Ahmed Amar

Ahmed Amar
Ahmed Amar on Day 6
Portrayed byKal Penn
First appearanceDay 6: 6:00 AM – 7:00 AM
Last appearanceDay 6: 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Ahmed Amar was a terrorist who worked for Abu Fayed.

[edit] Day 6

At the beginning of Day 6, Ahmed Amar's father is arrested by the FBI at a time where many Muslims are being unjustly persecuted. After his father is taken away, Ahmed is confronted by two neighbors. One neighbor, Stan, is very aggressive toward Ahmed because he believes anyone from the Middle East must have been conspiring in the series of terrorist attacks. Ahmed's best friend, Scott Wallace, tries to rush to his aid. His father, Ray, stops him but saves Ahmed from Stan himself. Ray asks Ahmed to come and stay with Scott and his wife, Jillian. Ahmed is reluctant to do so, but Ray insists.

At the Wallace house, it is revealed that Ahmed actually is a terrorist when he is contacted by Abu Fayed. Fayed asks him about a package that must be delivered. Ahmed tells him that he has been delayed because of his father's arrest and his neighbors. Fayed stresses the importance of sacrifices. Later, Ahmed insists that he has to go back to his house when Fayed continues to pressure him about a package.

Ahmed goes homes, retrieves the package, and gets ready to leave. However, Stan confronts him again. Ahmed and Stan get into a fight and Amar is severely injured. Ahmed retrieves a gun from his bag and his able to shoot Stan. Scott walks in on the scene and insists on getting Ahmed to the hospital. Ahmed turns the gun on Scott and orders him back to the Wallace house. Ahmed cannot be reasoned with and is even angered when Scott does not pronounce his name with a Middle Eastern accent.

Ahmed as Jack and other CTU agents ambush the house

Ahmed takes the entire Wallace family hostage. He is unable to deliver the package to Fayed because of his injuries. He tells Ray that if he doesn't follow his instructions, he will kill Scott and Jillian. Ray reluctantly agrees to follow Ahmed's orders. Ahmed tell Ray to use money found in the package he received earlier to buy a part from a dealer. After Ray receives the part, he needs to call Ahmed back.

While Ray is on his quest, Scott contemplates trying to kill the injured Ahmed while tending to his injuries. He is unable to do so. Ray calls Ahmed and tells him the dealer wants more money. Ahmed tells Ray there is no more money and they he must get the part. He reinforces that if the part is not delivered, Scott and Jillian will die. Ray is able to get the part, but only after killing the dealer. Because of this, Ray calls Ahmed and demands that he release his family if he wants the part delivered. Ahmed agrees to release one family member. When Ray tells Ahmed to release Scott, he releases Jillian.

Ahmed releases Jillian, who calls CTU against Ray's wishes. Ray delivers the part to Abu Fayed but takes Ray hostage. Fayed calls Ahmed and tells him that Scott must be killed. Ahmed makes Scott prepare himself for execution, but appears a little hesitant to kill him. His small lapse of willpower gives CTU enough time to storm the house and save Scott. Ahmed is shot in the raid.

Later, Nadia informs Bill Buchanan that Ahmed died en route to the hospital.

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