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The Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU) is a branch of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). It was created after the 1993 bombings at the World Trade Center in New York City. Its mission is to investigate and prevent domestic terrorist attacks in the United States. There are different CTU's located in metropolitan areas. Each CTU has special agents, investigate agents, undercover agents, data analysts, and tactical special operation units.


[edit] The Building

The original building was used until sometime after Day 3, though the building was reconstructed after the bombing that happened during Day 2. The new CTU debuted in Day 4, which was completely renovated and had a different look. The new CTU featured a much bluer look than the original building, which primarily had a red, orange and gray look. The new CTU also lost the metal look, and instead used stone, with all the walls being concrete.

[edit] Key Locations

CTU staff in the Bullpen while the building was under attack during Day 6
Morris and Nadia in the Director's Office during Day 6
Christopher Henderson being tortured during Day 5
  • Bullpen – This is where all the intelligence analysts' desks are and where they work. It's the main area where Intel is discovered and shared. It's usually where the Special Agent in Charge will make announcements or assign new protocols.

  • Conference Room – Located near the Bullpen, the Conference Room is used for less secure meetings and briefings between CTU staff.

  • Director's Office – This is the office of the Special Agent in Charge. It's located on the second floor.

  • Holding Rooms – This is used for any interrogation and/or torture of suspects. The new Holding Rooms in Day 4 were much larger and the observation room featured more interrogation equipment. Many of the series' antagonist have been interrogated in there, including Syed Ali, Nina Myers, Marianne Taylor, Dina Araz and Christopher Henderson. Also, wrongly accused suspects have also been interrogated, such as Sarah Gavin, Audrey Raines and Nadia Yassir. Some of the most memorable interrogations include Nina Myers in Day 2, when Jack and Nina reunite for the first time after Nina killed Jack's wife. Jack if set off and flips over the table in front of her and once Nina slightly smiles, Jack runs at her and slams her against the wall and chokes her. He also later brings in a gun and fires shots right above her head to intimidate her. In Day 5, Jack interrogates Audrey, who supposedly has information regarding the terrorists. Jack is forced to get rough with her and chokes her. Jack then realizes she doesn't know anything and stops the interrogation.

  • Medical Clinic – This location was added during Day 3. It's where any injured agents or suspects go for recovery. Agents that were treated in the medical clinic include Jack Bauer, Nina Myers, Paul Raines, Tony Almeida, Audrey Raines, Morris O'Brian, Milo Pressman and Chloe O'Brian. The most memorable moment that happens in the medical clinic, is in Day 4 where Jack forces the doctor to stop surgery on Paul Raines to work on a man who has information regarding the nuclear warhead. As the doctors work on the other man, Jack and Curtis try to keep Paul stable, but he eventually flatlines and dies. During the whole time, Audrey is begging Jack to not let Paul dies. After Paul dies, Audrey slaps Jack many times and tells him that she hates him. This causes a major rift in Jack and Audrey's relationship.
Audrey, Bill, and Lynn McGill in the Situation Room during Day 5

  • Situation Room – The original room was much smaller and was used less frequently. The new Situation Room in Day 4 was much larger and was used for any briefings between the CTU Director and key staff members. It was also used for teleconferences between CTU staff and the President, or other government officials.

  • Tech 1 – This is where CTU's main server was kept. It was only seen during Day 3. A "tree" of computers sit in the middle of the room and is the main basis of the room. Gael Ortega mainly used this room while he was undercover working for Hector Salazar. Gael also held Kim Bauer hostage in that room because he couldn't have his undercover role blown. Chloe O'Brian also used this room to stop the worm that was planted by Nina Myers. Chloe was also locked in that room by Tony Almeida so she couldn't reveal that Stephen Saunders had Michelle Dessler hostage and that Tony was going to trade her for Saunders' daughter.

[edit] Staff

Here is a listing of the many different staff positions at CTU and the main people who held them.

[edit] Special Agent in Charge

The Special Agent in Charge, also referred to as CTU Director, is the highest-ranking agent and is in charge of all operations at CTU.

[edit] Chief of Staff

The Chief of Staff is the second-in-command. If the Special Agent in Charge is unavailable, they will resume their responsibilities.

[edit] Administrators/Supervisors

These are agents sent from either District or Division to oversee CTU. They have authority over the Special Agent in Charge.

[edit] Director of Field Operations

The Director of Field Ops is in charge of all field agents and field decisions.

[edit] Internet Protocol Managers

[edit] Intelligence Agents

[edit] Field Agents

[edit] Attacks on CTU: Los Angeles

[edit] Day 2

As Jack Bauer was undercover trying to find a lead on the nuclear bomb, he got involved with Eddie Grant and his crew who were going to detonate bombs in a government building, Jack later learns they'll be hitting CTU. They first cut off the phone lines to CTU, which forces CTU to call in the phone company. As two repairmen go the site to fix it, Eddie and his crew show up killing one of the men and taking the other hostage.

Since Jack can't reach CTU directly, he contacts Lynne Kresge to warn them about the attack. She then tells Eric Rayburn about this knowledge, but he insists that they let the attack happen, because if CTU stops the bomb, Eddie Grant would know Jack tipped them off and his cover would be blown.

Eddie and his crew head to CTU with the repairman in his van. Eddie and his men go into CTU to plant the bombs while Jack stays with the repairman. As they leave, Jack unties the repairman and tells him what's going on. Jack gives him instructions as to wear the bombs will be placed and tells him to hide under a car until they leave. It's too late though because before he can warn them, the bombs go off.

With the explosion, it's reported that 30 were killed, 17 were wounded, and 2 were in critical condition. The biggest casualty of the explosion was Paula Schaeffer who was trapped under debris. After she was pulled out, she needed surgery immediately. But George Mason needed her to tell them a specific piece of information only she knew regarding the nuclear bomb. After they get the information, she soon flatlined and died.

[edit] Day 3

After Nina Myers was captured, she was being flown from Mexico back to Los Angeles. Nina gives up the name of Alvers, and tells Jack how to contact him. With this, she tricks Jack into triggering a worm into CTU's computers. If the worm isn't stopped, terrorists all over the world would be able to access files regarding spies and secret information. Nina says she'll stop it if they fly her back to Mexico. Eventually, Chloe is able to stop the worm before it does sufficient damage.

[edit] Day 5

Edgar collapses and dies

Vladimir Bierko's third target to hit with the Sentox nerve gas was CTU. One of Bierko's men was able to obtain a CTU key card and use that to get into the building. The man places the nerve gas canister near a fan in the ventilation room, which would send the nerve gas throughout the ventilation. As CTU learns of the attack, they call for an evacuation of the building. They are able to seal of four areas from being contaminated from the nerve gas. Jack, Kim, Chloe, Audrey, Barry Landes, and other CTU workers go into the Situation Room. Bill Buchanan goes to the Director's Office. Rick Burke takes Christopher Henderson along with Tony Almeida into the Medical Clinic. And Lynn McGill with a security office go into a holding room. As the areas are being sealed shut, they watch as other CTU workers fall to the ground and die from the nerve gas. Audrey then spots Edgar Stiles is also outside of a sealed room as he comes back into the Bullpen area, Chloe looks over at Edgar in a horrified state and she watches him fall to ground and die. Chloe starts to cry as she watches her friend die.

Lynn decides to sacrifice himself

Later on, Chloe learns that the nerve gas is breaking through seal that protects the gas from getting into the sealed rooms. Jack suggests using the air conditioning system to flush out the gas. Jack goes through a false wall in the Situation Room to a separate room that would lead to the computer to active the program, but steel bars are blocking him to be able to get to it. When Jack comes back, they come to the conclusion that the only person that can get to the computer is Lynn McGill, and if he were to do it, he'd die in the process because after he activates the program, there would be nowhere to go that wasn't contaminated. A security guard is also with Lynn in the room, meaning he would die too. As they agree to do it, Lynn makes his way to the room and successfully actives the program that will flush out the gas. He gets back to the holding room as soon as possible, they both hold their breaths as long as they can to survive. They eventually both breathe in the toxic air and die. Just before they die, Jack informs them their actions were successful.

It's estimated that 40% of CTU staff were killed due to the attack. Due to this, Homeland Security, headed by Karen Hayes, take over command of CTU.

[edit] Day 6

Cheng Zhi hired mercenaries to infiltrate CTU to capture Josh Bauer and deliver him to Phillip Bauer in exchange for Phillip to fix the FB circuit board. The mercenaries are able to sneak into CTU via the sewer tunnels. Milo Pressman notices that the cameras have been disabled, CTU Director Nadia Yassir calls for a lockdown of the building. It's too late as the men have already infiltrated the building.

Nadia in shock after Milo is killed

During this, Jack Bauer had been placed in holding, and knowing what was going on, he asks the guard to let him out. As the guard lets Jack out, the guard is shot by one of the men. Jack grabs the guard's gun and takes out one of the mercenaries. Jack then finds Marilyn and Josh, and they try and find a safe place.

As the mercenaries have everyone in CTU hostage in the Bullpen, the leader asks who is in charge. No one answers. Suddenly, Milo stands up and says he's in charge to protect Nadia from possibly being harmed. The man then shoots Milo point-blank in the head killing him.

As Jack, Marilyn and Josh try to escape through the ventilation shaft, men come in and grab Jack and Marilyn and take them where everyone is. Josh had managed to escape into the ventilation shaft before the men could get him. The leader talks over the PA system to Josh, threatening to kill his mother if he doesn't come out. After 10 seconds, Josh comes back through the ventilation shaft and one of his men takes him into the Bullpen area.

The mercenaries begin to move all the CTU staff into a different room, as they're moving them, Jack, Nadia and Morris O'Brian take the opportunity and attack the men. They're able to fend off and kill some of the men, as Mike Doyle and other field agents arrive at CTU and kill the remaining men.

[edit] District

District Command is a branch of CTU that reports to the CTU headquarters located in Washington, D.C. They oversee operations by both Division and CTU domestic units.

President David Palmer operated out of District Command during Day 2 and Day 3.

Ryan Chappelle, George Mason and Lynn McGill have all worked for District.

[edit] Division

Division Command is a branch of CTU which oversees operations by CTU domestic units. They can also take over command and initiate a lockdown of designated domestic units. Division reports to District.

Ryan Chappelle, Alberta Green, George Mason, Carrie Turner, Brad Hammond, Erin Driscoll, Michelle Dessler and Bill Buchanan have all worked for Division.

[edit] Disbandment

Sometime after Day 6, CTU was disbanded by the United States government. Reasons for this are currently unknown.

[edit] Trivia

  • The CTU: Los Angeles building has appeared in every episode of the series to date.
  • The same room Nina Myers kills Teri Bauer in, is the same room a bomb is planted in during Day 2, and where Jack Bauer kills Nina Myers in during Day 3.
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