Benjamin Juma

General Benjamin Juma
Benjamin Juma on Day 7
Portrayed byTony Todd
First appearanceRedemption
Last appearanceDay 7: 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Benjamin Juma was leader of the People's Freedom Army group situated in the African nation of Sangala. They are responsible for mass killings all over the region as they battle against the Government.

[edit] Redemption

General Juma became a very dangerous man after acquiring a surplus of weapons through his dealings with Jonas Hodges and Nichols in the United States. Armed to the teeth, Juma and his men undertake in many child kidnappings, hoping to turn the young boys into hardened soldiers willing to fight for their cause. Colonel Dubaku and his brother Youssou are two of his most dependable troops.

Juma arrives at their main base of operations just as Ike Dubaku is getting ready to head out to avenge his brothers death at the hands of Jack Bauer. The General attempts to stop him, but he does not succeed. Meanwhile, Juma and the rest of his men prepare their assault on the Capital city as they hope to take more lives and recruit more soldiers.

[edit] Day 7

For much of the early parts of Day 7, Benjamin Juma is stationed back in Sangala as his second in command, Ike Dubaku, runs operations for their group in the United States. Dubaku even speaks to Juma on a couple of occasions, relaying the status of their missions. Juma is also seen on a couple of news reports, which detail is killing on Sangalan citizens, as well as him declaring that he will survive the US invasion into his country. However, once Dubaku is critically wounded and the conspirators list is lost, Juma decides it is time to put his next plan into action.

After arriving stateside, Juma receives a call from one of his soldiers, Udo. He reports back that he was successful in killing Dubaku, who had become a liability after his recent failures. Juma makes sure that Udo knows Dubaku’s son, Laurent, must never find out about it. Laurent then approaches General Juma about his father’s whereabouts, and is told that Ike will be there shortly.

Later on, while prepping his soldiers for the mission, Juma is called by Ryan Burnett, a man working for him under the guise of being Senator Blaine Mayer’s Chief of Staff. Burnett tells Juma that he is accompanying Mayer to the White House to meet with President Taylor. Afterwards, Juma is once again asked by Laurent about his father. Juma tells the younger Dubaku that Ike got held up and wouldn’t be able to make it.

Juma and his men search for the President

Once his soldiers are ready, Juma leads them onto a ship as they head out to see. Unknown to the group, FBI Agent Renee Walker had followed Udo from the hospital where he killed Dubaku to their location now, and jumped aboard the boat. After reaching a certain spot, Juma and his men put on scuba gear and jumped off into the water, leaving Laurent on the boat for reconnaissance. Swimming underwater for a bit, the group reached the point they were looking for on their locator. They then began drilling up into the earth, revealing an underwater sewage area. Then using a torch to remove the metal grating off of a wall, Juma found a laser grid blocking their path. He then received a call from one of his men posing as an electrician inside the White House estate, who was able to disable the field for two minutes. Juma and the others then go through the opening, climbing up into the White House.

Inside the building, Juma and the others shoot and kill a number of secret service agents and even the Press Secretary as they try to find President Taylor. Unknown to them, Renee Walker had made it back to shore and alerted authorities about their plan after discovering White House maps on the ship. Told of the threat by Larry Moss, Bill Buchanan removes the tracking bracelet on the President, knowing that Juma has broken into White House systems to track her. Bill then takes off in the other direction as Jack leads Taylor to the lockdown.

Juma eventually catches Buchanan, although expecting to find the President. He pistol whips Buchanan and orders his men to take him as a hostage. Juma and a few of his group eventually make it to the main lobby, only to find that Taylor has already made it inside the lockdown. As some of his soldiers are being overwhelmed by agents in another part of the building, Juma gets onto their communications system and tells them to evacuate out of the building, or else he will kill the President. The secret service then retreat from the premises. Back inside, Juma has one of his men work on bypassing the door controls using codes given to them by Jonas Hodges, a Government official they are working with. Their attempt is unsuccessful after Jack short circuits the door controls.

Juma is taken down by the explosion

Juma then calls Hodges, demanding his help or else the shipment that he promised Hodges would never make it to shore. Juma is told that Olivia Taylor, the President’s daughter, is still inside the White House. Juma sends some men out to find her, and they are successful in capturing her just as she attempts to use morse code to alert authorities outside. Aaron Pierce is also shot trying to protect her. Realizing that there is a camera above the lockdown which allows Taylor to see their actions, Juma places Olivia in a chair, threatening to dissect her with his knife. Just as he is about to harm Olivia, Taylor and Jack exit the room. Jack is thrown with the rest of the hostages, which include Bill, Blaine Mayer, Aaron Pierce, and Tim Woods. After Taylor berated Juma for his actions, he backhanded her across the face, insisting that she doesn’t give orders to him. Juma then tells one of his men to get a camera so Taylor can give a statement to the public, one that he promises will be her last.

While preparing for her speech, President Taylor demands Juma to let go of the hostages, he grabs one of them and executes him by a gunshot to the head. During this, Jack and Bill hatch a plan to trigger the explosives inside the vault to take out Juma's men. When Bill sacrifices himself, the explosion takes of most of Juma's men and blasts Juma to the ground. The assault team then makes their way inside the White House to save the President. Juma awakens and orders one of his men to kill all the hostages, while he'll kill the President. Before he can do so, Jack kills one of his men and has Juma at gunpoint, demanding him to surrender himself. As Juma goes for his sidearm, Jack is forced to shoot and kill Juma with multiple gunshots.

[edit] Trivia

  • General Juma appears three times previously in the season in pre-recorded news footage as well as in voice only. Tony Todd is uncredited in all of those appearances.
  • Tony Todd played a different character previously in the series, he played Michael Norris in Day 3: 3:00 AM – 4:00 AM.
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