Allison Taylor

Allison Taylor
Allison Taylor on Day 8
Portrayed byCherry Jones
Seasons7, 8
First appearanceRedemption

Allison Taylor is the first female President of the United States. She assumes the position during the events of Redemption and continues that role into Day 7.

Taylor was a member of the US Senate before her victory over Noah Daniels in the Presidential election.

[edit] Redemption

Allison Taylor is first seen arriving at the White House with her husband Henry Taylor, the soon to be First Gentleman. As she prepares for her inauguration ceremony taking place in a few hours, Taylor tells Tom Lennox that she wishes to speak with President Daniels about the uprising and conflict taking place within Africa. Upon meeting, Taylor shows her concern about the situation and believes it is best that the country use reinforcements to calm the situation in Sangala. Daniels seems a bit frustrated over her interference and tells Taylor that they will not become involved in the turmoil.

She is eventually sworn into Office by Chief Justice Edwin Ross. With her family and many supporters in attendance, Taylor then gives a speech to the nation, asking for everyone's help in keeping the country safe in the future.

[edit] Day 7

By the beginning of Day 7, Allison Taylor has been in office for a little over two months. She believed strongly in restoring the Government in Sangala, especially after Prime Minister Matobo was removed from authority. General Dubaku now poses a threat to the United States as he attempts to blackmail President Taylor, insisting that she pull her troops off the coast of Sangala, or else he will kill American lives using the CIP device, which is capable of bypassing government firewalls.

President Taylor speaks with the Cabinet

After the threat, Taylor speaks with Ule Matobo about the decision she is being forced to make. He urges her to protect his people back in Sangala. Later in the day, Matobo and his wife are captured by Emerson and his men. This leads to Ethan Kanin, the Chief of Staff, to urge President Taylor to give into Dubaku's demands as it is impossible to restore Sangala without Matobo. After meeting with the Cabinet, Taylor decides to keep her troops in position with hopes of rescuing Matobo before it is too late.

A few hours later, Taylor is made aware of a possible terrorist attack on Boyd Chemical Plant in Kidron, Ohio. Apparently Dubaku is threatening to shut down the safety valves, which would release dangerous chemicals into the air. His attack is soon stopped and Taylor is unsure as to why. She then gets a call from Ule Matobo, who says that he was rescued by Jack Bauer and some other men. He wishes to speak with her privately and Taylor agrees. Ethan Kanin then enters the Oval Office and tells the President that he has been unable to reach Agent Gedge, who was supposed to be with her husband, Henry. President Taylor begins to worry.

President Taylor talks with Dubaku about her husband

Matobo soon arrives at the White House, along with Jack, Bill Buchanan, and Renee Walker. Jack explains their undercover operation and how Taylor has corrupt individuals working with her inside the government. She then receives a call from Dubaku, who is holding Henry Taylor as a hostage. He demands that President Taylor remove her troops now and give Ule Matobo back, or else he will be forced to kill her husband. Dubaku then orders one of his men to cut off one of Henry's fingers as a sign of how committed they are. Allison Taylor, realizing the sacrifices she has already had to make of American lives, knows that she cannot give in to Dubaku's demands just to save her husband. With Bill Buchanan's help, they devise a ploy where a man disguised as Matobo will go the drop off point to buy Jack and Renee more time to track down Henry. Dubaku figures out their plan though and orders his men to blow up the vehicle once they arrive, and they do. Taylor witnesses this via a satellite feed.

[edit] Appearances

Cherry Jones was a series regular for Season 7, appearing in 23 episodes. She also appeared in 24: Redemption as apart of the starring cast.

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