soldiers, and that an air strike isn’t possible since they do not know the exact location of the weapon, and the risk is too high.

At Starkwood, Tony is still reluctant to say anything. Stokes then pulls out a gun to shoot Tony, but he is gunned down by Seaton. He rushes forward and releases Tony, telling him that they need to stop Hodges as he has gone too far. Seaton insists on receiving immunity in exchange for the location of the weapon, but Tony says they will need to contact FBI to get that. Across town, Jack is being transported back to FBI in a CDC vehicle. During the drive, Dr. Macer receives the results on Jack’s lab work. She gives them to Jack, who looks at the results and thanks her for letting him know.

Dr. Macer, along with Jack return to the FBI
Renee speaks with Jack about his diagnosis

Janis tells Renee that Jack has arrived at quarantine. She goes down to meet him, and Jack tells her that he is infected. While Jack goes to change back into his clothes, Dr. Macer informs Renee that the infection isn’t contagious, and that they still need to run more tests. Renee goes to see Jack and notices the scars on his body. She tells him that they are waiting on a Presidential decision on a search of Starkwood, and that she needs to debrief him on the canisters. Renee reassures Jack that he did the right thing. Meanwhile, back at Starkwood, Tony and Seaton sneak through the hallways and into one of the offices. Hodges calls Greg, asking what happened with Tony. He tells him that Stokes is still working on him. Hodges insists on getting all hands on deck as the prep the weapon. Seaton then sets up a video link with the FBI. After making contact, Tony updates Larry Moss on what has happened. Seaton then tells Moss about his immunity request, and afterwards, it is revealed to Tony that Jack was infected by the bio weapon.

At the White House, President Taylor is shown a video of the biological weapon being used on townspeople back in Sangala. Dead bodies are sprawled out on the ground as a few individuals writhe in pain and agony. She tells Olivia that they helped create Starkwood by agreeing to contracts with them and providing mercenaries for their organization. Tim Woods and Admiral Smith then enter the room as the President receives a call from Moss. He updates them on Tony at Starkwood, and how Seaton has requested immunity. Taylor then goes into a nearby room and signs off on the document. Seaton proceeds to give the location of the warehouse where the bio weapon is stored. Moss organizes his team at FBI and says they can be at Starkwood in ten minutes. Jack shows up and insists that he be a part of the unit, believing he has earned that right. Moss tells Jack that he is too sick, and he can’t risk him developing symptoms during the mission. Jack tells Larry that he is right, who apologizes to Jack for what has happened. Jack then walks away with his head down.

Jack watches the FBI team on the monitors

Greg Seaton drives up to a gated area with a single guard on watch. He gives out of the car and shows his ID to the man. Tony then emerges from the shadows and knocks the guard out, taking his weapon. Making their way to a position where they can see the warehouse, Tony radios to Moss, telling him that Seaton believes there are at least a dozen men inside, while two are posted at the main door. At this time, Hodges is told by his man working on the bio weapon that it is still an hour away from being armed.

Tony realizes he's been played by Seaton

The FBI has an ETA of 2 minutes as they make their way to Starkwood via helicopters. Moss communicates with a man on watch at Starkwood that they have an executive order from the President to search the premises. The man is hesitant to give them the okay, but he eventually agrees. Inside the warehouse, Hodges hears the helicopters circling overhead. After the helicopters land, Tony meets up with Moss and the rest of the agents. They surround the warehouse and hold the two men guarding the warehouse at gunpoint, forcing them to drop their weapons and surrender. One of the agents is then ordered to blow open the main door. After doing so, the building is swarmed and it is revealed to be completely empty. Seaton insists that he doesn’t know why they aren’t here. He then says that Tony threatened him earlier, so he lied to keep safe. Tony becomes upset at Seaton, knowing that he was played by him. Moss agrees, but tells his men to head back outside. Across the facility, Hodges watching the FBI via a security camera and applauds Seaton for buying them some time and stalling the FBI on the opposite side of the complex.

Once outside, Moss tells Renee back at FBI HQ that they warehouse was empty. Just as he is telling his agents to search the rest of the complex, Moss is surprised by a number of vehicles surrounding their location. All of the men are armed, with each vehicle having a machine gun on board. Jack tells Renee that Moss needs to stand down. Stokes, who was presumed dead at the hands of Seaton earlier, gets out of one of the cars, wearing a bulletproof vest. He tells Moss that they have entered onto private property, and that they have the right to defend themselves. Moss tells them that they are federal agents, but Stokes insists that the group has arrived on false charges, and if they advance any farther, his men will have no choice but to open fire.

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  • Series regulars Mary Lynn Rajskub, Colm Feore and Bob Gunton do not appear in this episode. This is the first episode of the season without Bob Gunton.
  • Dr. Sunny Macer returns in this episode, last seen in Day 3: 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM. She has the second-longest gap of appearances with 74 episodes, next to Milo Pressman with 104 episodes.
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