Alberta Green

Alberta Green
Alberta Green on Day 1
Portrayed byTamara Tunie
First appearanceDay 1: 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM
Last appearanceDay 1: 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Alberta Green was the Assistant Regional Division Director during Day 1. She was brought into CTU as an Interim Director after Jack Bauer was relieved of his command.

[edit] Day 1

Alberta arrived at CTU after Tony Almeida requested that Jack Bauer be relieved of his command. She acted as the Interim Director of CTU throughout the rest of crisis.

She grew suspicious of both Nina Myers and Tony Almeida, as she believed they were hiding something and knew where Jack was. Eventually, Alberta is convinced that they both know and set up separate interrogations. She told them whoever gave up the location of Jack first would still have a job at CTU, while the other would be suspended and prosecuted. Or if neither gave him up, they would both be suspended and prosecuted.

Alberta started to interrogate Tony first, she said she knew he was covering for Nina, who was covering for Jack. Tony denied the accusations. She told Tony she would come back in ten minutes. She then went on to question Nina, but was able to get nothing from here. Just as when it looked like Tony was going to give up Jack, she received a call from Jack. Jack revealed to her the location of Gaines' compound and requested back-up. He also went on to explain the reasoning why he kept CTU out of the loop. Alberta told both Nina and Tony that they were not going to be suspended as Jack didn't implicate anyone.

Later on she was made aware of a possible second hitter from Belgrade after Gaines and all his men were killed. When Jack and his family arrived safely at CTU, she informed him he was under house arrest and would questioned regarding his involvement in David Palmer's assassination attempt. When Alberta began to debrief Jack, he asked to speak with his family, she denied and wanted him to answer the questions first. She stopped the interrogation when she received a call from Nina who was at the clinic looking after Teri and Kim. Nina expressed that she believed they weren't safe and that they should be moved to the safe house. Alberta agreed with the decision, but didn't inform Jack about it.

When Senator Palmer arrived at CTU to speak with Jack, he was denied access. But, after a request from the Department of Defense, he was granted access. And with the request of Palmer, Jack was reinstated as Director of CTU on a provisional basis. While, Alberta was sent back to District.

[edit] Trivia

  • This role was originally written for Alberta Watson, but she was unable do the role due to health problems. When the role was recast, the character was named "Alberta" after Watson.
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