Collette Stenger

Collette Stenger
Collette Stenger on Day 5
Portrayed byStana Katic
First appearanceDay 5: 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Last appearanceDay 5: 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Collette Stenger was an information broker who worked for various terrorist groups around the world. On Day 5, she was in a relationship with Theo Stoller, an undercover German intelligence agent.

[edit] Day 5

Collette Stenger is in bed with Theo Stoller, she then gets a call from Vladimir Bierko. She was hired by Bierko to provide schematics of a secure building. After getting the schematics, she tells Theo to meet her at Van Nuys Airport and then leaves the hotel room.

Collette meets with Bierko at a warehouse and hands over the schematics in exchange for $10 million. She then goes to meet with Theo at the airport, but is surrounded by CTU agents after getting out of her car. She realized she was setup by Theo, who was actually an undercover German intelligent agent.

Collette demands immunity from Jack Bauer, or she won't reveal her source. Jack agrees, and she's guaranteed immunity. Collette gives up the address of the warehouse she meet Bierko and states that the person who sold her the schematic was Audrey Raines. Jack instantly believes she's lying, so he begins to choke her against the wall telling her it's a lie. Collette says she's telling the truth. She is then transferred to CTU.

After Jack interrogated Audrey, he believes Collette is framing Audrey. Since she has immunity, Jack is unable to question her, so he has Chloe try to find anything that would break the immunity deal. Chloe discovers that she is holding back information. Jack then enters her holding cell, knocking out the guard and threatens to kill her. Eventually, she gives up the name Christopher Henderson, who told her to name Audrey if she was ever captured. She also tells Jack the schematics were for an industrial gas company.

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