Bob Warner

Bob Warner
Bob Warner on Day 2
Portrayed byJohn Terry
First appearanceDay 2: 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM
Last appearanceDay 2: 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM

Bob Warner is the father of Kate and Marie Warner. He was the head of Warner Enterprises, an international company. He also freelanced for the CIA.

[edit] Day 2

Bob talks with Kate about Reza

Bob's daughter Marie Warner was set to marry Reza Naiyeer, who worked for Bob. Bob's other daughter, Kate was suspicious of Reza, so she hired a private investigator. The private investigator found a link between Reza and a terrorist named Syed Ali. When Tony Almeida came to the Warner's house, he questioned Reza about his connection to the terrorist. Eventually, he admitted he was covering for Bob. When both Bob and Reza were brought into CTU for further questioning, Reza put the blame onto Bob. When Bob was alone with Tony in the interrogation room, he revealed he freelanced for the CIA and he was cleared of the suspicion. While this put the suspicion back on Reza. Reza later proved his innocence when it was revealed that Marie Warner was actually working with the terrorists, she would shoot and kill Reza.

At the end of Day 2, Bob and Kate went to see Marie who was in a cell at CTU. Bob wanted to know why she did what she did, but she not give him an answer.

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