Day 1: 12:00 AM – 1:00 AM

Day 1: 12:00 AM – 1:00 AM
Original air dateNovember 6, 2001
Written byRobert Cochran and Joel Surnow
Directed byStephen Hopkins
Next episodeDay 1: 1:00 AM – 2:00 AM

Day 1: 12:00 AM – 1:00 AM is episode 1 of Season 1.


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It is the day of the California President Primary as a man named Victor Rovner makes his way through the streets of the Malaysian city Kuala Lumpur. He arrives in his room and quickly locks the door. Turning on his laptop, Rovner transmits some information to CTU in Los Angeles, California. Richard Walsh, director of the unit, receives a phone call informing him that the relayed message confirms an attempt will be made today. The target is Senator David Palmer.

Jack and Teri Bauer having a discussion.

Palmer is with his wife, Sherry, and members of his campaign as they prepare his speech for later in the day. Meanwhile, Jack Bauer is playing chess with his daughter, Kim. She asks Jack if Teri is still giving him the cold shoulder, but Jack tells her to go to bed. Kim then says that she is glad he moved home. After Kim goes to her room, Teri tells Jack that she believes Kim thinks it's her fault he moved out in the first place. Wanting to clear things up with Kim, the two head to her room only to find that she has snuck out. Jack then receives a call from Nina Myers, a co-worker of his at CTU. She tells him that Walsh has called them all into the office.

Kim and her friend, Janet York, are heading in a car to meet two guys, Rick Allen and Dan Mounts, at a furniture store. At CTU, Nina asks Jamey Farrell and Tony Almeida if they know what the meeting is about, but neither of them have a clue. As Jack drives towards CTU, he calls Nina and tells her to get background information on David Palmer's staff since Jack believes he is the reason for the meeting. Across town, Kim and Janet arrive at the store. Janet goes and hugs her boyfriend Dan as they head inside. Kim greets Rick, and after quickly getting to know each other, he grabs a six-pack of beer and they follow behind Janet and Dan.

Finally arriving at CTU, Richard Walsh informs everyone that there is going to be a possible assassination attempt on David Palmer. He also informs them that the shooter will most likely arrive from overseas. After dismissing everyone, Walsh asks to speak to Jack alone. He tells Jack that he believes there is an element within the agency that might be involved in the attempt. Jack reminds Walsh that he was the one who had to turn in 3 CTU agents due to bribery charges, so he might not be the best guy to investigate it. Walsh insists that a hit on Palmer would tear the country apart, so Jack agrees to look into the claims.

Meanwhile, a man named Martin Belkin sits aboard a plane flying into the United States when he calls Patty Brooks, campaign manager for David Palmer. He is the photographer for the breakfast Palmer is hosting tomorrow, and after finding out he would be there, Belkin hangs up. The mention of David Palmer attracts the attention of the woman sitting next to him named Mandy, and the two begin chatting.

Jack using a tranq gun on George Mason.

Nina tries to find out from Jack what Walsh told him, but he doesn't budge. Teri then calls Jack and tells him that she found three joints in Kim's room. At the furniture store, Kim and Rick talk on the roof of the building. Kim tells him that her father died a handful of months back, and Rick puts his arm around Kim to comfort her. Back at CTU, District Director George Mason arrives at CTU to discuss matters with Jack. Mason hands him a disc that will allow Jack to access secured data nationwide. Jack wants to know what the source of the information is, but Mason refuses to tell. He tells Jack that he will call his boss Ryan Chappelle to get clearance to release the information. Jack heads out of the office and gets on the other phone line, finding out Mason isn't actually calling anyone. Knowing that he is up to something, Jack grabs a tranquilizer gun from a storage compartment and heads back up to Mason. Taking him by surprise, Jack injects the needle into Mason's leg, causing him to lose consciousness. Jack believes Mason stole $200k from a drug bust case he worked on a few years ago and hopes to find that information so he can use it against Mason to see what he is hiding.

David Palmer talking to his wife, Sherry.

While at home, Teri receives a call from a man named Alan York who says he is the father to Kim's friend, Janet. He tells Teri that his daughter his missing and found her number in his daughter's phonebook. Back at CTU, Nina, as a favor to Jack, asks Tony to attempt to hack into the files of the bust Mason was involved with. Jack heads down to the floor and has Jamey use Kim's phone number to hack into her computer passwords so Teri can attempt to find out where she went. Jack relays the password "lifesucks" back to Teri so she can begin searching. Meanwhile, aboard the plane, Mandy and continue their discussion as they seem to be getting closer to each other. At the Palmer hotel, Patty receives a call for David Palmer from a reporter named Maureen Kingsley. After threatening her not to release certain information, Palmer leaves and ignores his wife's questions as he heads out to the balcony to be by himself.

At CTU, Nina asks Jack why he is going to such great lengths attempting to implicate a higher authority when he could lose his job. Jack references the three CTU Agents he caught for bribery. They were good people, but they only needed to get compromised once. If Mason is holding back info, he needs to know. At the Bauer residence, Teri calls back Alan York after finding an address on Kim's computer. He says that he will come pick her up. At the furniture store, Kim kisses Rick as the group leave towards their car. Kim says that she needs to go home after receiving five messages from her mother, so Dan says he will drop her off. Kim then gets into the van with them. Meanwhile, Mandy and Martin have an intimate moment in the bathroom of the plane.

Mandy before she blows up the airplane.

After Tony hacks into the files and finds the information needed, Jack slaps Mason a couple times to wake him up. Jack demands to know what the source is for the disc he was given, and after Mason refuses to give it up, Jack threatens to let Ryan Chappelle know about the offshore account Mason has that stashed the $200k away. Mason then types away on the keyboard of the computer, giving Jack the source. Up in the air, Mandy sneaks away from her seat while Martin sleep and heads up near the cockpit. A flight attendant asks if she needs up, but Mindy grabs her and shoves a pen into the woman's throat, killing her. Martin wakes up and realizes that his wallet is gone. Mindy flips through it, taking out Martin's photographer ID and stashing it away. She then puts an explosive material around the main airplane door and fastens herself with a parachute. She then takes out a bomb from the fire extinguisher next to the door, strapping it to the interior of the plane. Kneeling down, Mandy sets off a trigger in her hand, exploding the door off as she flies out of the plane. Moments later, the aircraft explodes from the bomb, sending debris ever.

At CTU, Jack receives a call from Teri, who informs him that she is with Alan York looking for Kim and Janet. Jack, worried about his daughter and his wife being with a stranger, tells Nina that he has to leave for a bit. Before he can, Jack is informed by Tony about the plane crash over the Mojave Desert. Realizing he must stay, Jack asks Tony for a passenger list. Meanwhile, Kim informs Dan that he missed the turn to her house, but she is told to relax by both him and Rick. They tell her that their night is just getting started, and Kim realizes that something is wrong.

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[edit] Background Information and Notes

  • This episode was scheduled to premiere on October 30, 2001, but after the attacks of September 11, it was moved back a week.
  • This episode and Day 1: 11:00 PM – 12:00 AM are the only two episodes of the series to substitute the word "midnight" for "12:00 A.M." during the opening "The following takes place..." narration.
  • This episode uses a different ticking clock sound from the rest of the series. Also, this is the only episode to feature a ticking clock sound when the on-screen clock appears in the episode.
  • The sets used for David Palmer's hotel and CTU were real locations. Beginning with the next episode, the sets would be reconstructed on soundstages. The hotel set would resemble nothing of the original location.
  • Originally, there was a shot of Flight 221 exploding as Mandy jumped out, but it was removed due to the recent terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.
  • Sarah Clarke, who plays Nina Myers, was cast on the morning that the pilot episode began shooting. So, the outfit she is wearing is her real clothes she auditioned in.
  • An audio commentary track for this episode is featured on the 24: Season One: Special Edition DVD set.
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