Bob on Day 7
Portrayed byDon McManus
First appearanceDay 7: 5:00 AM – 6:00 AM
Last appearanceDay 7: 6:00 AM – 7:00 AM

Bob was an operative working for Cara Bowden during the events of Day 7. He worked undercover, along with Sarah, as a couple waiting for a flight to arrive.

[edit] Day 7

Tasked with keeping tabs on Kim Bauer, Bob was sent to the airport, along with Sarah. The two were to make sure Kim did not board her flight back home to Los Angeles.

While Kim waited for her flight, she noticed a man (FBI Agent Franks) from across the room glancing over in her direction. Bothered by this, Kim went over and sat next to Bob and Sarah, believing their company would put her more at ease. After conversing for a bit, Bob stood up and asked if Kim wanted some coffee, but she refused. Leaving the area, Bob headed into a nearby bathroom and hid as Agent Franks entered shortly after. Franks was tasked with watching over Kim by Jack Bauer, her father. Bob then emerged and used a piece of wire to strangle Franks. He eventually snapped the agent’s neck before hiding his body in one of the stalls. Bob would return to Kim and Sarah with coffees in hand. He picked up the computer he had been holding onto, which was revealed to be video taping Kim using a camera on top of the device.

Later on, Kim would be alerted to the real identities of Sarah and Bob by Renee Walker, who reached Kim by calling the gate she was scheduled to leave from. Noticing that Kim was on the phone, Bob approached from behind and waiting until she got off. When asked, Kim told him that it was security asking her about a possible risk in one of her bags. After sitting back down, Bob noticed security and police approaching as Kim showed images of her daughter to Sarah, attempting to buy time. Bob stood up and pulled out a gun, opening fire on the incoming forces. After an extended shootout, which led to a handful of dead officers, Bob took off through a nearby door. He made his way through an underground area of the airport before heading into the parking garage. Getting into his car, Bob took off towards the exit, which was blocked by two officers who were alerted to his presence. Bob was able to shoot the officers, but he also got wounded. The car swerved to the side and flipped completely over as Bob lost control of the vehicle.

Injured and trapped in the car, Bob grabbed onto Kim when she reached into the car to retrieve Bob’s computer from the backseat. However, Kim was able to free herself and escape from the vehicle safely just before it bursts into flames, leaving Bob to burn inside.

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