Christopher Henderson

Christopher Henderson
Christopher Henderson on Day 5
Portrayed byPeter Weller
First appearanceDay 5: 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Last appearanceDay 5: 5:00 AM – 6:00 AM

Christopher Henderson was a former Director of Field Operations at CTU: Los Angeles before Day 1.

On Day 5, he was the Vice President of Research and Development at Omicron International. Working under Charles Logan and Graem Bauer, he operated the sale of Sentox VX nerve gas to Vladimir Bierko. He was killed by Jack Bauer after his involvement in the deaths of David Palmer and Michelle Dessler, and the supposed death of Tony Almeida.

[edit] Background

Christopher Henderson was working at CTU when he recruited Jack Bauer. Jack would later blow the whistle on Henderson after finding evidence that he was taking bribes. He would later deny the charges and say that he was set up by Nina Myers or George Mason. Henderson would recover from his firing to become a Senior Executive at Omicron, a defense contractor.

[edit] Day 5

Jack receives a microchip of the dead body of James Nathanson that implicates Henderson in a conspiracy inside the government in a plan to manipulate Russian separatists into using nerve gas in their own country. Jack believes that he had David Palmer killed because he found out about the plot. Jack believes Henderson also had Michelle Dessler killed and attempted to kill Tony Almeida and Chloe O'Brian in order to frame Jack. Henderson is able to convince Jack that he is innocent and agrees to help him. Henderson seizes an opportunity and attempts to kill Jack in an explosion. Jack catches up with Henderson at his house and uses Henderson's wife as a hostage in order for him to give up information. Jack shoots his wife in the leg. Henderson still refuses to budge, even after seeing his wife in horrible pain. Jack takes Henderson into CTU custody, despite warnings from Henderson that he is opening up a "Pandora's Box."

While at CTU, Henderson is placed under extreme torture. This procedure fails to yield any useful information. The interrogation is interrupted when CTU is attacked by nerve gas attack. Henderson is placed in the same room as Tony Almeida. Tony, knowing that Henderson killed his wife, knocks out the torture technician and proceeds to prepare a syringe to kill Henderson. Jack, via phone, warns Tony not to take action into his own hands. Tony, believing he has nothing to live for, prepares to kill Henderson but begins to have second thoughts. The hesitation is fatal when Henderson awakes from his comatose state and uses the syringe to stab Tony and kill him. Henderson escapes.

We later see Henderson driving in his car. He gives orders to kill Wayne Palmer, believing that Wayne may have stumbled on the same information his brother did.

It is ultimately revealed that Henderson is in fact working for President Charles Logan. Logan orders him to get rid of any evidence that implicates him and also any witnesses. Henderson fears that Jack will recover an audio tape that implicate Logan in the death of David Palmer that he kept for safe keeping. Henderson, which is in danger of being killed by the mysterious Graem, thinks this is necessary to keep himself alive and maintain some control. Jack does recover the recording, but recovers it when he takes Audrey Raines hostage. Jack, who has already lost three of his best friends, refuses to lose Audrey. Henderson hands the tape off to one of his men before Jack catches him again. While he goes off to get the tape, he handcuffs Henderson to a pipe and has Audrey watch over him. Henderson tries to manipulate Audrey, and threatens that her father, James Heller, will be killed. This plan does not work when Heller sacrifices himself. Audrey does not succumb to him however. A CTU team is able to recover Audrey and take Henderson into custody before his men can rescue him.

Henderson agrees to help Jack stop Vladimir Bierko from hijacking a submarine as long as he promises him full immunity and aid in escaping. Jack agrees. Henderson and Jack infiltrate the submarine and Jack gives Henderson a gun. Henderson does help stop the submarine from launching a missile, but then tries to escape. Henderson attempts to shoot Jack, but realizes that Jack gave him a gun with an empty clip. Jack states that Henderson was responsible for the deaths of his friends (Tony, Michelle, and Palmer) and shoots him in cold blood.

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