Day 7: 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Day 7: 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM
Original air dateJanuary 12, 2009
Written byManny Coto and Brannon Braga
Directed byBrad Turner
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Day 7: 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM is episode 3 of Season 7.


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Bill and Chloe explain their operation to Jack

President Taylor is informed of Tony Almeida's capture by Ethan Kanin. After finding out about his alliance with General Juma, Taylor listens to a recording made earlier by Ike Dubaku in which he states that unless US Troops are withdrawn from Sangala, he will be forced to kill many American citizens using the CIP Device. The President tells Ethan how important it is to get information out of Almeida on the location of the device. Meanwhile, Tony is brought into an FBI HQ holding cell as they prepare to question him about the location of the CIP device used early in his threat. Larry Moss is informed by Renee about the possible mole within the FBI.

Jack is able to convince Moss to let him speak to Tony first. The two engage back and forth in conversation, with Jack telling Tony that this isn't like him at all, and that there must be some sort of explanation. Tony tells Jack how the US Government was responsible for Michelle's death, and this is his way of getting back at them. Tony then brings up Teri and how her death was brought on by poor leadership from the White House. After hearing this, Jack chokes Tony up against a wall, demanding information on the device. While nearly being choked to death, Tony whispers "Deep Sky" to Jack. After leaving the interrogation room, Jack remembers the code phrase to be and old CTU code that leads Jack to a phone conversation between himself and a disguised voice. After Jack tells the man who he is, the voice reveals himself to be Bill Buchanan, former director of CTU. He tells Jack that Tony isn't a terrorist and he needs to get him out of FBI custody so he can go back undercover.

Henry Taylor arrives back in the White House after his meeting with Samantha Roth. He is greeted by Ethan Kanin, who implores that Henry stop pursuing these false claims regarding his son, Roger. The President needs her husband's support right now and Ethan believes Henry isn't in the proper state of mind. He then hands him a folder full of files that show Roger was being investigated for insider trading by the SCC. He apparently used his access to the Presidency to gain illegal information. After the conversation ends, Agent Gedge apologizes to Henry for not telling him that he told Kanin the truth about their activities that day. Later in the day, Henry is sitting in his office when he receives a call from Samantha. As Henry attempts to apologize to her, Samantha tells him that she wasn't being completely honest before and would like to meet.

Back at the FBI, Janis Gold believes she has uncovered a mole within the FBI to be Sean Hillinger. It turns out that Sean was only bypassing securities to check on his wife who was still in a plane circling above Las Vegas. Around this time, Renee Walker is ordered by Larry Moss to remove Jack from the building but he is able to knock her unconscious without alerting any other agents. Jack then is able to free Tony Almeida, and with the help of Chloe O'Brian (whom is working with Buchanan) securing their route through FBI security cameras, the two are able to make their way to the parking garage. Jack, providing cover fire, allows Tony to escape down onto the street. Under heavy fire, Jack gets into a nearby car and jumpstarts it. Hitting the gas, Jack sends the vehicle crashing through the barricade and onto the ground level below. Bill Buchanan pulls up in a van and Tony and Jack hop in, escaping safely.

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  • Series regulars Mary Lynn Rajskub and James Morrison are uncredited in the episode due to their surprise returns.
  • There was no split screen at the end of this episode.
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