Day 7: 10:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Day 7: 10:00 PM – 11:00 PM
Original air dateMarch 23, 2009
Teleplay byAlex Gansa
Story byDavid Fury
Directed byJon Cassar
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Day 7: 10:00 PM – 11:00 PM is episode 15 of Season 7.


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Larry Moss is informed by a police officer that there is no sign of Jack Bauer at the Mayer residence. Moss then calls Ethan Kanin at the White House and informs him of the Senator’s death. Upset at how wrong everything has gone, Kanin pleads with Moss to find Jack quickly. After hanging up the phone, Kanin slumps down in his chair, visibly weak and worn down. Across town, Jack calls Tony and tells him everything he has discovered on Starkwood. Tony promises Jack that he can be counted on.

Ethan Kanin offers his resignation to President Taylor

Meanwhile, President Taylor speaks with her husband, Henry, on the phone. Still recovering at the hospital, Henry is told about the recent success over Benjamin Juma, along with the recent addition of their daughter, Olivia, as a special advisor to the President. Henry is thrilled over the news, and the two say their goodbyes before hanging up. Kanin then enters the Oval Office and informs the President about Mayer’s death, and how Jack is being assumed responsible. Taylor is confused by these events, especially after how heroically Jack acted in the White House. Kanin then offers up his resignation, believing that the potential damage he has caused to her administration is too extensive, and that he has failed her. At first trying to convince him otherwise, Taylor finally agrees to Kanin’s request, who promises to have the official paperwork on her desk in the morning.

At the Alexandria Port, Jack and Tony arm themselves with sub-machine guns as they keep watch on the area. Tony tells Jack that he only noticed one Port Authority officer on duty, which surprises Jack. Down below, officer Carl Gadsen is speaking to his wife over the phone, with her impending pregnancy being the topic. Gadsen quickly hangs up after hearing a noise in a nearby container. Going to examine the open hatch, Gadsen is surprised by Jack, who holds him at gunpoint. Wanting to know where the manifest is, Gadsen tells Jack it is in the customs house.

Jonas Hodes addresses his Starkwood associates

Jonas Hodges speaks to Stokes on the phone, the man in charge of the group picking up the shipment at the port. Stokes tells him that Quinn has yet to arrive. Hodges advises them to wait five more minutes before proceeding with the plan as usual. Greg Seaton then informs Hodges that everyone on the board is ready. Now into a meeting with the Starkwood board of directors, Hodges goes on about the Federal Government has rejected Starkwood, not asking for help from one of the largest private military organizations in the world. He then tells them of Taylor’s administration trying to shut them down and ending contracts between the two sides, but that Starkwood should not give in. Doug, one of the men in the meeting, believes that they should act in compliance with the federal subpoena. Afterwards, Doug confronts Hodges in the hallway, telling him that they can’t survive a war against the sub-committee, along with fighting against Senator Mayer’s investigation. Hodges then tells him of Mayer’s death, and Doug insinuates that Hodges may have had something to do with it, which he denies.

Jack and Tony question the security guard

In the customs house, Tony ties up Gadsen as Jack searches through the files on the computer. Realizing that he can’t access the manifest without a password, Jack tells Gadsen about the possible terrorist threat at the Port. Gadsen believes him, stating that he was offered a sum of money by a group of individuals who were wanting to smuggle electronics into the city. Carl also promised to disable security cameras and open the front gate. Jack then tries to alert the FBI of the situation but discovers that communications have been jammed. Gadsen then receives a call from Stokes on his radio. On Jack’s orders, he answers it and tells Stokes that he will be there shortly to open the gate. Jack places a listening device on Gadsen’s body before sending him out to let the group in as Jack and Tony wait for them to retrieve the weapon.

Ethan Kanin gives advice to Olivia Taylor after he resigns

After arriving at the gate, Carl is asked by Stokes if he told anyone about this, which he readily denies. When asked about looking nervous, Gadsen says that he wasn’t expecting so many men and vehicles. Stokes then orders him into the van so he can locate the crate for them. Jack is worried about Gadsen’s safety, but Tony tells Jack to forget about him. At the White House, Olivia tells Ethan that she is sorry for the situation he has been put in, even if she feels his resignation is best for the President. He then apologizes to Olivia for accusing her of leaking that information. Belief leaving, Kanin gives her one last piece of advice about not letting ambition cloud your judgment, and that the well being of the people comes first. Following Ethan’s departure, Olivia gets on the phone and speaks to Ken Dellao, who she tells to go ahead with the news story on Kanin. She also gives him the story on Mayer’s death at the hands of Jack. Olivia wants Ken to be sure that Kanin is the fall guy, and that her mother remains innocent.

Still examining the crime scene at Mayer’s home, Moss wonders why there are bullet holes in the office door frame when Mayer was gunned down in the hall. He then calls Renee, who is in a holding cell at FBI HQ. Starting to doubt himself, Mayer asks Renee how Jack could have gotten hold of a machine gun while on the run, as the bullets were found at the scene. Wanting information on Jack, Moss is told by Renee that Jack went underground for a reason. Finding files on Starkwood on Mayer’s computer, Moss asks what she knows about it. Renee finally tells him that Quinn was working for the group, and that Jack was in pursuit. Back at the port, Stokes has one of his men run diagnostics on the container as they await the flatbed for transport. Stokes then orders one of his men, Cooper, to take Gadsen away to get his payment for his help. Knowing what is going to happen, Jack sneaks around to follow Cooper and Gadsen. Tony goes as well, telling Jack that he can’t break his own rules, and that the safety of the thousands of lives at stake is more important. Gadsen is so stopped, and he realizes that he is going to be killed. Just as Cooper is about to kill him, Jack shoots the man down as Gadsen takes off, thanking Jack.

Jack contemplates his future after being exposed to the bio weapon

Just as Mitch is finishing the diagnostics check, Stokes tries radioing Cooper, but doesn’t get a response. When one of the men goes to find Cooper, he locates his dead body and radios back to Stokes what has happened. Jack and Tony then engage the group in a firefight from behind some crates. The man operating a crane in shot while trying to load the container onto the flatbed. Losing control, he knocks over a couple of other containers that smash the cars below. He is eventually able to successfully load the container, and the driver takes off in the truck. Jack sneaks out to follow the container as Tony provides him with cover fire. Climbing on top of a stack of crates, Jack jumps onto the container as the flatbed drives by. He reaches in and pulls out the driver, taking over the wheel. Back at the loading area, Tony knocks out one of the men, but he is soon captured. Stokes recognizes Tony from Emerson’s crew, and knows that Jack is with him. After refusing to give up Jack’s location, Tony is knocked to the ground.

Jack contacts Larry about the location of the bio weapon

While on the road, Jack calls Larry and tells him to send a recovery unit to his location because he is in possession of a biological weapon that he recovered from Starkwood. He also alerts Larry to the possible hostage situation involving Tony. Jack then hears a beeping noise from behind on the container, so he stops the truck. After getting out, Jack realizes that the side of the container had been ripped apart, and the canister containing the weapon was leaking. Knowing that he can’t let the substance get into the air, Jack holds his breath and heads into the container. After successfully turning off the valve and stopping the leak, Jack exits back onto the street. Suddenly, he gets fired upon by a chopper above and a vehicle speeding down towards him. Jack dives off the road and takes cover behind some rocks. Stokes gets out of the car and helps attach the biological weapon to the chopper, which takes off with it. Leaving the scene, Stokes calls Hodges and tells him that they have the package as Tony lays tied up in the backseat. Meanwhile, Jack calls Larry once more and tells him that the weapon has been reacquired, and that the men headed west. Larry believes they might be headed to a nearby military facility that is in the area, but that they can’t send men in without proof of the threat. Jack tells Larry that he is evidence enough as he was exposed to the substance.

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  • Series regulars Mary Lynn Rajskub and Janeane Garofalo do not appear in this episode.
  • Colm Feore returns as Henry Taylor after a five episode absence.
  • In the previous episode, the text on Quinn's phone reads 22:30 (10:30 PM) for the pickup. But, in this episode Jack states the pickup will happen at 10:15 PM.
  • There was no split screen at the end of this episode.
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