Behrooz Araz

Behrooz Araz
Behrooz Araz on Day 4
Portrayed byJonathan Ahdout
First appearanceDay 4: 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM
Last appearanceDay 4: 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Behrooz Araz is the teenage son of Dina and Navi Araz. He, along with is family members, are apart of a sleeper cell set up by Habib Marwan.

Although Behrooz is completely aware of his families cause, he sometimes enjoys being a regular teenage boy. It seems that his parents abuse him. They keep him on a very tight leash and are not happy about his American girlfriend, Debbie Pendleton. Navi physically hurts him and even plans to kill him at one point.

[edit] Day 4

We first see Behrooz watching the news with his parents at the breakfast table. The train accident is being highlighted and the family notes that their plan has started. A device on the train, known as the override device, is used to cause a meltdown of every nuclear plant in the United States. It was on the train and was delivered to the Araz family. Behrooz completes the small task of delivering the briefcase to a terrorist compound. Debbie wishes to talk to Behrooz, but he refuses. Debbie follows Behrooz to the compound where Behrooz tells Debbie he still wants to go out with her against his parents wishes. A terrorist at the compound sees them talking and alerts Navi.

Dina gives Behrooz the briefcase
Behrooz after he kills Tariq

While at home, his parents are furious Debbie saw Behrooz. Behrooz argues that Debbie didn't see anything and is completely oblivious. Navi tells Behrooz to invite her over and ask her about it. Behrooz begs Dina to get Navi to reconsider. Dina tells Behrooz she'll handle it. Dina invites Debbie over. Debbie comes to the Araz residence and is given tea by Dina. Dina asks Debbie what she saw at the compound. Debbie reports what she saw but that she told no one. Dina calls Navi and they agree that Behrooz should kill Debbie. Dina takes Behrooz into another room and hands him a gun. She tells him to kill Debbie. Behrooz attempts to help Debbie escape, but she collapses. Dina, predicting that Behrooz couldn't kill his girlfriend, poisoned the tea. Dina shoots Debbie a few times to make it appear as if Behrooz had killed her.

Navi arrives home and appears to be satisfied with the murder. He tasks Dina with making sure Debbie's mother doesn't go to the police. Navi has another terrorist, Tariq, accompany Behrooz in disposing of Debbie's body. Tariq drives Behrooz to the mountains and they begin digging a grave. Behrooz spots Tariq grabbing a gun, so he hits him with his shovel. Behrooz gets Tariq to admit that Navi ordered the hit on him.

Behrooz and Dina run from the police

Behrooz calls Dina and apprises her of the situation. Dina, more concerned for her son's well being than the terrorist plot, tells Behrooz to meet her at the train station. Behrooz gets in the car with her, but Dina tells Behrooz they have been followed. Navi's men start shooting at them and Dina is hit in the arm. After a short trip to a medical center, they escape to a hotel after fearing they would come under suspicion. Behrooz leaves Dina in order to get pain medication from his uncle Naseem, who is a pharmacist. Naseem calls Navi and alerts him of Behrooz's suspicious ways. At this point, Dina has been captured by CTU. Dina leaves him a phone message and tells him to meet CTU agents in the emergency room so they can pick him up.

Behrooz prepares for the exchange

Navi arrives at the hospital, but not before Naseem tells Behrooz he called his father. Behrooz tries to run away but Naseem goes after him. Navi shoots his brother-in-law and drags Behrooz through the parking garage. Behrooz warns Navi that if he kills him, Dina will expose his plan to CTU. Navi uses Behrooz as a hostage in order to evade Jack Bauer and his team. Navi is exchanged in a fight and his gun is knocked away. Before Navi can be arrested, Behrooz shoots his overbearing father.

Eventually, Behrooz and Dina are taken to CTU. Eventually, Behrooz learns that Dina is going on a mission to secure a deal for herself and Behrooz. It's a dangerous mission and Behrooz pleads with her not to go. However, Dina does leave Behrooz and this is the last time they will see each other.

Behrooz is later questioned and tortured by Curtis Manning about the whereabouts of Habib Marwan, but he does not know anything. Later, Behrooz learns that Marwan has made a deal with CTU. They will trade Jack Bauer for Behrooz. Behrooz eventually agrees to go through with the deal and wears tracking devices. The terrorist capture Behrooz and quickly find his trackers.

[edit] Trivia

  • It's likely that the writers intended for Behrooz to stay alive. In a deleted scene in the episode after the last time we see him, Curtis and other CTU agents rescue Behrooz from being executed by Marwan's men. Also, in a deleted scene for the season finale, we see CTU agents bringing in Behrooz into CTU. Both scenes can be viewed on the Season 4 DVD.
  • Shohreh Aghdashloo and Jonathan Ahdout also played mother and son in the film House of Sand and Fog.
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