Curtis Manning

Curtis Manning
Curtis Manning on Day 5
Portrayed byRoger Cross
Seasons4, 5, 6
First appearanceDay 4: 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM
Last appearanceDay 6: 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Curtis Manning was the Director of Field Ops of CTU: Los Angeles during Day 5 and beginning of Day 6. He also served as the Head of Tactical on Day 4. Curtis is killed by Jack Bauer when he takes Hamri Al-Assad hostage and plans on killing him for what Assad has done in the past.


[edit] Background

Curtis Manning gained his BA degree in Sociology from the University of Massachusetts. Before working at CTU, he served in the United States Army's 2nd Infantry Brigade and the Boston Police Department's SWAT Team.

[edit] Day 4

We first meet Curtis Manning at the beginning of Day 4. He worked for Ronnie Lobell, the man who replaced Jack Bauer as Director of Field Operations. After Lobell is killed during a mission, Manning takes over his position. We find out that Manning was involved with Marianne Taylor who is brought into CTU to help during the crisis. It's eventually revealed that Marianne is a mole within CTU. Curtis takes Marianne to a computer to receive vital information and is almost killed when he is captured by terrorists. Luckily, he manages to escape the terrorists. Throughout Day 4, Manning helps Jack Bauer who is working for CTU on a temporary basis.

[edit] Day 5

At the beginning of Day 5, Curtis Manning has reason to believe that Jack Bauer is actually alive. He also believes that Jack might have killed Michelle Dessler and David Palmer. However, after it is proven that Jack is innocent, he regains Jack's trust. Later, Lynn McGill comes to CTU from Division and takes over during the investigation of Palmer's death. It is soon realized that McGill is incompetent. Curtis, who is second-in-command, takes over CTU and reinstates Bill Buchanan as head of CTU.

Curtis accompanies Jack through many of his field missions during Day 5. He helped to prevent a nerve gas from entering a hospital. He also helped to capture Vladimir Bierko, a Russian terrorist.

After the nerve gas attack on CTU, Homeland Security was sent to absorb CTU. Most of the CTU staff lost their job and Curtis's job status is unknown.

[edit] Day 6

While racing to stop a Nuclear Bomb threat in Los Angeles, Manning is killed by Bauer as he attempts to assasinate Assad for previous actions against him and his Spec Ops team.

[edit] Appearances

Roger Cross was first a recurring guest star in the beginning of Season 4. He was promoted to a main cast member in Day 4: 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM and stayed a main cast member until the end of Season 5. He returned for the first four episodes of Season 6 as a guest star, in which his character was killed.

[edit] Trivia

  • He is one of two actors to be promoted to the main cast after being a guest star in the same season. The other is Lana Parrilla, who played Sarah Gavin.
  • Curtis was the eighth main character to be killed in the series.
  • Curtis was the longest-running field partner of Jack Bauer, lasting 44 episodes.
  • Curtis is referenced in Season 7 by Larry Moss when he lists people who didn't survive being around Jack.
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