Day 7: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Day 7: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Original air dateJanuary 12, 2009
Written byDavid Fury and Alex Gansa
Directed byBrad Turner
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Day 7: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM is episode 4 of Season 7.


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As Special Agent Moss discusses with President Taylor about the escape of Jack Bauer and Tony Almeida, Agent Walker receives news about the sniper Alan Tanner being alive and in critical condition at the hospital. She leaves with Janis Gold with hopes of getting him to tell them where Tony is headed next.

Agent Walker follows a lead

Once getting back to the safehouse, Bill Buchanan and Chloe O'Brian explain to Jack that they are working as an independent unit attempting to uncover a conspiracy within the government. Tony lets Jack know that he was revived by David Emerson after his death at CTU, and that he begun working for him until he realized how many American lives were in danger, which is when he turned to Bill and went undercover. Tony then calls Emerson and tells him that Jack helped him escape from FBI HQ and that he wishes to join their cause. Emerson gives them the location and the two men head over there.

President Taylor and her husband, Henry

Henry Taylor receives a phone call from Samantha Roth. She tells him that his son Roger was indeed murdered and that she wishes to meet him privately. At a park onlooked by his Secret Service Agent Brian Gedge, Taylor listens as Roth says Roger had uncovered information on someone deep inside the White House having a vested interest in the plans being put together by Juma. This is the reason that he was murdered. She gives him some information on a flash drive and then leaves.

After arriving at the location given to them, Emerson has plans to have Jack killed as he does not trust him. Jack is able to disable the two men guarding him and uses this opportunity to show his commitment to Emerson's cause. He agrees to let Jack in their next mission. It involves kidnapping Sangala Prime Minister Matobo per orders from Colonel Dubaku. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Agent Walker is able to find out from Tanner about this plan and she heads over to his residence while phoning the terrorist plan to Matobo's bodyguards.

Jack, Tony, and Emerson arrives at Matobo's estate but they are too late as he has already hidden himself and his wife away in their saferoom. After incapacitating all of his bodyguards, the group searches for a way into the room as the FBI rapidly approaches their location. Tony tells Jack that unless they are able to get Matobo from that room, they have no chance of getting closer to stopping the Juma's plans.

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  • Bill Buchanan receives his first freeze frame in the "Previously on 24" segment, after being on the show since Season 4.
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