David Emerson

David Emerson
David Emerson on Day 7
Portrayed byPeter Wingfield
First appearanceDay 7: 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM
Last appearanceDay 7: 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

David Emerson is a mercenary working under the command of Nichols and Colonel Dubaku. He is in charge of the Tony Almeida's group during Day 7. Emerson has an extensive military background and is well versed in different types of combat.

[edit] Day 7

Emerson arrives aboard the cargo ship that Tony Almeida and his men are situated. He tells them that Alan Tanner will arrive with the next assignment, and then Emerson leaves with Michael Latham and the CIP device, returning them to Nichols and Dubaku back at an unknown location.

Emerson instructs Tony to kill Jack

Preparing to invade the home of Prime Minister Matobo, Emerson and his men (Morgan and Litvak) are greeted by Tony and Jack Bauer. Tony tells Emerson that Jack helped him escape from FBI custody and that he wants to help them with the mission. Emerson is hesitant to allow Jack to join their ranks but agrees after he sees Jack take down both of them guarding him in the basement. Morgan argues about Jack being brought it, who is soon shot and killed by Emerson. Tony, Jack, Emerson, and Litvak then leave for Matobo's location.

Once arriving at the home, the group kills or incapacitates all of the bodyguards being finding Matobo and his wife, Alama, locked up in a saferoom. In an attempt to flush them out, Jack puts together a gas out of household chemicals and then releases into the venting system for the room. Alama opens the door just as they are about to suffocate and Emerson loads them into a van. Agent Walker, who had arrived on the scene in an effort to stop them, is captured by Litvak and put with the Matobos.

Emerson pulls a gun on Jack

Emerson is ordered by Nichols to dispose of Walker as she is a liability to their cause. Emerson tells Jack to take her out near a ditch and shoot her, and he seemingly does. Then he tells Jack and Tony to bury her so that nobody can find her corpse. Once back aboard the van, Emerson explains to Jack that he had Christopher Henderson inject Tony with a substance that would slow his heart down, making others believe he was dead. Emerson then sent in his men to revive Tony as he figured he would make a great accomplice in the future and the two became very close friends.

Once stopping the van at an abandoned airplane hanger, Emerson grabs Jack and holds him at gunpoint. During the ride, Emerson figures out from their body language that the two men have been deceiving him. Tony shoots Litvak dead before pointing his gun at Emerson, yelling at him to let go of Jack. Tony then shoots him in the shoulder, freeing Jack. As Emerson prepares to fire his gun, Tony shoots him in the neck, dropping Emerson to the ground.

During his final moments, Emerson berates Tony for his betrayal and says that he will never be forgiven. Once dead, his body is hidden away with Litvak's.

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