Audrey Raines

Audrey Raines
Audrey Raines on Day 5
Portrayed byKim Raver
Seasons4, 5, 6
First appearanceDay 4 Prequel
Last appearanceDay 6: 5:00 AM – 6:00 AM

Audrey Raines was an inter-agency liaison between the Department of Defense and CTU: Los Angeles during Day 4 and Day 5.

Audrey was believed to be dead on Day 6, but Cheng Zhi had her held captive and was in a catatonic state.


[edit] Background

Audrey Raines went to Yale University where she earned a Bachelor Degree in Arts. Later, she got her Master of Arts in Public Policy from Brown University. She also worked for the Department of Defense. Her father, James Heller is the Secretary of Defense.

[edit] Day 4

We first meet Audrey Raines at the beginning of Day 4. Jack Bauer was employed for her father. During this time, Audrey and Jack were romantically involved.

When Audrey and her father are kidnapped by terrorists, CTU enlists the help of Bauer to help them find and rescue James Heller and Audrey. The terrorists were going to give Secretary Heller a trial for crimes against humanity and broadcast it to the whole world. Audrey and her father tried to commit suicide so they wouldn't have to suffer any humiliation. Bauer eventually finds and rescues Audrey and her father. Audrey is taken back to CTU and recovers quickly from her kidnapping in order to help with terrorist attacks on America during Day 4.

During Day 4, Audrey begins to see Jack in a new light. She never imagined how ruthless he would be to get his job done. When her ex-husband Paul Raines is accused of helping terrorists, she witness Jack torture him in order to extract information. They eventually find out that Raines is innocent but Jack still needs his help. Jack takes him to an office building of a corporation that is believed to be helping terrorists. After Jack and Paul find evidence that implicates the corporation, the corporation uses an EMP that takes out electricity in the area in hopes that they will stop Jack and Paul. Jack and Paul take cover in a gun and ammunition store in the area. With the help of the store owners, Jack and Paul fend off the men the corporation sent to stop them. After they believe they have stopped the hostiles, a man they thought was dead shoots a shot at Jack. Paul takes the bullet for Jack and is paralyzed. Audrey is devastated and begins to think that she will go back to Paul and take care of him.

Later, Jack brings in an injured man from the Chinese Embassy that they desperately need information from. The CTU: Los Angeles doctors are overwhelmed when Paul Raines starts suffering from complications. Jack is forced to threaten the doctors to save the man from the Chinese Consulate instead of the man who saved his own life. Audrey breaks down when Paul dies and doesn't believe that she can ever forgive Jack.

Later, one last disaster hits Audrey. In order to escape the Chinese, Jack is forced to fake his death. Audrey, however, did not know Jack was still alive.

[edit] Day 5

A year and half later, Day 5 begins and Audrey is sent to CTU: Los Angeles to assist in the investigation of the assassination of David Palmer. She is shocked when there is video evidence that proved Jack Bauer was the assassin. After Jack clears his name and Audrey learns he really is alive, it is clear that she still has feelings for Jack.

Although CTU is fully operational, Lynn McGill is sent from Division to take over. He begins to impede CTU's investigation and Audrey helps to relieve him of duty and reinstate Bill Buchanan.

Later in Day 5, Jack is shocked to learn from a freelance intelligence broker, Collette Stenger, that Audrey is the worker from the Department of Defense who sold vital intelligence to her. Jack is forced to interrogate the woman he loves. It is during this interrogation that we learn Audrey had relations with Walt Cummings. However, it is evident that Audrey is innocent of the crimes Stanger said she committed. Jack later learns that Christopher Henderson told Collete Stanger to implicate Audrey Raines if she was compromised.

After the nerve gas attack on CTU, Homeland Security is sent to absorb CTU and its workers. Since Audrey technically works for the Department of Defense, she is the only person who can help to save CTU. However, in order to save Chloe O'Brian from termination and to help Jack, Audrey signs a document that places the blame for CTU's failures on Bill Buchanan. After Jack finds evidence that implicates President Logan as the master mind of the days events, Audrey calls her father James Heller to help bring President Logan down.

James Heller makes a horrible decision when he double crosses Jack and Audrey. He hands off the recording to one of his guards and then detains Jack and Audrey. He goes to the President himself. Jack is able to escape and get the recording back but not before Christopher Henderson shows up and kidnaps Audrey. He breaks her brachial artery and tells Jack she will die in three minutes unless helped. Jack, who has lost all his friends in the last day, reluctantly gives up the recording and tends to Audrey's wounds. Later, they intercept Henderson who has already handed off the recording to someone else. He tells Audrey that his men have orders to kill James Heller. Jack calls James Heller and apprises him of the situation. He tells Jack to tell Audrey he loves her. It is confirmed by Chloe that Heller drove his car off road and into the water. Audrey encourages Jack to go after the recording or her father would have died in vain. Jack leaves Audrey guarding Henderson in a secluded barn. Audrey is tempted to kill Henderson and flee when she realizes his men know where he is. Thankfully, Curtis Manning comes to rescue.

Audrey is taken to the CTU medical center where Curtis informs her that her dad survived the car crash. A relieved Audrey waits at CTU while Jack stops Vladimir Bierko from firing missiles from a Russian submarine.

After Jack succeeds, we later see Audrey greet Jack and give him a very passionate kiss. The crisis is over, at least for a few seconds. A Chinese man comes to tell Jack that there is a phone call from his daughter. Jack heads toward a building and goes to the phone. But, there is no one on the phone. Jack watches Audrey through the crack in the door as Chinese henchman kidnap Jack. Later, Audrey enters the building and sees the phone off the hook. She goes outside and starts yelling that Jack Bauer is missing. It's too late, however, Jack is on a slow boat to China.

[edit] Day 6

[edit] Appearances

Kim Raver was a main cast member for Season 4 and Season 5, only being absent from one episode during Season 5. She later returned in Season 6 as a recurring Special Guest Star.

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