Chris Whitley

Chris Whitley
Chris Whitley during Redemption
Portrayed byKris Lemche
Appeared inRedemption

Chris Whitley was a friend of Roger Taylor during the events of Redemption.

[edit] Redemption

While at work, Chris was ushered into the office of his boss, Nichols. Jonas Hodges was already seated inside, and once there, Chris was asked by Nichols to delete some files from his account. After the brief meeting, Chris immediately called Roger Taylor and told him that he may have gotten into something dangerous. Roger believed that his friend was on drugs once again, but he agreed to let Chris come to his house so he could explain. Once arriving there, Chris was frisked by Edward Vossler, the Agent in charge of protecting Roger. Chris then told his friend that he was asked by his boss to launder some funds, but that he now believed he was sending money off to a terrorist cell. Chris wanted Roger to have his mother, Allison Taylor, help him get out of the situation. Even though he could promise that, Roger told Chris to send him the evidence via email so that he could see it for himself.

After arriving back at his apartment, Chris began downloading the files from his computer. He was then surprised by two unknown individuals, who we would later find out were working for Hodges. One of the men destroyed the evidence on the computer, while the other injected Chris with a substance to see what else he knew about the records. Edward Vossler, who was secretly working for Hodges, gave the order to have Chris murdered after the job was taken care of. Later on, Chris' body is seen being buried underneath some concrete in an attempt to hide his corpse.

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